Your Rights – A Complete List

Under jobactive, you have a number of rights that are designed to protect you from unfair decisions. However, Centrelink and job agencies too often take advantage of the fact that many Newstart recipients do not know their rights.

The AUWU has studied the jobactive guidelines and created a complete guide to your rights. For a full list of the government’s jobactive guidelines, click here. If your job agency does not respect your rights, call the Department of Jobs & Small Business on 1800 805 260 to report them.

Part One: Your Rights at Employment Service Providers

Employment Service Provider Service Commitments

1.1   Employment Service Provider Service Guarantees
1.2  Employment Services Code of Practise

Your Right to a Fair Job Plan

1.3  Your Right to Carefully Consider your Job Plan
1.3.1  Negotiating a Fair Job Plan
1.3.2  Updating your Job Plan due to Changing Circumstances
1.3.3  Ensuring your Limited Work Capacity is Recognised
1.3.4  What must not be Including in your Job Plan

Your Right to Negotiate Suitable Mutual Obligation Requirements

1.4  Different Mutual Obligation Groups
1.4.1  Your Right to a Partial Capacity to Work Consideration
1.4.2  Your Right to a Temporary Reduced Work Capacity Consideration
1.4.3  Your Right to a Principal Carer Parent Consideration
1.4.4  You rRights Regarding Unforeseen Breaks in Activities
1.4.5  Your Right to Choose your Own Approved Activity
1.4.6  Your Right to be Exempt from Work for the Dole

Your Right to Change Employment Service Providers

1.5  Changing Providers Due to Change of Address
1.5.1  Changing Providers by Agreement
1.5.2  Changing Providers Due to Relationship Failure
1.5.3  Changing Providers for Better Servicing
1.5.4  Changing Providers Due to ‘Maximum Time with Provider’ Policy

Your Right to Fair Scheduling of ‘Job Search’ Appointments

1.6  Your Right to a ‘Reasonable Excuse’
1.6.1  Reasonable Excuse Definition
1.6.2  Unreasonable Excuse Determination
1.6.3  Your Right to Reasonable Notice
1.6.4  Rescheduling an Appointment after a Penalty

Your Right to be Referred to a Fair and Suitable Workplace

1.7  Your Right to Reject Unsuitable Work
1.7.1  Unsuitable Work Definition
1.7.2  Unsuitable Work for People with Partial Capacity to Work
1.7.3  Unsuitable Work for Principal Carer Parents
1.7.4  Your Right to Suitable Work

Your Right to Privacy

1.8  Refusing to Complete a ‘Pre-Employment’ Survey

Your Right to Fair Job Search Requirements

1.9  Job Search Streams
1.9.1  Your Right to Reduced Job Search
1.9.2  Paid Work Reducing Job Search
1.9.3  Other Reasons for Reduced Job Search

Part Two: Your Rights at Work for the Dole

Part Three: Disputing an Employment Service Provider Penalty


  1. Hi I’ve been given a job and want to cancel my newstart allowance but have been discouraged by my employment provider to cancel it and now I will be receiving no money as in payment as I earn to much and are having to scan my wage slip every two weeks and send it to the employment provider Neato. What should I do, this does not feel right. My concern is that I want to have a nice clean cancel from Newstart but wont be able to achieve this.

    1. simply call centerlink and state you have work but your agency is advising you otherwise will look bad on them not you

    2. Hi Andrew, Go to Centrelink – you are allowed to voluntarily cancel your own Newstart – I did when my provider became unreasonable with attending appointments whilst I had some part-time work (just under the cancellation amount but not receiving enough to make it worth me losing a day’s pay to attend an appointment!). It gave me a clean cancel from the Newstart and Centrelink’s books. You don’t need to explain anything to your provider and you won’t be hassled by them if you go through Centrelink – they’re just upset at losing an “incentive” at keeping you unemployed!

    3. Neato have no right to see your pay slips you do not have to scan them to neato, I have never shown my pay slips to employment provider the only people that should see you pay slips are you your wife/partner , tax man and Centrelink

    4. You will still need to report your income every two weeks for the next 12 weeks in total. Once you have have 12 weeks of no new start allowance $0 you will be completely cut off from new start Centrelink payments. Then Neato or any other service provider will not contact you. Unfortantly you can not just cut your self off you need to still report for 3 months and receive no new start payment $0. Just report correctly and three months is up you don’t have Centrelink or your service provider to deal with any more. You will still get appointment with your job service provider in the first three months just call them as soon as you see your appointment time and cancel it as you are at work.

      1. Thanks Jayne. A friend is in this situation and is very frustrated by having to report with no explanation provided as to why or for how long, given it is almost 3 months since he received a newstart payment. I will let him know your advice.

      2. You do not have to stay registered for benefits at all.
        your choice.
        if you want to for the 3 month probation you can as a safety net.
        Also when you first register for UB you have to have a JNP although no contact- no point ,more tax payers wasted.
        If on stream 1 no assistance,so no point anyway.
        I was working -shift work ,study,going to college etc and still had to go to these pointless appointments.
        if it causes you problems, ring Centrelink.
        no one should have to go to JNP appointments anyway at all but especially when earning 0 payments only still registered.

      3. YOU DO NOT ….
        You don’t have to report you payslips to ANYONE except CENTERLINK….PERIOD!!!
        Was told this ALSO from HEAD OFFICE in Sydney…and told to ignore them or report them to Dept.
        so STOP TALKING NONSENSE…and giving people false info….

        1. I have worked casual for 3 months now. My job agency case manager messaged me today asking me for my payslips. I really dont think its any of there business wat i earn they are there to find people jobs nothing else i report every fortnight

          1. Its part of the requirement of claiming fee from the Department of Jobs and Small Business. ( the government ).
            This Department of Small business need proof of tax invoice document, something like that.

            Employment Outcomes

            Stream A and Volunteers Partial Outcome Full Outcome

            4 Week $200 $500
            12 Week $250 $625
            26 Week $0 $813

            Total $450 $1,938

            Stream B Partial Outcome Full Outcome

            4 Week $375 $938
            12 Week $750 $1,875
            26 Week $0 $2,375

            Total $1,125 $5,188

            Stream C Partial Outcome Full Outcome

            4 Week $500 $1,250
            12 Week $1000 $2,500
            26 Week $0 $3,125

            Total $1,500 $6,875

            All Education Outcomes ( The hopeless provider can clam $1250 ) from the department.

            All this information you can find it from the Department of Jobs and Small Business.

            Jobactive Deed 2015-2020 Tender / Contract:


    5. You have a right to cancel your Newstart allowance at any time and the day you stop working or if you don’t get work for a two week period you can re-apply.. think of it as compensation for time unemployed. Sounds like your job provider wants you funding. Makes their stats look good even if you got the job on your own accord.

    6. If you got the job yourself they are using you.
      I believe they get extra funds for your compliance – if you can go to Centrelink and ask, I also believe they are the only ones who are supposed to get a copy of your wages/income.

    7. Andrew,

      You seem to have missed the reasons why they still have you reporting to them. If for whatever reason the new job doesn’t work out, you’re still able to receive benefits without having to do too much.
      It’s a stressful time to find your feet and they are there to provide you with further assistance, but it’s up to you to use the initiative and make the most of what they can do for you.
      If there’s any training that would benefit your new employer, they have access to make that training happen for nothing. They can give you many fuel cards, repair your car to make sure you have all the right support in your corner.
      You have access to a psychologist, $250 to spend on work clothes, more money for shoes, and if you are struggling to find where you fit in, they help with that too. They are interested in you staying there long term and understand money can make it that much easier. You’ll still receive money from them two more times I think too. Our government has already allocated an amount for this area and cutting yourself off is only a disservice to yourself.

      1. I asked for relocation assistance when starting a full-time job and it was denied. I received no assistance at all, only hindrances from my provider.

      2. Not true, I was with a disability provider in Footscray Vic, they stated I could have no money nor clothes or shoes outside of an accompanied trip to K Mart across the road to buy the cheapest of basics under supervison of a “Case Worker”, a humiliating experience for any adult.

        They called me into the office with the promise of a petrol voucher, when I arrived after rushing from work I was told it had just been given away to someone else.

        I found my own full time job, they continued harrassing me to attend appointments and called my phone all day wanting payslips despite me finding and keeping my own full time casual government job.

        My consultant Ali told me unless I provided payslips for him to give to his supervisor, I would receive no help from them and that they would keep calling me for appointments, as it was expected that I engage in a “give and take” arrangement with the provider, this sounded like defrauding the Commonwealth, consequently I declined and blocked their phone numbers and emails.

        I remain in full time casual work with no knowing engagement with this provider, I am still on Centrelink books as I have children and a disability, I suspect this provider is still using me as KPI and funding statistic.

        These provider employees are the true Welfare scum. These businesses need closing down and their employees prosecuted for Human Rights abuses and fraud.

    8. Your employment provider wants to keep getting paid for doing nothing. They are costing lots and lots of money for Australian tax Payers!! Tell centre-link URGENTLY!!! You also may get a employment entry payment. But you might be too late, having only 14 days to do so.

