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  1. The basic philosophy of Capitalism must be challenged. The only ideas of a capitalist philosophy now days come from half educated university graduates who have studied nothing but economiics and so called ‘business principals’ which are based on the fairy tales of endless material growth. This, as we are begininig to understand via climate change, is a kind of madness. The next misguided belief is that we are all isolated individuals, responsible for our own futures and and that we should therefore not be relient on our fellow humans in any way. (read taxpayer and superanuant), conveniently forgetting that even centrelink recipients pay tax, and that all pensioners have paid tax in the past, in most cases most of their lives.

    1. Our relationship with the land and each other is fragmented and distorted.

      What is employment? Why are some activities considered ‘legitimate’ and others not so?

      Surely any activity that contributes to community well being is a job?

      1. Agreed Emma….Basic Income implemented in some regions guarantees their citizens the same Income for what ever jobs they do. It was thought that citizens would become lazy and expect to do nothing for their Income but it had the opposite affect where everyone wanted to do something for their communities…. All contributions to a community should be valued the same.

      2. I agree, money makes unnatural activities happen and we have found ourselves ecologically vulnerable, i am so happy you brought up land use as related to what economic activities are deemed as legitimate.

        A lot of us, give the time, would take care of the land… a decent amount of time to consider what activities happen improves the decisions and materials those decisions involve 🙂

        Happy may day!

      1. Agreed Aaron! People who are on centrelink payments & the under-employed (now a majority due to corporate employment cutbacks, forcing many below the poverty line) should be exempt from paying any gst on goods & services!!! The way a majority of people are being treated is criminal!!

        1. Yes Sarah, work for the dole only differs from a community service order in its longetivity. We work side by side. The nature of punitive measures suggest being unable to find employment is a crime, and the unemployed are positioned as gulity. The government’s displacement of gulit must be resisted.

        2. I just wonder how the no GST for unemployed could possibly work, and so I imagine the scenario where someone with plenty of money and few scruples could approach any unemployed person, ask them to buy a new car on their behalf and give them the price of the car plus say 1% for the vehicle and so essentially avoid paying 9% of the GST – both parties win while the economy as a whole loses.

          Mind you, it is patently obvious that the problem in Australia is not who and who doesn’t pay the GST, the problem is that those that have the most money/power pay bugger all tax.

    2. Just let you know , i send MSG to the Local, Michelle landry
      $40 a day
      i have asked for No GST for unemployed
      u r only getting $36 of product and pay a tax

  2. Limited progress will be made unless we use the REAL unemployment figures as the basis for our planning.

  3. I have been doing Work for the Dole since February and Last year i did it for over 6 months but since February when i started WFD i have not been called in for an Interview with my Job Provider to help me Find Work. I am 36 and every where i look you either need more Experience or they are hiring younger People. This Government and there Business Friends have Started a Low Payed Slave Labor Network and don’t want any one who is not Educated in a Proper trade to have Employment. The only thing we can do is Revolution like in Russia in 1917.

  4. Well I am a little confused, so please take my questions simply as questions and not as an attack on the AUWU, questions that I would like answered if possible…………

    1, What is it that some of you people ( President, Members, Committee Members) want, I’m not sure if you are suggesting that because you are out of work then you should be left alone to collect the Dole without taking any responsibility for looking for work or you are an advocate for the CPA.

    2, I also see that the Government’s, I presume, you mean that the 3 tiers of Governments are to be blamed for not only your unemployment but all your other life issues.

    3, I do understand that the Government has no money and it’s the Taxes collected that pay the government/peoples bill’s, the money belongs to all Australians and yes Multi Nationals pay little or no taxes but they employ some hundreds of thousands of people.

    4, I do not understand that some unemployed would feel that those people working and paying Tax would agree to give their Tax Money to unemployed people, if those people put no effort or responsibility into looking for work.

    5, I am getting the impression that this AUWU is simply an arm, if you like, or a group to advocate, to put forward the arguments and policies of the Australian CPA as I see comments such as….”The only thing we can do is Revolution like in Russia in 1917″.

    6, I am not encouraged by a lot of the comments, I would have liked to have seen a Balance of views in what you call your “DEMANDS” and even some encouragement to those that are unemployed, but it seems that the unemployed that are making comments here seem to think they can do as they wish and that they do not have a responsibility to go out and look for work.

    7, My question is this. I am wondering if the AUWU just a extension of the Australian CPA and do the AUWU get some funding/donations from the CPA as well as donations from members of the AUWU and the public at large and are you are simply using the unemployed to mask the CPA’S discontentment with Democracy….

    Thank you………..

