• SPI: Stronger Participation Incentives Explanation
All Stream A job seekers as well as Stream B job seekers subject to Stronger Participation Incentives (SPI) for Job Seekers under 30 measure will enter the Work for the Dole Phase in their first year of service and every subsequent year that they remain unemployed.
  • AAR = Annual Activity Requirement Explanation
Mutual Obligation Requirements include the range of requirements a job seeker can be compelled to fulfil under Social Security Law in return for activity-tested income support. These include attending Provider Appointments, undertaking Job Search and acting on referrals to jobs, undertaking an Annual Activity Requirement and participating in any other activity that is relevant to their personal circumstances and that will help the job seeker improve their employment prospects.
  • PCP/PCW = Principle Carer Payments / Partial Capacity to Work Explanation

Job Seekers with part-time participation requirements, such as Principal Carer Parents (PCP) or those assessed as having Partial Capacity to Work (PCW), will generally have to undertake less activities than other Newstart recipients


  1. im a bit confused with the changes to the unemployed. im 59 this year and on newstart my job provider told me with the new changes that i can no longer look for work min 15 hours a week. i have to look for full time work. is this right. thankyou.

    1. If you find part time work it will shut them up a bit 16 hrs or more and they should remove or refuce the job search requirements when questioned about it. They will try to get their hands-on your payslips though. Even though your earnings will be reported to centerline by yourself they will ask for your payslips query this refuse using AUWU guidelines.

  2. I can’t find an explanation to ‘Stream A, B and C’.
    Your website is very informative, unlike the two organizations that have now taken it upon themselves to micro-manage my life (apparently) wrongfully.

  3. Common law precedents have long ago established that no govt or govt entity can use its powers to coerce people to sign contracts with private companies. What happens if I simply decline to sign a contract with a service provider? Centrelink is itself a private corporation. How is it that people who happen to be unemployed can be forced to do this to access benefits they are entitled to.
    Statute law does not extinguish these long established rights. How is it exactly that these so called ‘mutual obligations’ can override these basic common law rights?

    1. Youre 100% right.. what they are forcing people to do just to access a payment theat we are entitled to is interfering with our basic rights. The jobsearch agencies are all privately owned… we should not have to enter into any contract with any private corporation to access a payment that we are entitled to just to survive!! Please post more laws on this topic as there MUST be loopholes in this disgusting system.

      1. I am 5 months pregnant and working part time, and I am being forced to go to regular jobfind appointments, in order to get a “full time job”. Number 1 – people who are in need of financial assistance are not in capacity to work full time, there is NO law that says all humans must work full-time. Its outrageous, ridiculous, and impossible as there are not enough full-time jobs available in ratio to people… so how does this even make sense? Every person who goes through their private jobseeking system is just another number they add to their list, in order to get funding by the government. The government (yes!) pays millions of dollars to all these private companies, meaning there are private indivuduals who are getting rich, while the masses are being used, mistreated, abused, and taken advantage of, in order for others to profit. This system needs to be shut down. In america the same thing has happened as private companies calling themselves jobsearch take over the lives of the people. There has been lots of media attention there – the system is obviously not benefitting the people.. what about simple incentives for local businesses so that they can afford to hire more staff? This seems the most obvious and practical first step, but we are not seeing it. The people need help, companies are breaking the law in order to make some fast cash.

        1. So these jobfind agencies are registered training organisations. Who get funded by the government. The goverments money = the peoples money. Why is the peoples money going straight into the hands of privately run companies?? This is not helping an unumployed population. All one has to do is skim over some of the hundreds of thousand jobseekers comments online to realise people are not happy with this system, and it is not benefiting the average person. Eg the 55 yr old mother who has suddenly been contracted to attend countless jobfind meetings even though she has no car, no licence, no extra fuel money, no capacity to work full time for some other private business, nor the time for such idiocracies. Who is benefitting the most? These companies…. dodgy stuff. Australia stand up, protect our basic human rights!

        2. Is anyone here aware that the agencies staff actually get paid commissions to get you into a job – payment incentives to staff range from 10% through to 30% commission per placement….. What a rort – and yes you the tax paying public foot the bill for that….

          1. Thought that might be the case. I am seriously considering telling my job agency to stick it up there collective asses. My consultant who I have been with for some time has gone from nice to a complete cow, I get anxiety everytime I have to go there, infact I was just there today and she has forced me to go to an interview for a job tomorrow in an area that’s not what I’m looking for it will interfere with other commitments I have and she point blank told me that if I mention these other commitments at the interview that she will report me. Her only other alternative was to exit me from the system. To give you some background I work part time already so I don’t get a full payment from centrelink, centrelink accepts this employment, they have never penalised me and I always report my income and yet this cow consultant is telling me I can’t do this work and have to find full time employment. I have had enough of this job network and there bs.

