New Name

We have officially changed our name to the Australian Unemployed Workers’ Union

To end the negative stigma which has increasingly plagued the unemployed over the last 40 years, it is imperative that we change how we think and talk about the unemployed.

This is what our name change is trying to do.

To fight the pervasive attitude that views the unemployed as a “bludger” class that simply prefer to sponge of others, the unemployed must be thought of as workers who, due to the failure of Government economic policy, have been left out of our economy.

With the official statistics showing that there are 12 job seekers applying for every job vacancy, this position is fully justified.

By presenting ourselves as unemployed workers, we will be creating a new way to think about unemployment in Australia.

But even more importantly, we will be breaking down the barriers that have divided employed workers from unemployed workers.

For too long, the Government and the right-wing media have tried to pit employed workers against the unemployed.

Why? To distract people from the Government’s own failure to create enough jobs.

Together lets expose this fraud and unite in the common struggle for a fair society for all.

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