    1. Ted to answer your question nad forgive the long winded answer! Bob Pease, Patty Garrity and me along with some others off the lesbian “EGG” family of females that changed their surnames to Egg were founding members, there were others that simply worked their bums off like Alex, a real CPA member but was only ever helpful, never wanted any exposure, and he managed the market stall.

      We were all founding members of Australia’s first “UWU” formed in Hobart Tasmania, we formed to fight a local Federal member and Social Security on many similar issues as those people that have formed this UWU, we also fought governments for subsidized fares on Public Transport and Job creation programs and we won many of the things we fought for, usually by playing the middle ground, we have local Mayors on side and got most of our stationary from both sides of political offices in Hobart.

      I was a founding member and helped form and give direction in the UWU in Hobart Tasmania in the early 70’s and yes we received donations from the CPA. I would go along to the visiting Ships, talk to the union rep and do a collection as you know the Seaman’s Union are CPA members.

      The lawyer that we used for legal advice is now a retired Judge and yes he was the Sectary of the Tasmania CPU at that time. The UWU also sold Nuts and Health bars and such for income at the Salamanca Markets in Hobart.

      I hope that has answered your question but remember only the CPA were helping the workers, most other unions (early 70’s) did not care one way or the other then, today I would like to think that the ACTU would be there for the unemployed.

      I knew Bob Hawk (R.I.P.) well from my work with the unions, I was a tradesman and union organizer and a union rep on a lot of the large Melbourne jobs and I got drunk with him but also got good advice on how to approach government members and how to play to their egos.

      I was to meet with 3 Prime Ministers and was received well, so the UWU did a lot of good at that time, more good than most people will ever know and of course problems arose members as they always do with the ego, some wanted to throw eggs at Frazer when he came to visit Tasmania while I got an invitation to meet Frazer and was able to talk and hand him our submissions on job creation programs.

      Those same job creation programs were put into practice by the then Tasmania Primer and the Federal schemes changed from entertaining the young unemployed as they were then to job creation programs. Subsidized fares on public transport for the unemployed and pensioners came into being because of out work.

      There were a few members that left the UWU and started the Work Machine, the same as these companies today that get paid to get the unemployed jobs. The Work Machine charged nothing of course and that also done well, the community got on side, they were more than 20 years before their time.

      There was no point in “Blaming” and so we tried to not play the “Blame Game” with the Federal Politicians or anyone in the three Tiers of Government as we needed their doors open and not closed to us. I know there are young people that feel blaming is the way to go, but you only get one crack at blaming anyone, then their doors are closed to you and as Hawkie would say, you need to get in the door and sit at a table with them, so Solidarity Forever!

  5. Ted,
    Please do not be so innocent boy! sometimes you need experience to gain valuable insights into what are the real problems and why is it that it has grown to be a Union now to highlight this issue before the people of Australia.

    1. We do not want to stop looking for work but we do not like cheap setups in the garb of work for dole. Looking for work and work for dole are anyway two different things.

    2. Of-course the governments are by the people of the country. And when they are irresponsible on a matter they do become recipients of blame.

    3. Tax policies need thorough reform. As the multinationals leap huge profits by utilisation of manpower that is essentially groomed by the tax payers money through government processes. Therefore the multinationals need to submit a portion of their profits which they make by the efforts of so many people to the people of the domiciled country.

    4. As I have said looking for work never stops. But no compromises can be made on talents and skills that people are entitled to which is disgraceful if they are compelled to do cheap labour.

    5. No comments.

    6. Again people must be made accountable to look for work of their choice.

    7. I do not know the answer.


    1. Hi work ethic,
      I take your point, but, if you read and listen to the stories here you will soon see that it is not that simple.
      I don´t wish to invade your privacy here in anyway but I am interested in
      1. what you do
      2. whether or not you are trained for what you do and if so how well you do it?
      3. whether or not you feel fairly and appropriately rewarded for what you do?
      These are the real questions here. People are getting paid, and reasonably well, to provide a service to job seekers. Whether or not they are providing that service is the question.
      Thank you

    2. I will second that. I have come from nothing taking nothing from the government. Now working 84 hours a week to make things happen, and these bums and dole bludgers have a bloody union. Congratulations

      1. Andrew, I was working consistently for 24 years before my business failed which was no fault of my own but the failing economy. I have lived off what I had saved in the bank before asking for help. I am only too happy to return to work and work hard but in the mean-time have to put up with the stigma of currently needing help to survive. I only hope you don’t get injured, lose your job, or if you are self employed suffer in any way but it can happen. We are not all dole bludgers, that is what the government wants you to believe so they can continue to treat the un-employed or struggling businesses appallingly. When I first asked for help, I had to literally fill out over 20 pages of forms and spent over 6 hours filling out my claim. They deliberately make it as hard as possible so that you give up and they take pleasure in abusing you, kicking you while you are already depressed about your failed business. Best of luck to you Andrew, I hope you never have to ask for help and be treated like scum, just so you don’t end up homeless after failure in life which nobody is safe from.