    9. Hi Andrew, Your employment provider has no right to ask for a scanned copy of your payslip go to centrelink and talk about your situation, im sure they will sought it out

    10. The best thing we can do for ourselves is to …
      Get to your Polling Booth on Election day and …
      Vote for Labour all the way !!!

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    12. I’ve been on new start for ages and it’s been about 1 year since I’ve had a operation due to my discs in my back, I tried to get on a disability claim, Centrelink told me I need more information and what not, they thought I was just a bullshit artist, till it came a point where my job agency told me I needed to do work for the dole which I then told them I couldn’t due to my problems in my back they said “have you applied for disability pension” I said yes but they want more information, she tells me I still need to do it, so I was like “alright I’ll do it but it’s in your hands” the first day I went I faked out my back was fucking me up, I was laying on the floor calling for help and everything, got taken to the hospital, they said the same thing my doctor said you’ve got a a bad disc problem I told I know but Centrelink don’t care they still want me working for the dole, he told me to sue them, anyways with that being said I had all the documents that I had from the hospital and what not and showed them to Centrelink and said what other documents do you want from me? From then on I ended up with a disability claim…

      Could you imagine the hassle just for them to be lithe fact you can’t work when you really can’t, fucking idiots

  2. Me useless provider has put me into Work for the Dole activity where I do stuff all that’s even remotely related to me old job! I’ve told them idiots so many times that I can’t work right now because I suffer from depression, anxiety, alcohol dependency, and a heavy gambling addiction. I’m no educated man, but the term WORK FOR THE DOLE (operative word: WORK!!) implies a WORKING activity!!! I CAN’T!!! I’ve b*tched to Centrelink but they’re just as useless as the other mob! Morons, the lot of them.

    The point of my post is to ask someone here if they know how to avoid getting out of a job interview they’ve arranged for me without getting me money cut for 8 weeks?? I have FAR too many things going on to have to go to a damn job interview. I’ve even explained to them that I had a vacation planned to go to Thailand for 6 weeks next week but Centrelink strikes again!! I can’t get paid while I’m overseas! Why is it that the working class get to have a normal life and go have fun!?? Are we, the helplessly unemployed not entitled to just as much of a good life as those that work? That’s discrimination mate. Not on.

    1. Hey Billy’s get a Centrelink medical certificate from your doctor works every time they cannot overrule a doctor

      1. They do it. I am 60. The Centrelink not take my medical certificate more than a year.
        I have 5 blood clots in my heart. I have to looking for job or they stop my payment.
        I cant do any job, they all know that but I have to looking for. Every week twice see the Jobseeker office.

        1. That’s disgraceful!!! You can have this decision overturned by the Appeals Administrative. I had mine overturned by them as I believed Centrelink were being le.

          Why aren’t you on Disability???

      2. They do over rule the doctor, they did it to me. My condition is permanent, they pretty much told me they could care less. They refused my exemption when the last 3 stated I have agoraphobia, anxiety disorder and PTSD with no chance of improvement. I tried to start a in home online business to avoid the pitfall of having to be in the general public by being forced into job search and still be productive and not get cut off. I currently work from home 15hrs or more a week which is still a struggle as I have health conditions as well with my heart, and my disorder is impossible to manage sometimes. Now my Disability job search provider says by my quarterly income that my business isnt making adequate money and that they need to have me actively seeking employment elsewhere. I have had the business less than a year. I had many exemptions, 5 years worth, but this is being totally ignored by Centerlink and Jobmatch. Centerlink says by me running my business from home 15hrs per week Im meeting my requirements, but they wont tick the box because I need to pay myself a wage for 15hrs a week. Im running at a loss, and its impossible to guarantee what I’ll make every two weeks as it takes time to have a new buisness gain a foothold, its impossible to restock my items to sell if I drain the account into my own pocket. Like I said I just started this business in November last year, and even Centerlink said they dont expect a buisness to be in profit for at least a year. Ive seen a psychiatric doctor, a psychological doctor and am being treated by my regular doctor, and am diagnosed but I cant catch a break with the dole requirements. I have even offered to take a buisness management course at Tafe but the Jobmatch representative told me they wasnt sure that would meet my requirements. Im so frustrated. If feeling like there is no mercy or hope even though im trying with everything I can to overcome my issues. What should I do? I feel like Jobmatch is going to force me into a job or try and make me do something I cant do like work for the dole in public, and when I refuse to not do it because the last time I was in a crowded place I pissed my pants from a anxiety attack,, I’ll be cutoff with no way to survive. Im lost can someone give me any advice?

        1. I just wanted to say, I do not, and have not ever taken a drug I wasnt perscribed, I don’t drink or smoke. I have suffered severe traumatic events that I had no control over. My teeth are rotting out of my head for reasons unknown and Ive tried 3 times to get them out but panic till my dentist told me he couldnt help. I have insomnia, have bouts where I collapse and sleep for days, and then wont sleep for 24 hours or more. Im not suicidal but sometimes I feel like I don’t care if I die, and have went 3 days at a time before without eating due to being gripped with sadness. Anxiety attacks and even angry mood swings are my life no matter how hard I try to fight it off.. I have high blood pressure and a resting heart rate of well over 100 and up to 210 beats per minute without medicine. Somedays its all I can do to exis, but I still try to be relevant.

          But Jobmatch says I need to be seeking active employment, and Centerlink wont tick the box to get the bastards off my back.

          1. Hi, you should apply for the DSP. Print the forms out, see your GP and asked to be referred to a psychiatrist. Centrelink won’t accept a psychologist report. Also ask your GP for a 3 – 6 month med cert. But make sure within that time you get properly diagnosed, but you don’t to take any medication if you don’t want to (Ie: you have allergies, etc.). So long as your conditions aren’t being managed, they may put you on DSP. If they don’t, you can appeal it.
            If that doesn’t work out, focus on your business and look for work. Who cares what you look like, if the employer doesn’t want to hire you, that’s theirs’ and the govs’ problem, not yours.
            Good luck

    2. Get off the grog and stop gambling you looser! No wonder you think you’re depressed. It’s people like you who make it hard for genuine people to claim benefits. People who can’t work and who won’t piss the cash away on alcohol and gambling. Get a life or sort yours out. I suffer real issues, I barely leave the house let alone plan a lavish overseas holiday.

    3. You can undertake drug/alcohol rehabilitation as part of your work for the dole requirements. Also talk to your doctor about giving you a letter at least detailing your inability to cope and what diagnoses you have. If they hear you want to go on holiday then you’re not exempt from job search or work for the dole since you’re well enough to go away.

    4. Go to doctor and get medical certificate for 3 to 6 months as long as you see a shrink once a month they’ll leave u alone

    5. Are you implying that society needs to fund your unemployment benefits to keep up your degenerate ways?

      You’re insane.

      It’s the dim witted entitled mentality that pathetic specimens like you have that stigmatize all people on the Newstart Allowance.

      Gambling and drinking are not inherent rights that you can exercise whenever you want.

      They are privileges you pay for with your own personal income.

      I suppose trying to argue with a person like you that has willfully renounced reason is akin to administering medicine to the dead.

      This so called Unemployed Worker’s Union destroys what little credibility that they have by allowing submissions like the one I am replying to, to remain public for all to see.

    6. Seriously Billy!!! It’s probably too late for you to read this but did you ever wonder why we all get treated so badly when we are on the dole.It’s because of people like you!!! You want free money. no job interviews and have a holiday in Thailand. You are not helplessly unemployed, you are just a lazy dole bludger making the rest of us genuine unemployed people look bad. Why can’t you do work for the dole…because it’s actual work…lol..get off your lazy ass and do some work and maybe get some self respect at the same time and stop whining cause your not getting a totally free ride in life. The rest of us actually want to get a head in life.

      1. This is a general reply to all the poeps grilling the alcho I’m absolutely gutted at your judgements that you can glean so much from such a small comment sickens me has anyone ever heard of solidarity that’s what this place is about you don’t know what drove this person to where they are and I’m sure I don’t need to mention some horror stories that occur in society now besides possibly making an unstable person genuinely suicidal how bout entertaining the idea that these actions and habits are part of an underlying mental problem I’m sure if they had dementia you wouldn’t be so judgmental how bout we offer support people like this need so they can work and don’t piss off ignorant assholes like you poeple

  3. hey billy im pretty sure if you get a centrelink medical certificate for 3 months that should do the trick for you. I did that and i got out of work for the dole AND looking for work. HAHA! sucked in suckers! Im an Australian im entitled to this money without having to do anything!

    if you have given them one before though you can just get an esat and if you cry a lot and tell them you are sad they will feel sorry for you and put you in DES. DES never suspend your payment, its the best, my friend gets away with everything!

    1. You are so right billy. I’m with these asshole now and the job services continue to threaten everyone that goes in there with cancel payments. I have seen one person said they were going to kill them self because they needed help. But the job lady said to him in front of us “good ,go do it then you will be off our books.” Right in front of us can you believe that. They are the nasty people at advanced personnel management (APM) it’s on suite 3101 level 1 10 banfield street Chermside.
      The women’s names are Vanessa and kelli. Can you believe it they still work there and they didn’t get into trouble at all for saying that. We are all entitle to the money, no one say’s anything about refugees they are all on centerlink payments, so why can’t white Australians. You can hear them talking to clients in there and everyone of them have done what they suppose to do , so why do they keep threatening people money for, ego trip?.