      2. Greetings Fellow earthlings… in the fight for our rights and freedoms…

        Just for your quick reference info:
        I run a website called LegalNameFraud.com
        Go have a look at that, and blow your mind….

        But simply, make sure you only ever sign your
        lowercase name…. not your LEGAL NAME… it can be as simple as you initials.
        with the words
        Vi Coactus… = (google that) which means signed under coercion…
        and always include;
        Without Prejudice =which means lots of very good things actually…
        google that too and

        if you like you can add
        All Rights Reserved

        I agree they cannot force you to sign a contract with anyone…
        so Vi Coactus them at least….

        cheerings LNFer

  4. I just finished work of the Dole and I am PCP of my 8 year old son hmmmmmmmmmm..I am over 50 years just also…I admit I was allowed to have school holidays off and enjoyed working but I have trouble finding a job that suits my hours for my son…..

  5. do i have the same rites as being employed by the government SICK DAYS etc.Is it the same laws except you payed well below minimum wage

  6. I am with a disability employment provider and was just checking on how many appointments I must attend and it is 6 contacts over a 6 month period compared with a normal job provider 1 a month isn’t this discrimination ??????

  7. I am with a disability employment provider and just checking how many appointments I need to attend and it is 6 every 3 months compared to 1 a month for normal job providers, isn’t this discrimination ????????

    1. Yes I also thought you only needed to attend 1 appointment per month? Even with disability employment providers ? What’s the go ?

  8. Yes that is discrimination Kelly! I dont believe just because of a disability you should be required to attend extra appointments, if anything should be once every 2 months or something atleast. geez centrelink is messing with peoples lives now.

  9. Mate why should I work for the dole for $20 a fortnight when it costs me $300 a f/n for Childcare when I end up doing this shit how the fuck can you pay a mortgage and feed 2 kids on 280 a f/n want too kill my self

    1. Thats exactly what this kind of crap leads people to do. I felt like killing myself too.
      Centrelink workers are trained to put you off applying for the dole as soon as you walk in to apply.
      They ask rediculous questions which also raise privacy issues.
      They make you run around getting ID, ownership, bank documents, only to have them tell you to come back again with more paperwork. Its nuts. It does drive people over the edge & at a time your feeling your most down.

  10. I was bullied by the work for the dole team at people plus Bendigo, a lady named Teagan was so rude and pushy I was in tears. I called to say I cannot make my 2.00 app due to having to pick kids ups, and she called me back and said Im making you an app at 2.00 Thursday and I said no I cannot come at that time my kids come first, I have to pick up my kids, and she said I have and if you dont attent your payments will be stopped, I said to her dont be so rude and she said, Im, not rude, I said yes you are and Im going to repoert you and she said report me all you like and then she hung up in my ear and suspended my payment..so I went in at 2.00 and she was very cold nasty, I told her I had to go at 2.30 and she said I will make you an appopointment for monday instead, so I was forced to go in there and it was all for nothing and I have to go back Monday…she was treating everyone in the info session the same, like a piece of dirt under her feet. I have anxiety and she has me so upset when I go in there I shake.

    1. Make a complaint, firstly to the agency and then to the commonwealth – google not happy with my provider and hit them with an official complaint. There is also the centrelink complaint service – drop into ur local centrelink and tell them face to face you are complaining – it will be noted on ur file for when the agency starts getting the craps with you. I complained about mine and their response (rather foolishly I might add as they couldn’t prove their ‘tip off’) was to attempt cutting payment for a non engagement of a working person – centrelink laughed so hard with that one ???????????? I was in the right they were just plain stupid – no tick and funding for them in that instance….

    2. Kass “they” don,t get to make it up as they go as this smart ass bitch thinks.First take a friend with you a witness for the defense if you will .2nd be polite raise your issues suggest a time that suits you & record everything out of her sight.Complain to your local member & ask them to help not centrelink. Here are 2 links to read … https://docs.jobs.gov.au/system/files/doc/other/ttw_job_plans_0.pdf its about 4th down the page on google. Then particularly the section… Considering a Participant’s circumstances when deciding the activities in the job plan. http://guides.dss.gov.au/guide-social-security-law/3/2/10

  11. Hi. The above ‘explanation’ of “Annual Activity Requirement” doesn’t EXPLAIN it at all! It merely uses the phrase in a partial explanation of “Mutual Obligation Requirements”. Isn’t that a bit dodgy? Why evade an explanation/definition of AAR?

  12. I am 60yrs and currently on Stream A which apparently means I should be looking for full time work…or at least 15hrs voluntary every week. I notice your chart states those over 60 have no “Activity Requirement”. Is this correct & where can I find this on Centrelink website as they are still making me look o=for work or volunteer?? I don’t mind the volunteering bit as I do heaps of hours every week!! however what I do is not approved by them???

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