Have you been unfairly fined by your job agent? Join our legal challenge!

The Australian Unemployed Workers’ Union is preparing our legal challenge against the Centrelink compliance system. Read the Guardian’s story on our legal challenge here.
The AUWU has received legal advice from a barrister which states we have a strong case and asks us to collect cases of penalties being imposed unfairly.
In order for you to join our legal challenge, we have been informed by legal council that we need the following:
  • Send a brief description (a few paragraphs) of what penalty your job agent (and Centrelink) imposed on you to advocacy@unemployedworkersunion.com. Be sure to include when it was, under what circumstances and your full name, address and contact details.
  • If your story can assist us with our legal challenge, we will then ask for a more detailed statement which you will have to sign off on.
  • We will then use your statement to ask Centrelink for a number of documents under Freedom of Information that relate to your case.Look forward to hearing from you.