    2. That’s disgraceful!!! You can have this decision overturned by the Appeals Administrative. I had mine overturned by them as I believed Centrelink were being unreasonable

      Why aren’t you on Disability???

  4. Hi,
    I have been unemployed for 4 months but have not claimed the government Newstart / unemployment benefit as it appears from the information available to me that it is asset – tested. This means that because my wife is employed and earning a salary, that i am not entitled to a government dole / benefit. Is this corrct, and if so, what conditions are in force?
    Kind Rgds,

  5. Depending on your wifes income you might still be entitled to some benefit and a healthcare card simply apply for it and give it a go dont waste your savings

  6. Hello, I am 57 years old and have decided to do volunteering instead of work for the dole. I am ‘partial’ health issues and have to do 15 hours a week. I would like to know if I have to do this till I get the pension at 67? I did read under the shedual ‘Job seekers over 60 do not have an Annual Activity Requirement but may choose to do volunteer work.’ This sentence is confusing! I know I’m not a Job seeker but a volunteer, and yet it does say you may CHOOSE to do volunteer. It doesn’t say you may do volunteer instead, but you may choose to do volunteer! Would like your comment. Thank you.
    A. Ebneter

    1. My question exactly – the new rules from 2018 say that if you are over 60 you will be required to volunteer 10 hours a fortnight. I am currently 62 and have to volunteer 30 hours a fortnight to receive Newstart (although the current rules say that over 60’s do not have an activity requirement) – does this mean I will only have to do 10? It is not clear at all!

      1. I too would like to know , 60yrs old doing 30 hrs per fortnight …How come wfd get such and easy run , I know form personal info that it is so easy for them and yet I do 30hrs combined form 2 different volunteer placements.One of which is not good at all , the other very good , treats you with respect . Can I only do 7.5 hrs @per week and keep my new start allowance.Wfd done do much at all and seem like they take days off very easy with no problems.

      2. Im 63 this year and currently doing 15 hours per week volunteer strugglying to keep this up due to an ongoing back wanting to know how i go about getting my hours reduced.there are times i do not feel i can keep going my pain is that bad. Is it true i will only have to do 10 hrs per fortnight in july 2018. I need answers i need to work out what i am going to do.

  7. The whole employment and land hoarding system in this country is merely a rebranded form of the convict slave system which founded this state/nation. It’s time to demand a national apology from the UK Crown for its past and present slavery.

  8. Is there a way to resign from a casual job without penalties? Can I leave a casual job without any penalty from the job agency (who now has power to cancel Centrelink payments at will) as well as Centerlink themselves. I’m a part new start recipient and have been reporting my income and hours.

  9. Retrenched in 2013. I seem to pick up a job once in a while to get by as Centrelink will not pay me newstart as I do not meet the criteria and at this point in time in 3 years I doubt I’ll get a pension for the same reason as I own a property or 2 which I brought some time ago. In the last 3 years I have had 2 hernia operations and spent 4 months in Perth for cancer treatment. I tried to get a disability allowance and or the dole but failed as I was too healthy and could work for up to 15 hours a week. So up till now the 8th Sept 2016 I have tried 5 times to get the dole and failed. I see people walking past my house at 11 am to get their daily supply of tax payer paid for booze and what do I get for the years of tax I paid…..fa.

    1. Totally agree , we worked hard paid taxes & we have had misfortune late in life only to be penalised. Why do those who have not contributed a cent through taxes get away with Blue murder? All we ask is for a fair go for our last few years of working life .
      We are hard working people Aussies who care but cant get work now due to age discrimination.

      1. My question is how does a person survive on $250 per week from Centerlink, and why is there no categories for the people that are on Centerlink as I know there are a lot of people claiming Centerlink when they have hardly worked anytime in their life and they are quite capable of working but just don’t want to work, I would categorize this person on level 1, Then we have people that have worked many years but unlucky to lose their job (category 2) I believe these people should get a better deal than category 1, Then we have people like myself who has worked all my life and my last job of 30 years I was made redundant and at the age of 64 I have problems trying to get employment, Centerlink has gave me the option of applying for 20 jobs a month or do 15 hours a week of voluntary work, ok I am doing the voluntary work but this does not help the fact that I am only getting $250 a week, so if I try to make some extra money doing some part time work Centerlink just takes it of me so I am dammed either way. My wife is in the same boat, she is a housewife and has not needed to work as I have been the bread winner, but that has come to a sad end, My wife does a few hours work a week only to have it taken by Centerlink, So the bottom line is you are not allowed to have any money in your pocket as the Centerlink payments do even meet the bills you have to pay, This is definitely not a way to treat a person who has paid his taxes for 45 + years and was unlucky to lose his/her job at a late age in life, there is nothing worse than sitting in a Centerlink building waiting to be served and being treated like you are a bum wanting free money to do nothing…

  10. If you have an ongoing medical problem (sciatic nerve pain in this instance) supported by a medical certificate, can the Employment Services Provider dismiss that med cert and send you to whatever work-for-the-dole activity they want? Is there any way to make the Employment Service Provider sign an agreement that they are liable if such an activity causes further injury or harm?

    1. im going through the same all u can do is throw them copies of there duty of care eg they cant just ignore a medical cert and that they are possibly putting u in a unsafe work place due to your condition ill keep u updated they r like debt collectors only out there to pick up as many commissions they can u on so they can line there own pockets
      ill keep u updated i refuse to look for work as i know that with my condition i could not function safely

  11. My Job net work is taking credit for my own hard work in getting a job and have provided no help applying or even a cover letter that I have written my self along with my resume and interview clothing that I bought my self I asked for assistance with Ppe if I do get a start and they wanted details of the job I applied for so I gave them details on the job interview to find that they have contacted the work place to speak about my interview. It was uncalled for I had no knowledge of them doing that I feel they wrecked my chance in gaining employment with that company as they are really busy and had to take the time to speak to her about my interview

    1. Speak with law enforcement agencies and have them look into it. That kind of falls under exploitation and scamming the system.

    2. I was unfortunately on part benifits over 5 years ago before that 10 years ago short term before these living nightmares called JNP existed.
      Yes, they take false credit( which is fraud) for getting jobs, people get themselves or have before you even have the misfortune of having them forced on you against your will for no good reason.
      If you refuse to tell them where you are working when you cancel your Centrelink registration ,they contact the tax department to find out where you are working to make a false claim.
      Also they keep the money allocated for shoes,uniforms when you get a job and tell you are not entitled,although you know you have the money available.
      Also you do not have to participate in market research -selling your information to data base collectors you have nothing to do with nor ever want too, they do not remove your name nor identity during the data processing stage,they don’t need to access your name & details at any stage.
      actual market research has already been carried with everyones names and details removed and is available free with a quick click of a computer mouse.
      Also if you don’t consent against your will they cut off or delay benefits which is illegal and forced duress not consent.
      They got me to fill out and sign the Centrelink contract but only including 2 pages of the terms and conditions and sent the other pages in the mail several days after I signed them- this is not legal.
      Also Get copies of everyrhing you sign immediately.too …….
      Privacy & confidentiality laws do not include confidential medical records under doctor patient confidentiality laws.
      Why are these Australian censuses information keep,not needed for there purpose and never used to be. (I was receiving 0 payment for 8 weeks and got the job before I meet this woman or registered with her JNP Agency) at a group interview which served no purpose.
      She told us she had the legal right to access medical record she had no need nor my legal required consent ,I contacted QLD Health and said No previously..;I was not on a disability pension nor sickness Benefit -only the Centrelink needs to access this medical information for correct payment and only that particular information)
      I was indirectly threatened with false accusations of Centrelink fraud if I didn’t keep quite.
      if you have a complaint; the person you have a complaint about is the one the investigates it and obviously decides there is no issue, beyond corrupt.
      I contacted a privacy advocate via private email which they accessed.
      I don’t know what they told her but she was nice and helpful but after that she wasn’t.
      They claim to have the right to falsify your official records if you complain under the clause” opinion does not have to be fact.”
      They say 1 in 12 have incorrect information on their medical records and official records but deliberately falisfy them with disgusting lies to violate people and interfer with them getting employment. etc is disgusting,as punishment for legitimate complaints.
      See my other comments to please.
      How many people are they traumatizing,debasing dehumanizing;causing serious real mental stress & anguish so wrongly and unnecessarily.
      Also you have to go to pointless appointments and tell your employer you cannot work that day if they have shifts avsilable.
      Also they interfer with your employment or sabatage it if you foolishly let them know where you are working or where you go for interviews;only tell them about the jobs that do not respond to you or say you were unsuccessful.
      This is happening to so many people,different violations,it doesn’t seem to end.
      They seem to do their best to unnecessarily delay payments to cause more financial hardship I have heard recently?
      What is going on out there?
      Also so many people are losing their jobs to unnecessary oversea contracts, this vis not job creation.
      Also many people,so many, self diagnosis on the internet anonymously to protect themselves or not reporting or seeking medical care or counseling when victims of violent physical or sexual assaults because they do not want to be violated more with the digusting humiliation(no safe boundaries,no safety) of anyone and everyone knowing or finding out;forced to relive traumas by humilation or perverted entertainment or paracitical financial gain (not saying that everyone would know or want to know but this information is freely available on the internet without consent unnecessarily
      for the paracitical financial gain of these disgusting database collectors.