    3. Work ethic, I was retrenched after 26 years at the age of 60, I lived by my own means for 2 years and have been on the dole for 8 months. The job agency paid for me to be trained as a traffic controller. I have signed up to an employer and am ready to work. I went to the post office to get my certification and they told me i didn’t have enough id . What sort of a useless crazy system pays to train people then tells them they can’t work? What sort of useless system says that you have enough id to get welfare but then says you don’t have enough id to work? The government isn’t interested in helping people get work, they throw every obstacle they can in the way of people like myself.

      1. @Ray how can you get to the age of 60 years and not have enough ID? How did you get the necessary 100 points of ID to get the ‘dole’? Saying that you didn’t have enough ID to get your certificate from the post office doesn’t make sense.

        I do wish you the best for the future. Wish you a speedy return to employment and in time a well earned retirement.

    4. I make more money in one day on the dole sitting at home relaxing & selling weed than you do in a whole week as a corporate slave.

      So no I won’t go get a job as it’s shit money & I love taking it easy at home as you muppets work for a pittance per hour.
      I make around $1500 & all tax free per day so who’s better off.

  6. this is a result of both capitalist and socialist principles for the record, the capitalist mentality is to use competition to improve quality of life, some principles of that are quite sound, socialist policies involve government involvement, again, some of these policies are quite sound, this isnt an issue of x political sphere is bad, this is the government not know what the hell its doing, if it wants to improve things the capitalist ways it should be lowering the minimum wage to take strain off employers to allow these markets to grow and hire new people, if it wants to do it the socialist way it should provide government work and triple the unemployment benefits, either way I dont care, but something has to be done, im tired of not having a job

  7. This page is satirical isn’t it? Like what is wrong with Australia at the moment? Even unemployed people I have shown this to thought it was a joke.

  8. I have a conundrum.

    How is a strike action going to be performed?

    As a bona fide member, will I be expected to become employed?

  9. The peoples of the world are divided into those who believe that we are all in this together, and those who believe we are in competition with each other, “survival of the fittest” and “it’s a dog eat dog world”, are their catch cries. These are the “heavy lifters of the superior DNA class”. Them having a job means, of course, that they are of the “fit” group – the ones doing the eating. We can only pray that they and their entire set of DNA will someday feel the dogs eating them and then we might be able to welcome them into the brotherhood of man, but until that time we should treat them as they themselves insist on being treated – like dogs, woof woof.

    I have worked with many of those consigned to those sole destroying “work for the dole” programs. In Tasmania many of the tourist tracks and trails have been built by these workers – some of them are magnificent. Old heritage houses and their gardens, that are also tourist hot-spots, are maintained by these workers – again they do a magnificent job. I wonder when we can start to called it a job and pay them as such? This, of course, is not going to happen because those Tory’s need their kicking boys. Of the hundreds that I met nerry a one didn’t want to get a job.

    I am currently volunteering – driving infirmed and disable Australians to appointments and such. Again of the hundreds that I meet everyone of them wants to be able to do something, contribute in some way, be able to work and pay their own way – but we have created a dog eat dog system where their efforts are not wanted.

    The “heavy lifters” need our sympathy – it is a very lonely and frightening world they inhabit.

    1. Dear Graham,
      Yes…. I believe you are correct re: 2 types of people these days etc
      Thank you for posting …. I feel the same way …..
      Together we can achieve Great Things !!
      When we convince the negative ones of the above then Finally we can All move forwards and create a far better system

    2. Graham Bailey. I noticed you said you were currently volunteering – “driving informed and disable Australians to appointments and such.”
      I was wondering why are you a volunteer (unpaid I am assuming) when this is an actual job that different agencies employ people (with a wage and benefits) to perform the same duties? These employed people have no training in aged care, or care workers of any kind yet they have been employed. Assumptions are dangerous I know however Are you possibly an Older Australian unable to find employment however was informed about performing voluntary work.
      Please don’t feel I am belittling you volunteer work I myself thought it was something I could do and would enjoy whilst hopefully making someone else’s day more enjoyable, I am just curious.

