“Job providers are determined to keep people unemployed” – A First Hand Account

I have found my own work experience for 2 days per week, from January 2016 onwards. I was happy with the work experience, but my health had started to suffer in ways I could never have imagined. I hadn’t known it yet, but I had started going through the very severe symptoms of menopause.
In February 2016, the job provider tried to bully me into obtaining employment with the place I was doing work experience with. They made a date in March for which they knew that I would be completing my required work experience. When I called to ask them to change the day to something where I would not be breaching my job requirements with them, they told me that I had no idea what my requirements were and that I had to go in for another interview, where they would be putting me on Work for the Dole instead. I had hoped to one day receive employment with the place I was doing work experience, and had repeatedly asked whether I would be obtaining employment, but the bullying nature of the job provider ensured that went out the window.

It appears that the job providers are determined to keep people unemployed. They use whatever tactics they can to keep people on their books, rather than to find viable employment.

I ended up on a Centrelink sickness benefit for a few months, in order to find the best course of action for my menopause. I also changed job provider, and have been given slightly more humanity than with the previous job provider. In addition, I made a complaint against the previous job provider to the Department of Employment about the bullying tactics of the previous job provider. I’m not sure it went anywhere.