  12. I was wondering if you are on a employment agency appointment and there is a job that needs my email are they aloud to look at my private email account seeing what l have there they didn’t go into the emails but looked at the list of emails
    I feel this is invading my privacy he flicked my email account off and asked that l close my email account and he said it is gone l said put in url and it appeared so had it logged off
    Felt l should have right or can they do this

  13. i was given a 2 yr unfit for work cert from doc centre link gave me 6 mnths no reporting to job provider out of the blue around 6 months later i have msg to report to work provider again so i went in gave them a new not fit for work cert they pretty well ignore it and just made me sign new job plan and next date to attend there office with requirements that work ive looked for
    im going to ignore it and when i go bak to provider next week ill tell them i haven’t fulfilled there requirements as im unfit for work and tell them they have acted improperly by making me look for work when they know im not for work
    am i on the right track ive had collapsed lung 3 times i now have severe gen desise in my spine and its trapping nerves between the bones extremely painful im awaiting surgery but its a 18 month waiting list

  14. My job network provider cut my payment off for failure to attend a appointment even tho i called that day earlier to tell them i had a doctors appointment. I called them today only for them to tell me i didn’t bring in my centrelink medical certificate to them by 5pm that day . Ive never been asked to do that before to bring in that day by 5pm . I lost my cool i suffer from depression and anxiety and anger management and i have two bulging disks in my lower back for which i am receiving medical help and physio. Is there such a thing as this 5pm deadline ? Btw Sarina Russo werribee vic is the provider .

    1. Sarina Russo are pathetic I’m in NSW their staff are rude and do not return calls or emails when you contact them. They demand I provide payslips to them even though I report my income religiously even overstating at times due to fact that sometimes my reporting date falls at odds with a pay cycle and I don’t have access to get payslips sent to my personal email they go to my work one which I do not have remote access to

      1. Pleased provide information mate, I’m going for a takedown, they are onto the cashless card pork barrel, poor old Great Barrier Reef, no wonder we are loosing it, if we think socialites will rub shoulders with the right politicians.

  15. Hi fellow unemployed heathens,

    I’ve recently entered into a job plan (Friday) and have been put into some 25hr per week course, starting on Monday.
    At my appointment on Friday I asked when I would be paid. I was told it would go in straight away. It didn’t. My credit card is over the limit, I have no money for transport to get to the course.

    Does anyone know if I am still expected to meet “mutual” obligation requirements if I haven’t received a payment ?

    I’ve left messages with employment service provider but its Saturday so can’t speak to them or centerlink till Monday.

    Any idea if I will be penalised for not attending the course?

    1. For future ref- If you have a smart phone
      Take a photo of your med cert & txt it or email to jsa that way you have given them your certificate or other required info… Send original in timely manner after you have photocopied it.

    2. I’m not sure what state of Oz you are in Brad but my JNP rep came with me to local train station to top up my Go Card (public transport scheme card) for around $25 to assist me get around for about a week to a course 7 train stations away from me. So I would assume if you drove that would be a fuel voucher. They SHOULD provide this if you inform them first thing Monday morning to cover you until you get your payment or otherwise allow you to delay start date possibly?

  16. They are all a bunch of crooks in it for their own gain,I to did the right thing rang up saying I can’t attend an appointment and was told we need a Dr certificate by 4pm,I was like are you serious? They are like yes, My Dr was a half hour drive away and then an hour wait at least, They said fax it by 4 or it counts as a no show,I hear them all the time on the phone while I’m down there threatening people with ‘Well cut and cancel your payments if you don’t do what is asked of us” they are just a bunch of bullies on power trips and they make you feel like a criminal for being out of work

  17. They also said they would cover the cost of my study by doing a tafe course,I then get word that they refused to pay for my course because I apparently won’t get a job out of it,OK so you try do the right thing get into study to try further your employment plan but then are told no we can’t help you? I also had work at 15 hours a week but because my bench mark was 30 they rang my employer to ask why I wasn’t getting more hours,Next minute I’ve lost my job and down there 6 hours a week looking for full time work, They just use and abuse you and make commission out of you they are a pack of wild dogs

  18. I have a nightmare job provider, I have been cut off for not attending an appointment during school holidays, I’m a single parent of 3 children and didn’t find it appropriate to take them there due to the the condesending attitude of my job provider. I was cut off for not attending an appointment as I had a child off school and had a doctor’s certificate and called to say I was unable to attend only to have my job provider deny I called even though my phone had a record of it. When I gained a part time job instead of congratulations I was threatened with fraud charges if I was lying or didn’t put any wages in at all. My appointments are weekly even with sole care of my children and a part time job and the appointments are made at 2:30pm every week no matter how many times I tell them I have to pick up the kids from school. I’ve been told now they want to see all my payslips is this something I can tell them I’m not giving them? I dont think it’s any of their business.
    I’ve been unemployed for 2 years now after working for 20 and the last 6 of them as a single dad with my last year of work costing me 39k in income tax. I will never pay tax again to be treated like an imbecile I have never been so angry at a system that will gladly take 39k a year from my family’s stomachs then when I get a redundancy I’m treated like shit, its assumed that I live the high life on $400 a fortnight by the rest of the population and the government blames a budget blowout on me. It’s worth it to spend time with my kids who basically lived in before and after school care theres more to life than alienating your family and living under the stress of a mortgage just so the government can milk you for income tax, speeding fines and tolls.

    1. F them the only people who should see your pay slips is yourself the tax man and child support if you paying it,I wouldn’t be showing them nothing & the only reason they’d be asking for pay slips is to forward it to centrelink and make it out they got you the job,

    2. That’s the attitude, Simon. The government is a pack of wild animals, as are their corporate cronies. I too will refuse to pay tax again when I’m out of my position—caused by government and its cronies failing to abide by the law, deliberately breaking laws to deprive me of my workplace rights, and also defrauding me of WorkCover payments I am entitled to by law once they finally succeeded in making me unfit for work.

      Government and their psycho corporate mates try to force white Australians through the cracks via “WorkSafe,” Centrelink, the Family Court, and other systems they run to justify slush funds, screw us and to benefit themselves. People need to stop giving up or being made to “tow the line” of a bunch of spiritually and morally bankrupt nut jobs, and instead start fighting back.

      We need class actions, we need people speaking out publicly, we need people taking a stand and not allowing the government to bully them and/or treat them like slaves.

      Government are supposed to be public servants, not elite ruling criminals.

      Expose the bastards and find people in similar situations to take action with. And assert your own rights. If government abuses your legal rights and makes it impossible for you to defend your legal rights, while not held to standards of law themselves, then there is no Rule of Law. Unacceptable. Rule by lawless lunatics!

      1. Hi ,.someone said 4 corners were doing a programme, hopefuly there is still reputable media and journalists out there and not just the fake news propangists.
        Although I have not Been on part or any benefits for over 5 years, I remember the horrible ordeal very clearly.
        They cannot legally say or in anyway say those on Centrelink are not Human with the same rights as everyone else and tramatising ,dehumanising and debasing peoole does not help them find employment , in fact the opposite and create serious mental health issues that did not exist previously or to such a serious extent or level as previously.
        They need to get rid of most of these useless jobnet providers which wastes billions of tax payers dollars.
        treating the unemployed as subhuman is not acceptable and at least two thirds of people are legitimately unemployed or unwell unable to work due to injuries etc
        These JNP try and make out they are saving the taxpayer money and falsely claim that they cost less than Australian centrelink staff ,which is a lie,they also try and justify their violations and theft of taxpayers money by saying everyone is a lowlife dolebludger etc (they are the lowlife centrelink bluddgers) and falsify records or cause financial hardship- A human rights violation and the stress they cause. And pushing people to suidice is not reducing the unemployment figures,well not in a Democracy with Human Rights.
        How many people commit suicide or try to because of these JNP abuse, especially the day of,before or on these pointless appointments.
        I had a friend on the phone last year suicidal after her unnecessary dehumanising appointment.
        I comforted her,told she will find a job,life will get better and it did….
        Anyway do not suicide because of these grubs , call lifeline, ,someone; & report them too -the above number They isolate and violate.
        The unnecessary mental health, self esteem ,dignity and independence issues and safe boundaries they violate & financial issues they cause,deliberately too.
        How many billions do they ,JNP unnecessarily cost the taxpayer ,the, Centerlink budget ?
        I will be getting back on social media soon,twitter and Utube and will follow this site & service.
        This needs to change,the laws need to change.
        like I said electronic job boards at Centrlink and the good JNP (only some)at Centrelink not private offices to isolate and violate and doubling up on unnecessary appointments and declaring earnings/payslips to Centrelink not the JNP for false fraudulent claims at the tax payers expense.

