Work for the Dole Letter

Oct 25 

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During a recent correspondence, you informed me that I am required to do Work for the Dole despite the fact that I am already receiving a reduced Newstart payment as a result of income I am receiving from paid work.
After looking into this matter more closely, I have discovered that according to the jobactive deed and guidelines I am not required to do any Annual Activity Requirement. Please see the below quote from the Mutual Obligations Requirement and Job Plan Guideline:
In a Job Plan, Providers must not include participation in Work for the Dole (or these other Approved Programs of Work) as a compulsory activity in the following circumstances:
for job seekers receiving less than the full rate of Newstart Allowance, Youth Allowance (other) or Parenting Payment Single, where the rate is reduced due to the income test (a reduced rate can result from the job seeker’s own income and/ or their partner’s income)
As per the evidence I’ve supplied, the amount of Newstart Allowance I receive, due to the income test, is reduced. My own fortnightly income is way more than the fortnightly income test amount of $104.00.
Please respect my right as per the jobactive deed not to be required to do Work for the Dole.
I would like my job plan to  reflect the minimum mutual obligation requirements as stated in the jobactive deed and guidelines.
On a broader note, I am deeply concerned that you have tried to pressure me to do something that is, strictly speaking, a voluntary activity.
Department Of Employment’s National Customer Service Line (NCSL) reference number for this complaint is 325539
Tuesday, 25 October 2016