Fight 4 Facts!

It is one of the worst kept secrets in Australia that the Australian Bureau Statistics (ABS) produces misleading unemployment statistics.

Even the former head of the ABS Bill McLennan has stated that ABS employment data “is not worth the paper they are written on”. Glenn Stevens, while Governor of the Reserve Bank, had similar concerns about the quality of unemployment data.

According to the ABS, Australians who work more than one hour are considered to be employed. This has allowed the Government to hide the true nature of of Australia’s growing employment crisis.

If you are sick of the Government lies around employment data, then join the AUWU’s Fight 4 Facts campaign.

To be a part of this campaign, next time you get a letter from an employer or representative stating that your application for the job has been unsuccessful, ask them how many other applicants for that job there were.

Forward that email onto and we will collate that data and release it every time the ABS releases its shoddy employment figures.

Below is an example of an AUWU member participating in our fight for facts campaign.