      2. Undermine their Pompus Authority,. Reject their immoral standards
        Cause as much chaos and disruption as possible or…

  19. I have a brilliant idea for a small business yet disability unemployment tell me that I am not illegible for funding. My friend who is an immigrant has been given funding for his business. I find this disgusting, do I have the same rights. I am 58 why am I being punished.

  20. Centrelink cancelled my disability pension and put me on newstart without me applying for newstart. I was not given an employment provider and have not had one for 18 months. I just report and get paid ! Is it my responsibility or Centrelink to provide an employment provider .

  21. Job network dogs just breached me for failure to attend an appointment, My payment was suspended under law they state,Their scare tactics and intimidation is to much lol,A bit hard to attend an appointment when I’m working 12 hour days plus have no credit to call as payday from my job is not in yet. They’ve been pestering me for my payslips but why should I give them to them when they did nothing for me the whole year and a half I was out of work?

    1. You’re ok mate, nowhere on the job plan that we sign says we have to supply our payslips, so whatever you do, dont ! If they get hold of one payslip, they’ll present it to Centreclink as proof of their hand in your gaining employment and get paid commission for actually doing Sweet Fark All.
      And hey, missed an appt. because you were at work? They accept this reason and is the best reason to use every single month after singing agreement. Fight the power

  22. Hi there I have found a job as a school cleaner it will set me up really well and will get me off my payment. but being the end of the school year there is the big school holidays where no one works so my question is if i have a definite job and i do the training course before the school year is out and some work but for the period of time of the school holidays am i going to have to job search if this is a definite opportunity.?

    1. You will more then likely have to search for a job. If you don’t want to I suggest getting a centrelink med cert.

      Job providers are a pain in the ass. Im only 21 and they have never gave me a job. I had one that the start of the year that i had found myself.
      They constantly bully and harass me even over the smallest things. They always threaten to cut my payments and apparently I miss appointments (ones I’m not even aware of) I always make sure that i have everything on paper from them. They have now made me go in everyday for 2 hours to look for more then 30+ jobs and I need to do that for 3 weeks. I also have to give them 20 jobs a month followed by 10 more a fornight for centrelink. I had a centrelink medical certificate that I gave my provider, they said they could only accept it for 2 days. I supplied another one and gave it to centrelink instead but they didn’t even code it. when it came to my work for the dole activity they gave me a place thats 2 hours away.

      I have a few medical issues that would stop me from working, they are currently expecting me to work 38+ hours. I’v done VMC’s but nothing else happens after that.

      Don’t give your job provider payslips they do not have the right to see them. as long as you claim what you’ve earned and have sent your payslip to centrelink then your fine.
      Dont even bother calling the department of employment to complain, they are absolutely foul mouthed, i was shocked when i had a guy yelling at me on the other end of the phone for something my provider told me. They are honestly disgusting and wont even put your complaint through.

    1. Yep I have the same problem,as my bosses wife has jus been diagnosed with cancer,he’s had to take a cpl of days per/week off,therefore my hours have dropped to 20-25p/w and my employment agency says I have to quit and find another job???I’m not going to turn my back on my boss who currently needs me right now as its only the boss and I running the business I need and love my job,no one was listening that is wasn’t going to be like this forever,my hrs will pik back up again,derrrrrrrrr…
      My job is keeping me somewhat sane in this horrible world…
      I jus rang ‘Department of jobs and small businesses’ 1800805260 and they changed my job network provider,thankgod!!!!!! JOB NETWORK PROVIDERS ARE BULLIES!!!!!APPARENTLY WE DONT TOLERATE BULLYING IN AUSTRALIA….. go figure

  23. I’ve been off newstart for about a month now, but my JSA is still emailing/calling me about payslips. They’ve even gone as far to call my employer to provide them. I haven’t given them any payslips as they weren’t the ones who found me the job- I got it myself and I don’t want them claiming an incentive from the government when they haven’t done anything to help me. I’ve said this to the “site manager” of the agency and she keeps saying I need to provide payslips to prove I was working, so I got my manager to send an email to confirm while also providing two time sheets that show I worked there AND they called to speak to the manager and confirmed I work there and yet they’re still wanting the payslips. She says it has nothing to do with the inventive and that all that I’ve provided is not sufficient as she needs to “archive my file for auditory purposes”. Can someone please help me here, I’ve been told I’m not obligated to provide payslips (I’m well off the system now they shouldn’t even be contacting anymore) but she keeps harassing me about them

    1. Okay so I’ve emailed the department of employment and even they say I have no obligation to hand in any payslips, JSA have no right to ask or see them. Any who claim they do are lying. And so if they keep pressuring you say you’ve emailed the department of employment and they say you have zero obligations to hand in payslips.

  24. Yeah the whole thing is a joke
    Not to mention the bugs they put in the centrelink apps to track your every move
    Police state 101

  25. Where is this information coming from because I cannot find this on the dhs website. Unless I can verify this information from an official source I cannot expect that my job search provider will follow any of this. It is incorrect that you don’t have to jobsearch for 3 months before your pregnancy due date, it’s 6 weeks. I also can’t verify that if I work 40 hours a fortnight that my search requirements should be halved. You need to provide citations or your information cannot be used

  26. Hi I am having trouble with neato I am about to have employment but need a first aid course to get the job and have done everything but the won’t pay for it even though they have confirmation of my employment I am ment to do the corse tomorrow but neato keep telling me head office won’t clear it is there anything I can do I am desperate to get this job and am getting really frustrated at neato

  27. Just wondering. I have a 15 hour a week disability assessment. I work at least 10 hours a week. Sometimes more. Do I have to keep seeing my employment services person? Sometimes I get zero $$$ newstart.

  28. I work around 22 hours a week as it is very quiet where I work.My job providers tells me I have to work 30 hours a week.I have a few medical problem tinnitus,insomnia and anxiety.Can I get a medical certificate stating this so she isn’t on my back upsetting me about my hours.Half the time I don’t get a centrelink payment.I am hoping they will put me with a disability provider who will understand my needs.I am happy where I am working and job provider keeps making me go to interviews for jobs at places I can’t work due to hearing problems from tinnitus.I tell her this and she always makes smart comments and really upsets me.Can you please give me some advise,thank you

    1. Go to your doctor get a 3 month med cert claiming what you are going through, Anxiety,Insomnia,Physical problems etc. You will be exempt from job search etc and they will leave you alone,You can carry on doing your job a few days a week & when the 3 months is up on your med cert after a job capacity assessment you will probably be referred to the disability employment services, You will probably enter a job plan were you agree to work 20-25 hours a week,So long as you are doing 20-25 hours a week & declaring income they will leave you alone and stop referring you to silly jobs that don’t suit you or your health

    2. I spoke to a centre link social worker,she said its totally ridiculous theyv got us on 30hrs p/w with our conditions!!!she said because my condition states that it is ongoing that I apply for the DSP,from the minute u hand that form in u DO NOT have to look for work,they may approve it they may not!!!gets them off your back for abit……

    3. I’m with a disability employment agency and I still have to get 30hrs p/w ITS A BLOODY JOKE!!!!
      Centre link will only take 3 medical certs b4 they asses u,after that they will not even look at any future medical certs!!!!!
      Ring DEPARTMENT OF JOBS AND SMALL BUSINESSES 1800805260 they will hear your complaint about network provider and may change networks…. G’Luck

  29. Hi,im 63 yrs.old and left my job a year now due to osteo arthritis.I did not pass the dissability application.Now they want me to get training or volunteer for 15hrs.a wk.My question is after volunteering 15hrs.a wk.Are you allowed to earn paid job without penalty from centerlink?Pls.advice?

  30. Hey, Im studying towards a Cert 3, and I think my job provider is bullying me. He’s pressured me to accept jobs even if they force me to drop my course, and when I statrd to him my rights to study, he said if I didn’t take the jobs he set out for me, he’d force me to come in every day I didnt have class/placement and have me apply for jobs. He’s also making me come in every week for job search. None of this is okay right? (Full time student, finish cert 3 in June)

    1. Call your local Federal MP for help. They can liaise with Centrelink for you to sort the problem out. They are generally eager to help constituents to make you think they’re great and vote for them.

    2. They are forcing anyone to come in so they sign their name into the book for them to make stealing Aus taxpayers money legal that’s how they get paid under these programs and use harassment forcing people to take any job so they can get a bonus paycheck for claiming they got someone employed aka which is another way of stealing tax payers money. That’s how this scheme works under these so called programs to get Australias unemplyment statues down. They should be put in prison even if it’s a white collar scam/crime.

