Campaign to Increase Newstart – Lobbying Councils

The AUWU have started this fight by lobbying councils to publicly advocate increasing Newstart to the Newstart Henderson Poverty Line.

Last Wednesday, the AUWU successfully put a motion up at Moreland City Council in Melbourne to adopt this proposal.

We are asking all our members to join this struggle and ask their local council to adopt this proposal. Here’s how:

  1. Find and contact a local councillor you believe would be sympathetic to raising Newstart
  2. Edit and send them the AUWU’s draft motion, accompanied by these facts backing up your case for an increase to Newstart. Ask the councillor to put the motion up at the next council meeting.
  3. Set up a stall in your local area and ask people to sign a petition asking the council to pass the motion (see here for the AUWUs draft petition). Ask supporters to attend the council meeting where the motion will be discussed.
  4. Finally, our goal is that every council in Australia adopt this motion. Sign and share this petition asking that the Australian Local Government Association, which represents all councils, adopt this position.

Please contact the AUWU if you would like further support in this campaign.

Already we have 11 councils on board. By the end of the year, we want this to be 100.

Join the struggle!