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Punishing the Sick

Centrelink and Job Agencies Discriminate Against the Sick

How Job Agencies Bully the Sick

My Payment Was Suspended Because I was Sick

Centrelink and Job Agencies Discriminate Against the Sick

The need to have employment for people with a disability

‘My Job Agency Forced me to come in When I Was Sick’

Punitive Disability Employment Service Agencies

Disability Employment Services Do Not Work

The Nightmare That Is The DES

The Reality of Disability Employment ‘Services’

Trying to Work with Autism

Getting Kicked Off the Dole

How the AUWU Advocacy Hotline Got Me Back On Newstart

Diary of a Breached Unemployed Worker

I Was Fined For Attending an Appointment


Bullied by a jobactive Agency

How Employment Agents Push the Unemployed to Suicide: A True Story

How Job Agencies Bully the Unemployed

At Work Australia: The Job Agency From Hell


‘At Work Australia’ are Bullies

Why Are Max Employment Harassing Me?

Monica’s Story: Spinsters Guide to Dole Bludging Purgatory

Job Agents Harassing Employers and Getting People Sacked

How Job Agencies Stop You Getting Work

How Job Agencies Harass Unemployed Workers for Payslips

Job Agencies Obstruct My Efforts To Find and Keep Work


Work for the Dole

AUWU’s Work For the Dole Occupational Health and Safety Win


Work for the Dole Participant “Scared For His Life”

Work for the Dole Concerns of an Unemployed Worker

‘Work for the Dole is Slave Labour’


Work for the Dole Abuses

Bullied Single Parents

Single Parents Story of Job Agency Bullying

‘Raising Children and Living on Newstart’

Analysis and Comment

Don’t be fooled: An Analysis of jobactive

An industry grunt’s overview of the structural tensions in the Federal employment services system – and the adverse outcomes this creates for vulnerable Job Seekers in our community

Unemployment Today and How to Address It


AUWU Activism

Work for the Dole Occupational Health and Safety Win

Police Shutting Down AUWU Cairns Stall

AUWU small (1)

The Lies and Misinformation of the Department of Employment

Privacy Agreements

You Are Not Legally Obliged to Sign Privacy Agreement: AUWU Member

The Benefits of Refusing to Sign Privacy Agreement: AUWU Member