  31. I’m a primary carer and have also supplied medical certificates from my specialists and doctors for health problems including permanent nerve damage in my feet.
    I also work casual jobs in events that I love, I work most weekends over the year and declare and lose money from my payments, but I don’t care as I’m earning money.
    My provider is pushing me to jobs that require heavy lifting, long standing and where I won’t be home for my youngest son after school, when I say something, he talks to me like crap and tries telling me that a 10 year old can be at home alone, he even threatened to report me once because I had to change my appointment as my son had tonsillitis and was home sick.
    Just last week whilst I was at work I received a SMS saying he changed my appointment from Thursday to Friday and now is peeved because I have a doctors appointment on the Friday which I have had made for 2 weeks.
    I find he is way too demanding and should lay off, it’s not like he isn’t off 2-3 days a week and never does anything for me to help get employment.
    Does he have the right to treat or expect me to do things I’m not capable of

    1. Some infact all I have ever came across are so rude,I missed an appointment as I totally forgot about it as I was working overtime,I come home hungry and tired & to screaming and playing up kids & then I receive a text message at 4:56pm saying my newstart has been suspended ring ASAP. I ring to explain why but I’m greeted with a “Oh so what’s going on why have you missed your appointment” in a rude and arrogant voice,I’ve seen and heard them speaking rudely to clients before and talking about clients behind their backs. I think it’s like a power trip thing to them they must get excitement or joy out of treating unemployed or low income earners with disrespect,They know I’m working but still not enough to fully get of centre link. They tell me I don’t have to attend job search as my working hours covers me yet while I’m at work I receive a messages like you must attend all appointments and job offers..They are constantly begging me for my payslips to. I’ve told them it’s like harassment & they hung up the ph on me …

    1. No where on your Job Plan does it state that you must supply payslips my job network provider has been on at me for months to supply them pay slips,I asked them why they need them & they claim it is to prove that what you tell centre link you are earning it matches up,I told them well I always declare my fortnightly income and if there is any problems I’m sure centrelink will let me know. It will all add up and correctly come tax time anyway so until then I’m refusing to give them them,I was unemployed for a year and a half and not once did my so called job network help me,Even refused to pay a course for me because they claimed I wouldn’t get a job out of it. They thought I was just another bludger. But once I landed a job of my own accord they want every detail names addresses income amount and my payslips..

  32. Reading through the comments, the questions raised are:
    — How many injured workers are on welfare payments because the government has defrauded them of WorkCover payments? (Fraud is illegal. If you have proof WorkSafe defrauded you, contact police.)
    — How many people are being harassed and bullied by the Centrelink system?
    — How is the system overburdened and unable to provide adequate facilities for welfare recipients, such as phone numbers that can be reliably used to contact Centrelink… Yet there is no shortage of resources for bullying “clients”?
    — How does the government justify its spending on “mental health awareness” and “suicide prevention” (ie which really only provides suicidal people the phone number of Lifeline), and it’s false claims of taking mental health and suicide seriously, when the government is actively harassing people including the mentally ill via Centrelink (and other systems)?
    — How many Australians does the government have to push into a corner or through the cracks before we have enough and revolt?
    — Why are there no class actions against government? There is no shortage of suitable plaintiffs.

    1. I actually think these are human rights issues.

      How can they, in all conscience, force people with severe disabilities to work?

      Where is their duty of care? It’s all very Dickensien.

      I was permanently injured through this mutual obligation volunteering scam and it seems I have few – if any – rights!

  33. Why are all these case workers in these agencies look like they can off the dole and got employed by all these Australian taxpayer funded agencies they all seem to have been on the dole did a few tafe courses and given these filler types of jobs cause they are just absolutely unlikeable have no charisma or decency I guarantee if they lost their employment statues most of them will kill themselves from having no attention this job feeds them that need of human interaction and why are most of them diabetes looking fat old single women with dead eyes that know one would ever talk too in the real world like they’ve been frustrated all their lives and have this pain of regret not going any where they wanted in life. They are now coming to steal the money from the millennial generation starting their way into the workforce making it tougher for everyone so they can go back to their empty lives and stuff their faces full of processed shit. Oh I’ve confirmed this and they all had the same traits and lifestyles if you can even call it that.

  34. Sarina Russo, Ive had enough & I’m going to fight back. & winning . The battle has only began & here is the back ground. Was told I have to have a smart phone & an apps for face time & what ever they wanted. Said NO. Called Centrelink about this & there is no requirement. They backed down. The next step is crucial to anyone wanting to fight back. Email Dept of work & small business with your complaint. When they email you back, print off the reply to your complaint. Take it with you to the next appointment & read it to them. DO NOT let them copy it. It will be headed LEGAL & finish confidential. They will reply with a case number reference. When you get grief from the satanists again, call the dept & explain. Ask them to add it to the same case number. This way, an official time line is recorded, of all the times you make a complaint & what about. I am going for them again about multiple contacts per month. This is not required in the DEEDS 2015-2020. When I hit them with that, they said they have a government contract for fortnightly contacts. I have asked the person & emailed the manager to provide evidence of this document. They wont answer the request. I called the dept again & had this recorded on the case file. They told me to get the contact details of their area manager & ask for a REASONABLE excuse for multiple contacts.. At my last thrilling installment of unnecessary contact, I was told to change job providers. Fat chance of that. I am embarking on ‘ discovery’ of this alleged multiple contact document. I am making them squirm. They will find a way to silence me, but it is all being recorded on the official channels. Many of us are being treated unfairly. Make a folder & document every detail about the visit you next make. Include how you felt. It is all evidence that can be used in an inquiry into their behavior. Do not give in to the bullies. If you need a lift in spirits, look up THE ART OF WAR BY SUN TZU.
    Keep calm when they goad you & take a note book with you to write down what is said. If scared, ask someone to come with you into the interview.
    I will post as further events happen.

    You are not alone & can fight back.

  35. Do employment agencies have the right to cancel centerlink payments and support? I have been emplyed for 2 months full time and only needed to attend the employment agency once before finding employment without their help. The agency have asked me for my pay slips to which I have told them I will not supply as it is not a requirement for them to obtain. I am currently receiving childcare support from Centerlink. The employment agency have now informed me in a txt that they have now suspended my Centerlink support for childcare and have informed me it is due to not handing in my payslips.

    1. Ring the department of employment and tell them the job network is demanding your payslips, They will tell you you are under no obligation to hand them over, That’s what I done, When I mentioned it to the job network providers they soon went quite and said ok, They did nothing to help me get a job yet demanded to see my payslips, I told them no! payslips are private and for my eyes and the tax office only

  36. Now because of people believing they’re entitled to live off those that do contribute to the economy the system is changed and is far more cruel than ever before, the whole reason they are taking more and more away from us is because people that don’t want to do a thing, I have Diplomas and certificates, but the area I’m in is thin for that work.

    I just want a simple retail job so I can get enough money to be able to move to an area with higher employment with my line of jobs, but now this is tightening the noose and as much as I agree the lazy should be punished severely. Remove their damn payments sub them with food stamps that only work once scanned and they are attached to the persons account, no more money for you lazy ones, but for people that are trying and unable give them the money.

    But I cannot agree to this new demerits system as much as these lazy people don’t deserve their money you cannot strip away human rights from them, how are they to survive? Why are these job active companies given so much power? Yeah it can be used but a lot of them abuse it and terrorise the people.

    Something has to be done, you treat people as less than human long enough and they’ll show you what less than human really is, this needs to be turned around while there IS still time.

  37. Im with a disability employment agency and they got me a couple of jobs so far and they have spent $270 on work clothes without steel cap boots they were going to get them too if i needed and have given me $75 in fuel cards aswell, they always want my payslips and still want me to attend appointments if im not working that day or ring before hand if i am, i work more than 30 hours a fortnight but am afraid of getting drug tested and losing my job and centrelink payment for probably 8weeks, should i get a new job where i dont get tested? Im looking anyway my jobs shit with shit pay and no penalty rates, i work like every sat and sun and before 7am and after 7pm alot of days

  38. Hi we are currently been bullied by my sons new network provider everytime we try to reschedule unsuitable appointments due to serious issues. My son is currently enrolled to start his pre-apprenticeship in light vehicle servicing at South Metropolitan Auto Tafe in Kwinana and needs some assistance with Fees and Work Safe Gear which is the only help we’ve ever ask for since we do all the groundwork ourselves with the help of a Case Worker from Outcare Australia. The last situation I was called by my doctor a couple of days after been diagnosed with Myloma Cancer to come in that morning which clashed with my sons JOB NETWORK appointment so we called to reschedule for later that afternoon only to be abused and called Liers and Threats to STOP my sons Youth Allowance from CENTRELINK if he didn’t turn up to his appointment, I was forced to cancel my important Doctor’s appointment and did get my son to his appointment on time and when we complained and told them I was going to take it further my sons pay was stopped because they lied and said he did show. We went straight to Centerlink after sons appointment who were the ones who advised us of the stop of payment and also informed us that their hands were tied and couldn’t reverse the decision but did help by exempting my son for 2 weeks so that we could sort the situation out. Please help because the bullying is still going on and I have tried to make another complaint without success. Myou son is due to start Tafe tomorrow.

  39. Been unemployed for 13 months 55 years of age stream B with some disabilities going to office once a week (is this correct.) I supposed to work for the dole but doing cert 3 course at job network provider office in Sydney 2 days a week.The course can be done online as I have asked course provider.If you get 38 hours week job they allow you to do it online.I have a full time job in 5 weeks at old company.They are pushing to take jobs that my medical conditions wont allow have Doctors and Psychological papers for counselling.I was recently called into centrelink for re streaming and they gave me a pension concession card and stream B but still on Newstart never pushed for a pension at all.I have not moved over to the disability section with Job network provider the new laws 2018 they pushing are everyone to go for interviews what job provider wants also in a group which stressful.They offer jobs no way I would be suitable stating they will advise centrelink and you will be cut off is this true or bluff so many people will be appealing the decision I think they have gone too far and will make so much work for themselves.
    So why can’t I do it online now do I need to go to job Providers office 2 days a week.
    If someone knows and has it in written information I would appreciate not just someones opinion that won’t way up with JOb network provider as they need everything in writing so if someone officially knows from experience or something in writing I would appreciate very much.

