Your Rights: What Are They?

booklet_shadowUnemployed Workers’ Rights Guide

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To stand up for your rights, you need to know what they are. This guide is our interpretation of the jobactive deed to which your job agency is bound by law. Find out what things they can and cannot make you do.

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Your Rights


Protecting Your Rights: A Basic Checklist

Negotiate a fair job plan ✔

Check your job plan to make sure you aren’t being forced to do things that you don’t have to. If there are activities or appointments in your job plan that are over and above the standard mutual obligations requirements, inform your job agency that you would like to renegotiate your job plan to reflect the jobactive deed.
See: Are your mutual obligation activities fair? for more information.

Choose your own activity ✔

If you are not happy with your Work for the Dole activity, find a suitable volunteer activity and inform your job agency you would like to do a volunteer activity instead. You have a right to undertake a suitable voluntary activity.
See: Your right not to do Work for the Dole for more information.

Get your barriers to work recognised ✔

If you feel that your job agency is not recognising the personal circumstances that make it difficult for you to work (medical condition, caring responsibilities, family issues) call Centrelink and ask them for an Employment Services Asssessment. Once booked, your obligation requirements should cease until the assessment is attended. If your barriers to work are considered valid, Centrelink can exempt you from activities or significantly reduce your obligations.
See: How to get an Employment Services Assessment for more information.

Ensure your Job Agent provides proper services ✔

Your job agency has legal obligations to provide ongoing support with job search, resume writing, and to treat you with respect.
See: Is your Job Agent meeting their obligations? for more information.