The Nightmare That Is The DES


Disability Employment Services Provider

C/- Site Manager


Subject: Disability Employment Services Assistance – 11 Years


Just following up on my request of 5th September, 2016 and wondered if you had yet followed up with the Department of Employment / Department of Social Services to seek guidance and advice as to how your employment service can assist registered jobseekers ‘against all odds’.  The National Customer Service Line’s repeatitive approach for jobseekers to routinely transfer from one job agency to another on a yearly basis, is not a solution, nor is it welcomed.


In terms of Disability Employment support, the Department of Social Services have made their mission clear that they  are not willing to assist improve employment services, policies and quality of life for  Australian jobseekers left long term disadvantaged and in social exclusion by discrimination, the system, legislation, disability or other reasons.


I have also been informed by  the Department of Social Services that they are no longer acknowledging nor responding to jobseeker’s feedback regarding jobseeker’s time in the system actively looking for work, as they feel they have adequately addressed all issues raised despite no change in outcome every single year.  Feedback of which now sits electronically filed away and closed in government’s Employment Services Feedback System.


At our next fortnightly employment consultant appointment, rather than me continue to apply for work endlessly that is repeatitively unsuccessful or may not exist through illegitimate, unproductive and unsuccessful cyberspace applications on a yearly basis, I would please like to discuss what the Department of Employment or Department of Social Services’s recommendations are as to how your agency can assist me re-enter ‘paid’ employment taking into consideration all of the below, as clearly government is either ignoring or not aware of the ill health impact of yearly jobseeking has on Australian jobseekers.


Ongoing barriers:-

  1. Denied eligibility as a mature age jobseeker to ‘Restart’, a government iniative implemented to assist mature age jobseeker’s enter or re-enter employment.
  2. Denied access to government funded traineeships into a new career pathway regularly in demand in my region by The Department of Education & Training, Traineeship centres and Government’s eligibility criterias
  3. Denied access to Australian apprenticeships
  4. Denied access to ALL employers and suitable employment opportunities in my profession of 25+ years by the private recruiting sector based on – discrimination, age, unemployment gaps, Australian nationality and disclosure of medical condition.
  5. Denied access to ALL employment opportunities within my profession through online jobboard sites due to discrimination, age, unemployment gaps on a weekly, monthly, yearly basis.  I note that employers continue to advertise the same roles up to and in excess of 3 months despite having already, suitably qualified applicants  for the role, of which your agency has not been able to assist with, and which online job boards fail to do anything about it, despite Australian jobseekers being ‘desperate’ for work.
  6. Limited and inadequate employment assistance (no outcome) – 2006 Wise Employment, 2007 Wise Employment, 2008 Wise Employment, 2009 Wise Employment & Tracy Placement People, 2010 Matchworks, 2011 WCIG & Matchworks, 2012 Jobco, 2013 Jobco & Matchworks, 2014 Wise Employment & Job Prospects, 2015 WCIG, Employment Plus, Advanced Personnel Management, ORS Group, 2016 ORS Group, current WCIG.


I note I have been willingly attending fortnightly DES appointments to gain fulltime employment as a voluntary skilled Australian jobseeker coming up to now –  11 years  .  Appauling at every level.


It is clear to everyone in the system that the Australian government does not wish to adequately fund or assist long term unemployed Australians into ‘paid’ employment and it is extremely clear that the Department of Social Services has no intention of implementing change for those left long term disadvantaged by the system.  In terms of women being affected by domestic violence as a result of being left long term unemployed without adequate assistance, again government is failing in its duty of care to provide adequate assistance and funding.


I would like to obtain a response next appointment please of the department’s recommendations as to what their expectations are as to how your agency is expected to assist me, given all the exclusions above which they consider ‘acceptable’.


Thanks again.


Kind regards


Registered Australian Jobseeker – 11 Years

Australian families matter!