  40. Centerlink and government habe turn to utter b.s. people who live in small towns have no jobs available at all and then get penalised and forced to work because no jobs exist. 2.3 million people austrlaia wide are unemployed or under employed according to ross morgan statistic and according to may 2018 through australian beauru statistics only 143,000 jobs are available australia wide to the 2.3 million people without job…. so unemployed are forced to look for work that does not exist or they are way underqualified for what is available. And if they dont look for work you dont get paid.. so then to live you must work for the dole because jobs dont exist and do slave labour because if you do not you dont get paid and loose a roof over your head and no means to eat……. this is coercion…..Coercion (/koʊˈɜːrʒən, -ʃən/) is the practice of forcing another party to act in an involuntary manner by use of threats or force. … In law, coercion is codified as a duress crime. Such actions are used as leverage, to force the victim to act in a way contrary to their own interests.

    The government is forcing people to do these things… if you do not comply they threaten with means to live and provide for their familys…. people cant get work cause there is NO JOBs… peopke have to work slave labour for payments because there is NO JOBS and are forced to do this or else they become homeless… coercion plain and simple… government need to be held accountable….

  41. I ring max employment in Moe and ask for a Miki card to get to a job interview. Aron from Max tells me to come in at 2pm. So I come in at 2pm and my employment consultant Steve looks at me at the counter and says “what do you want”. It made me feel so small. So go and sit at his desk and then fill out all the forms. Steve mentions to me to come back at 4:30. So I leave and tell them what I think of them.
    This is not the first time I have been sent away. I have moved down here to start a new life and move on. But people at max or any job provider control on how you get a job.
    I am a person who has a criminal record has been homeless, have a partner with breast cancer and all on top of this I give my volunteer work back to the community.
    When I go to max I get looked down at and feel ashamed of who I am and that’s how they make me feel. They have made my mental state to the point I want to commit suicide. What’s the point I say to my self. What’s the point of this agency if they can’t even get you a job or give you advice on how to change your career, or simple steps to what you want to do.
    If you are the union then why isn’t anything done about this. Just because im on the dole or have a record I’m not scum.
    All these people do is play favourites. What ever happened to opening the paper and getting a job. These people control us all like sheep and screen us all like we are animals.
    If the real tax payer would know the truth on how the government operates these people at these job agency. Because if this was different people like me would get a simple job as a labourer. But they control you and look down at you. What do I have to do to get my point threw. ” maybe take a baseball bat to the office”. But it shouldn’t even have to get to that because if you are respected like a human being these thoughts would never cross anyone’s mind.
    So what should I do. No one deserves to be treated like this.

  42. Actually your unemployment union is the biggest joke. Maybe show us some actions on what you do. Your the same as any government organisations. I see all these posts and what have you done about it. You look like a big joke. I’m only going to cry out for help for so long as I’ve helped my self to get where I am today and theses people bring you down. We wanna see action or is it your just a joke????

  43. Hi I am just wondering my service provider max employment has purchase some boots an pant for my job I went to work for 2weeks an then had to leave for personal reasons can my service provider ask for my boots an pants back after I left job because they can’t give it back to where they purchase it so what are they going to do with it can u give me advice

    1. Your job network will more than likely breach you for leaving your job and suspend your payments, Unless you prove a medical certificate or are exempt from them and their activity agreements

  44. As a requirement, do i have to log on to my personal MY GOV account in the service providers office so they can check my resume or job search requirements or as they say update it ? I am in the thinking that your MY GOV account is private to you,, I am being told i have to log in so they can check it but i am refusing as i fell its personal,,, any thoughts or info would be great

  45. Hi all,
    I am just searching for some advice, if you would be so kind.
    I am 64 and recently had a knee replacement due to arthritis. I was called into Centrelink and told that I had to see a disability support provider. My medical certificate had expired and, because I didn’t realise this, I agreed to the meeting.
    It was a strange meeting. I have over 30 years experience in senior management and have far more qualifications than I care to name, and was told that I would never get a job all the time I was using my current resume. I was told to rewrite it and to dramatically dumb it down. I was told to change the wording from manager, or management, to supervisor. I was also told to not show my qualifications. I was horrifed but was told if I didn’t comply they would ensure my benefits were cut off.
    I went back to my doctor yesterday and he gave me a 3 month certificate as he felt that I had not recovered sufficiently from my knee replacement to handle a full time, or part time, job at this stage. I have uploaded the certificate to my Centrelink account.
    So, my question is: do I still need to attend the meeting with my disability provider in two weeks time or does my certificate exempt me ? Also, do I have to notify my provider of the certificate or will they pick it up from MyGov.
    I came away from the meeting with the provider with a negative feeling of their willingness to assist me and would like to change providers. Is this possible do you know, and if so, how do I go about it as I have no desire to dumb down the resume as they suggested.
    Thank you in advance.

    1. You have the right to change to a different provider. You will have to research DES (disability employment service) providers in your area and choose a provider yourself. You can read more here:
      Most of that information applies but I was told DES clients have the right to change providers without a reason. I have a disability and had to switch providers myself. I hope it all goes well for you.

  46. My job provider is trying to make me go to two, one for appointments and the other for my recent studies how can this work it sounds unfair and unreasonable to me

  47. With all the corruption in 4 corners happening with the job providers they should be putting penalties on those people if I falsified documents they would put me in jail it should happen to the job providers the executive should be in jail!!!

    1. That would be some real justice to watch eternal affairs go after all these private companies and cease all their assets and fine them for any legit fraud and shut them down and serve prison time for breaking Australia’s laws. I guess we don’t have people like that in this country.

  48. Many of these jobnet providers commit fraud and human rights violations.
    people on stream 1 get no assistance anyway;so a extreme waste of tax taxpayers hard earned much needed else where money.
    They claim that forcing people against their wills under duress; extreme financial hardship to access unnecessary information is “consent”;solely for unethical reasons.
    selling to database collection companies for their parasitical financial gain.
    many people have been physically and sexually assaulted either as Children,
    (Other people have other intimate information on their medical records ,discussed with their doctors which is not the business of strangers who work for Centrelink or jobnetproviders; nor database collectors)
    adults or domestic violence and this is not perverted entertainment for total strangers that have the meaningless words private & confidental attached to their names or job titles; which is everything but private and confidential.
    If you have legitimate complaints about them they falsify your offical records.
    they do not need to access medical records under doctor patient confidentiality,they are not doctors.
    Nor does any employer based on a employment inquiry, application, registration on online employment websites,nor any legal terms or conditions of any online site or service including social mefia sites.
    All they ;employers need to know is if you have been on work cover or have a current medical condition that effects your ability to perform your duties etc.
    Nothing else needs to be accessed.
    they do not need to know about your sexual preferences or practices, that is intimate and private and this sexual violation and harassment should not be tolerated
    most people do not discuss this wirh anyone anyway and do not want disgusting lies stated on the records if they have Offical complaints.
    I was on part centrelink benefits over 5 years ago,it was a degrading,violating, debasing, dehumanlsing traumatic experience.Everyone has the right to safe boundaries and Human rights.
    They cqnnot claim you are no longer a human being if you require financial assistance from your fellow Australian tacpayer; at least two thirds of people are genuine.
    Solution, prevention, real human rights and privacy no excuses nor good reasons forcing this violations on anyone.
    Under no circumstances is considering yourself a human being that has the right to privacy,dignity consider a crime nor something to hide nor a mental health issue.
    Nor doyou stop being a human being if you need centrelink benifits genuinely.
    Most of these jobnet providers are a extreme waste of tax payers money and need to be removed
    Electronic Job boards at Centrelink instead.
    Some are good,not many.
    they should work from Centrelink offices, many of these socalled JNP are foreign owned.

  49. Hello I am 55 years of age and have been employed for the pastv6 months for 10 hours per week as a casual employee. The work capacity assesment is 15 hours per week. The job provider advised me that ejen I am working 15 hours per week Centrelink will cut off any newstart suplement payment.
    Is this cotrect. I can not afford to live on 15 hours per week wages
    I would appreciate it if you could advise me on this matter

  50. Hi there. I’ve recently been going through cancer treatment and had to stop work, I am now on a Newstart allowance. I recently moved in with my partner to have some better support, centerlink is now asking to see her 3 most recent payslips. The catch is she is payed cash in hand at her job and earns anywhere from $600-$1000 a week, depending on her hours. She’s a working visa tourist and didn’t know much better about cash in hand jobs. Her employer has been asked for payslips and his response is “we don’t do payslips here”…. I know how illegal that is. My issue is if we can’t get payslips I’m thinking I may have to cancel my payment to avoid any ATO action against my partner. It’s my only source of income and security at the moment and I’m at a loss of what to do. And if we do go in and say her employer won’t provide payslips what will happen to us, and what will happen to her employer.

