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Unemployed Workers Fight Back is presented by Valerie Farfalla on 3CR Community Radio.

Listen live on the second Friday of every month, 5.30pm, 3CR Community Radio’s SUWA program.

Stay up to date on unemployed workers’ rights, with news, interviews, and more.

Listen to past shows below…

May Program  (10/05/19)

Audio available here

  • Tanya Cameron from the Country Women’s Association about increasing Newstart benefits to make it a liveable income.
  • Sue Bolton, Victorian Socialists candidate for Wills about their election policies.
  • Alex North, national coordinator of the Australian Unemployed Workers Union AUWU about their current campaigns.



November program (9/11/18)
PIBCI leader Dr Joe Toscano outlines his upcoming public housing vigil on Parliament steps; AUWU national branch coordinator Hayden Patterson gives an update on recent anti poverty conferences, and anti- cashless welfare card and Geelong AUWU activist Duncan Storer explains policies which financially penalise and demonise single mums and rehab recipients under the LNP Govt.


October program (12/10/18)
Per Capita Communications manager Abigail Lewis talked about the ‘Working it Out’ report written and researched in conjunction with AUWU; AUWU Victorian coordinator, Anne Maxwell brings the latest news from unemployed workers and AUWU’s event ‘From Stigma to Dignity’ for Anti Poverty Week; and Suicide Awareness Advocate, Anthony Smith, discusses the complex and deeply disturbing area of suicide and unemployment.


September program (14/09/18)
Anne and Ewen (Melbourne AUWU) discuss the latest news from the AUWU, including the From Stigma to Dignity event, coming up on 12 October. Anne Bainbridge from the Youth Affairs Council of South Australia (YACSA) discusses youth unemployment and the closure of TAFE colleges.


August program (10/08/18)
Latrobe University cultural sociologist Dr. Sara James discusses unemployed youth disadvantage in Australia with Valerie Farfalla and Jeremy Poxon (AUWU media). Jeremy highlights the police welfare blitz in Werribee shopping centre. Hayden Patterson (S.A. branch, AUWU) examines cashless card trials, along with Amanda Smith from Say No Seven.


July program (13/07/18)
Featuring interviews with: Owen Bennett, Pas Forgione, and Jerry Creaney.


May program (11/05/18)
Featuring interviews with: AUWU president, Owen Bennett, St Vincent de Paul Society special council chief executive John Falzon, and homelessness and poverty advocate, Duncan Storrar.


April program (13/04/18)
Featuring interviews with: AUWU president, Owen Bennett, Per Capita CEO Emma Dawson, and AUWU media officer, Jeremy Poxon.


March program (09/03/18)


February program (9/2/18)
Featuring interviews with: AUWU president, Owen Bennett, Spike from the Homeless Person’s Union, Steve Jolly from the Yarra City Council and Sue Bolton from the Socialist Alliance.


More Audio

Wednesday 5 December, 2018: Big Ideas, with Paul Barclay on RN

Does conditional welfare help the jobless find work?
Lo and behold! Research shows that a patronising, humiliating, demeaning system of forcing people to do pointless activities under threat of having their livelihood taken away by a sometimes small-minded, often overworked, pen-pusher, does not  help people find work, and in fact is harmful. Great articulation by UK researcher Peter Dwyer speaking at the ACOSS conference, of the appalling dysfunction that is also going on in this country. Also featuring, Juanita McLaren, David Tennant, Simone Casey and Diana Shaw.

Interviews and more, featuring AUWU representatives.

8 January, 2019: 2SER, The Daily with Alex James

Alex interviews AUWU President, Owen Bennett, about Labor’s promise to overhaul work-for-the-dole programs if they win the next election.

Monday 8 October, 2018: ABC Radio Brisbane, Focus with Emma Griffiths

Are job service providers doing the job?
Focus gives job service providers a performance review, twenty years after the job of finding you work was given to the private sector. Why are so many job seekers critical of the “tick and flick” approach, and will two current reviews into the system bring about change?

Thursday 6 Sep 2018: ABC Radio National, Life Matters

The AUWU Media Officer Jeremy Poxon provides an overview of the Work for the Dole program, and Belinda documents her day-to-day experience. Shockingly, but not surprisingly, we hear how vulnerable women are to sexual harassment in these situations.

Sunday 16 Sep 2018: Melbourne Unitarian Peace Memorial Church

At the Sunday Service of the Melbourne Unitarian Peace Memorial Church, Anne Maxwell speaks from her personal experience to illustrate the systemic problems with jobactive.

17 July 2018: 3CR, Tuesday Breakfast

Jeremy Poxon, media officer for the Australian Unemployed Worker’s Union, joins Anya Saravanan, Ayaan Shirwa, George Maxwell and Lauren Bull in the studio to discuss Centrelink’s new ‘demerit points’ plan and what it means for NewStart recipients.

8 July 2018: 2GB, Sunday Nights with Bill Crews

Rev. Crews talk with AUWU Media Officer Jeremy Poxon about how the new demerit system will impact on the disadvantaged on NewStart.

21 June 2017: 3CR, Stick Together

AUWU President, Owen Bennett discusses cashless welfare.

11 June 2017: Melbourne Unitarian Peace Memorial Church

At the Sunday Service AUWU President, Owen Bennett gives an update on Australia’s employment crisis.

9 February 2017: ABC RN Big Ideas

The role of media in public opinion: how media portrays marginalised groups. AUWU President, Owen Bennett, joins the debate presented by the ACOSS National Conference, 17 November 2016.

2 February 2015: Melbourne Unitarian Peace Memorial Church

At the Sunday Service AUWU President, Owen Bennett talks about Australia’s employment crisis.