“I came close to committing suicide because of the way Max treated me” – A First Hand Account

The subject of this article and the treatment Leigh Markovic endured by Max Employment is exactly the same mental abuse I was subjected to by Max in my short time I was forced to be aligned with them.
I cannot stay quiet about what they did to me any longer, and people have a right to know about it and that it is not an odd isolated incident, but commonplace as well as ILLEGAL. Their abuse forced me onto anti-depressants and ruined my life and my health. I have paperwork to back this claim up. Imagine trying to send someone with chronic Osteoarthritis to strip dirty mattresses on a factory production line, even though they are clearly medically exempt and you just ignore a qualified assessment by a medical professional. The more I protested their actions, the more punitive they became. All the time, a job was sitting there available I was perfectly qualified for – except that employed people are no use to you because you can’t make money from them, so Max didn’t bring it to my attention.
I came close to committing suicide because of the way Max treated me – I couldn’t see any or any point in going on. I an very grateful to the team of medical professionals that basically supported me through this ordeal. Without them I would not be here. I am glad that people are now coming out publicly about their stories. It’s hard to talk about, and I didn’t want to do it but I feel I must at this point.I hate to think of how many people have taken their own lives at the hands of treatment from Max’s ‘business.’ I use business in inverted commas because it’s a fraudulent organisation so that makes them criminals. Most people have seen the Four Corners investigation on Max’s multi-million dollar rorts including falsifying clients’ signatures on paperwork. So this is not an opinion, it is a fact they are criminals. What did the current government do about it? They awarded them a contract that’s worth close to a billion dollars and called them ‘the best in the business.’
I cannot wait until Max are subject to a class action suit. I’ll be in, for sure. And you can’t say it’s ‘just a job’ and you’re working for someone else who makes the rules. You know how well that worked out at Nuremberg. That is a pathetic excuse. You are personally responsible for this. If you think you’ll get away with it, you won’t. It will catch up with you.
I’ll never stop activism against fraudulent, criminal organisations like Max and their treatment of the unemployed. And they ARE criminals because they break the law at every turn and then blatantly lie about it, thinking they will get away with it every single time.
Read the government deed beginning to end, then back to front, and then read it again and you’ll see. Then use ALL of it AGAINST them.