About Us

The Australian Unemployed Workers’ Union is a national volunteer organisation dedicated to protecting the rights and dignity of unemployed workers and pensioners. Membership is free and open to all!
The Turnbull government demonstrated its commitment to making the lives of social security recipients as difficult and humiliating as possible. They want us to feel like criminals for accepting entitlements that are our legal and constitutional right – entitlements that are already so meagre they fail to keep us above the poverty line. Rather than investing in job-creation and a fair social security system, Turnbull wants to grind us down with cruel measures to make us powerless.
History shows that we cannot rely on the initiative of politicians to solve social problems – the government will only make positive changes if we force them to.  To achieve a humane social security system, the unemployed and pensioners must unite and fight back.  However, it is clear that we will need the help of the wider Australian public. It is for this reason that the AUWU welcomes all those dependent on Centrelink, as well as all those who have jobs, to join our struggle. In fact, establishing a broad community of people who are committed to fighting against the governments brutal treatment of Australia’s most vulnerable – from Trade Unions to other political organisations – is an essential step if we are to achieve our objectives.

Join us and fight back!

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