  10. I had no problem finding a job that’s why I’m on government hand outs now I was sham contracted treated so appallingly and they are still using my name and abn number to quote major contracts a multinational greedy corporate buying anything and everything to hide they gains and slipping the majority of this stolden cash into off shore accounts 320 shelf companies ready to liquidate and leave 90 billion owing

  11. Where on this website can I find submissions and policies that would increase employment? You’d think that would be a focus for advocates of the unemployed. Instead, it appears to be a support group for Centrelink recipients. Compare it to the Tennants Union which has advocates policies to influence housing affordability. For instance, 200% penalties on Sunday work obviously reduces jobs ..it raises the adult minimum wage for a casual to $50 an hour (allowing for super). That’s insane, it’s a policy which protects those who have the jobs but locks out those looking for more work. What is the opinion of the AUWU on that? ‘we support Awards ‘. Even when Award conditions lock out unemployed?

    1. Job Guarantee has been listed well before you posted.

      Before that fight is won, material support to live will be a pressing issue. If not we need to resort to crime to survive, to which I prefer ransacking the wealthy rather than petty crime.

      Wage Theft has not created more jobs, we have no reason to believe that removal or reducation in Penalty Rates will create jobs either. Indeed they have not since their commencement of phasing out.

      But thanks for the demonstration why unemployed need to represent themselves, not the IPA.

  12. Hi all
    I am a Masters Social Work student and am looking to research people who have or are having difficulty accessing and fulfilling compliance requirements through Centrelinks online and helpline services. I have heard many stories of the frustration people are feeling when they have to access services because of no credit, mobile phone or are because they are unable to navigate the online platform and then have not been able to speak to a Centrelink worker without a long wait. It would be great if I could get some feedback on this if you have the time and are prepared to share. No identification is neccessary.

  13. Under Our Lawful Constitution < that being the Australian Commonwealth Constitution 1900 UK enacted 1901 our rights under that constitution unemployment benefits are a right not a privilege as this Corporate imposter govt would have you believe, under Sect 51 Sub section xxiii , ask your self why did they remove Commonwealth Employment Service and replace it with Centrelink with an ABN no , and Registered in the U.S. The Social Security Act 1991 and legislation Act 2003 that governs delegated Authority. Section 8 (4) together with Section 38 of this act demands within Law , " instruments that have the direct or indirect effect of affecting a privilege or interest , imposing an obligation ,creating a right , or varying or removing an obligation or right " . be tabled before both houses of parliament and if not tabled they automatically revoke , such legislative instruments must also be registered on the federal register of legislation . descriptions of govt websites such as the guide to social security law are not sufficient to demonstrate legality . Note an Act Passed by Parliament must also receive Royal Assent with the Governor Generals Royal Seal upon it . Work for the dole is a Coercive system built on penalties imposed upon Job Seekers fullstop no matter which legal jargon they try to impose on you ! We are Sovereign the Parliament is NOT !!!

    1. I don’t object to that at all. I’m keen on a Public Housing addition too.

      My view of Our Demands is a uniting tool for most unemployed, from which you build an organisation that resists & has a bigger voice that can’t be ignored. Our Demands is definitely subject to review not set in stone. We are keen on improving our structure right now, which could/should facilitate a fairer discussion around refining Our Demands, along with better legitimacy for that process. Whilst we nerd about on structural proposals, the world doesn’t politely wait & we must ration our efforts.

      I don’t believe my response is satisfactory, but I wanted to bring an important wrinkle RE: refinement of Our Demands to your attention. Thankyou for your interest and Good Faith input.

  14. Hi Tracey
    Yes it is extremely difficult to get anywhere I have just started a new claim for Disability support pension .My last claim went right through to Appeals Tribunal and the report from that said, that they didn’t dispute my conditions but I didn’t meet the criteria on the date of the claim, and suggested I put in a new claim . After resting my brain from them for a around 3 months I did put in a new claim. It was rejected within 7 days. I have extensive medical reports , test results , evidence from a variety of specialists , GPs Psychologist. There is no way they could have gone through my records in that small amount of time and [in their words] after careful consideration we have rejected your claim. I have again appealed. Even going into their office doesn’t work, they tell you all is good, but when you get home and get on MY GOV it’s not. Then the rest of the day your on the phone going over and over it all again. But make sure you ring the right department , or you will have to start all over again to get to talk to someone as they won’t put you through. Including wait time in their office this took around 5to 6 hours. I have an auto immune disease which cause extreme pain and stiffness. Also Anxiety , depression, PTSD, MDD and struggle daily with stress , panic attacks, flashbacks, but in no way does Centrelink attempt to consider how hard it is, to go to their office or having to over and over everything on the phone with these conditions , they contribute to them.

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