Work for the Dole Letter

Oct 25  to nationalcustom., advocacy,,, senator.siewert, elisha.pearce Hi XXXX During a recent correspondence, you informed me that I am required to do Work for the Dole despite the fact that I am already receiving a reduced Newstart payment as a result of income I am receiving from paid work. After looking into this matter more closely, I have discovered that according to the jobactive deed and guidelines I am not required to do any Annual Activity Requirement. Please see the below quote from the Mutual Obligations Requirement and Job Plan Guideline:   In a Job Plan, Providers must not include participation in Work for the Dole (or these other Approved Programs of Work) as a compulsory activity in the following circumstances:   for job seekers receiving less than the full rate of Newstart Allowance, Youth Allowance (other) or Parenting Payment Single, where the rate is reduced due to the income … Continue reading Work for the Dole Letter