  51. I’m a single mother, in the DES system. I am required to apply for 8 jobs a month which isn’t much I know, but if you are in Tasmania, there is nothing much to apply for anyway.
    Once the job applying is done for the month, why am I made to sit for an hour every week on job providers crap computers looking for jobs? What is the point of them setting a number of jobs you are required to apply for each month, if they make you look for work after you fulfilled your obligation? I should be left alone til the next month, maybe a face to face every fortnight, but job searching is a waste of time. I only appt at home in peace and quiet anyway 3 years with job providers and no results.

  52. I am working my 15hrs a week,I had an exemption as I’m a single mum,so I do not need to attend appointments anymore but my job provider keeps asking my boss for all my pay slips for the time I was exempt. Can they do this. Personally I think it’s none of there business and if centerlink this I am not reporting properly I am more than happy to show them.

  53. don’t even know where to start, my service provider got me a job after 3 months with them fantastic i loved it.
    Then the problems start first payday no over get paids talk to the boss, says yer just cant afford to right now just keep track of it all and ill catch up soon, then i find out he has never paid anyones overtime there so he owes in excess of $10000 to 3 employees then it gets worse NO PAY AT ALL for anyone doesn’t even answer his phone to give an explanation or when well get paid monday comes says yep i’ve got money going in today you’ll get paid tomorrow, NO soon i cant even get to work because im out of money because no pay this goes for 3 weeks b4 he pays but then sacks me via text msg and now his denying he owes anything not even accruals nothing never even received payslips even when asked for them weekly when in act its thousands he owes me even tried fair work denied it to them to, hasn’t paid my super hasn’t paid tax nothing not even minimum weeks notice. top it all off his best mates with one of the service providers since child hood so there just playing gang up. wouldnt be suprised if there was some under table dealings going on thereim not the fist his had frome them. OH&S is whole nother game had me spraying 2 pac paint in factory not in a booth with other guys standing aroundbreathing it in too no chem waste disposal drinking on premises during the day OMG lift your game centerlink!!!

  54. They do nothing to help you get work, expect you to sit there for two hours a day a few days a week on crappy out of date computers and windows systems, You get a job yourself and then they are on to you demanding your payslips, They talk to you and treat you like you are a child, They put you on these crappy courses for like 5 hours a day which cover basic communication skills and common sense human behaviours, You explain to them that you have to leave the course early in order to go pick up your children as it’s your day(s) with them as you are a separated single Father and they roll their eyes and shake their head like they don’t believe you, Some of us don’t have the perfect life or perfect family and being on centrelink is enough mental stress as it is without these guys constantly on your back and putting you into crappy courses that don’t even get you a job.

  55. I’m currently doing around 40hrs per fortnight of paid work but my job network provider is insisting I attended appointments every fortnight now instead of monthly like it was previously. They say the requirements/rules have changed. I live 30km away and it’s a hassle to make appointments some times. Is there a guideline on how often I need to attend versus how long I’ve been unemployed for.

  56. Very place i have worked in western Australia they all love to use the word black cunt and yous tell everyone that Australia is not a racist country what a fucken load of bullshit

  57. I doesn’t have any rights like you said. They the centrelink and Australia employment departments send me a threatening text messages on 25/12/2018 on Christmas eve who are they the satan from hell

  58. I had a app with my net work provider 4th jan they told me to go as the person i was to see was sick i now have received a mesage my newstart is suspended for non apliance

  59. I have recently started a new job as a casual. My job provider has contacted my very busy boss and asked her for the number of hours I had worked last fortnight as I hadn’t replied because my mother suffered a heart attack and I wasn’t able to get straight back in touch. She also canceled my payment which has been sorted out now but do the demerits stay even though it was as a result of a family emergency?

    1. Yes it will stay I didn’t hand in my online job search I was 2 jobs short & forgot the due date an honest mistake & they suspended my payment,I had to re submit the two jobs a day later & then received a demerit point which stays for 6 months,They don’t care about family situations or your mental health or honest mistakes. They have this power tripper attitude were they think that they own you thus why they probably rang your employer asking what’s going on,You do realize you are under no obligations to give them your payslips, So long as you’re telling centrelink your income & not your job network you are ok!

  60. Why do they coerse(force via financial hardship, threats, intimidation, that sort of thing) (Centrelink claims to give some or all of your information to other govt departments, “organisations and “individuals ” without your knowledge or consent is not consent!) people against they will under duress, financial hardship and claim it is consent, (threats and actual doing of delayed, denied or terminated benefits)(not their money but the tax payers, I have been a tax payer most of my life) now, ptsd, threats of false accusations of Centrelink fraud if you do not keep quiet, falisy your official records if you refuse to give payslips for jobs they had nothing to do with you getting or you had already, part time jobs) (They get undeserved bonuses due to Demanding payslips, do nothing to help find employment, not even a CV, not All, some are good, most not, how many billions are they costing the tax payer every year unnecessarily only selling people’s information to database collectors for parasitical financial gain, dangerous…..) (fasify records to make sure you cannot gain meaningful employment under the clause opinion does not have to be fact, they are Human, Rights violators, get rid of most of them, back to proper Centrelink and electronic job boards at Centrelink except for the good Australian JNP) access medical records under doctor patient confidentiality, they are not doctors and have no “need” nor right.
    Access to photos of your medical care, who has photos taken, victims of violent assaults for police evidence that’s who)
    Not “sensitive “information, doctor patient confidentiality…..
    Selling it to database collectors for parasitical financial gain.
    Centrelink legislation not necessary.
    medical information only needs to be accessed by Centrelink doctor if you have applied for sickness benefit or disability pension and only the information which pertains to that benefit needs to be accessed and only by the doctor, not administrative employees or contractors.
    All employers state on application forms what is required with official authorised employers, such as Armed Forces,000 Services, mining, medical Industry etc. Once offered a position legally in writing which you must sign then medical.
    General employers only need or have the right to know. -Supermarket, everything except
    Have you been on work cover and do you have any current medical conditions that affect your capacity to gain or keep employment or perform your duties(and you would be on a sickness benefit or disability if yes.)
    They do not need to know your sexual preferences or practices, your intimate sex organs and sex life are exactly that, (intimate not “sensitive” private confidential, very public information )
    What employer has the right to ask you about your genitals and sex life at a interview or in the workplace?
    None, so not necessary nor a need, regardless of the small percentage of LGBTQ community and they want their intimate sex life kept intimate most likely.
    Sexual harassment and Human Rights violations under the international Geneva convention Human Rights Laws., regardless of whether you are a employee if it occurred in a workplace it is still sexual harassment as a client or customer, need terms and conditions and so-called privacy laws of unethical employers “associates” “individuals ” ” third parties” means anyone in the World.
    Enough, violating people that do not know their legal rights not acceptable to violate because they do not know their rights.
    Getting legal terms and conditions sent in the mail after you sign the Centrelink contract is illegal, all must be presented in full before signing.
    Take photos of everything.
    Number pages 1of 4, 2 of 4, 3 of 4,4 of 4 etc and sign each page, any blank areas put a big Z across it so they can not add anything.

  61. G’day buddy ‘ can any body help with my situation ‘ I’m being told I have to do work for the dole’ by Salvation Army plus’ Charlestown ‘ even though I have been working for over 8 months of the last year’ I was called overseas due’ to a family death ‘ & when I came back’ I was out of work for only 2 weeks’ ‘ I then worked for 3 months ‘ but failed to pass an exam’ so I was told I wasn’t suitable for the job anymore ‘along came Christmas ‘ & I received one benefit of $461 ‘ then my job provider has told me i after do WFTD’ only last week ‘ & starting this week. !? . Is this correct ‘ I couldn’t possibly see how this will help me into a job’ even after working most of the year ‘ it’s just a case of qualifications I need ‘ Please help.

    1. No I think WFD is only compulsory if you are out of work for 6 months straight, So long as you declared your income to centre link you should be covered,Why would they place someone on wftd whenever they’ve been working the past 8 months but then again that’s what they are like,Tell them I’ve been working you know I’ve been working so why are you placing me on wftd!!

  62. Quick question? Can DES force you to take a cert 3 course just because you’ve been on their books for a while? There is nothing in my Job Plan about having to attend a course… just the usual apply for 20 jobs per month etc. Thanks in advance!

  63. My question.
    My service provider wants me to attend their office 3 times a week for 2 hours each time to look for work, do cover letters,etc. Just 1 month ago i was doing this for 1 day for 1.5 hours. Can they increase this time anytime they feel like it? Give it a few more months i wouldn’t be surprised if they made it everyday for 3+ hours. Do i have any rights to refuse doing this?

  64. I have worked casual for 3 months now. My job agency case manager messaged me today asking me for my payslips. I really dont think its any of there business wat i earn they are there to find people jobs nothing else i report every fortnight

  65. This is what I had to put a complaint into the mygov centrelink feedback page, my payment was meant to come in over the weekend which means all places are shut to find out what has happened.

    I have not received my Centrelink payment, it says that I do not have any future payments coming in. I am meant to receive support money by the 11th of February and yet there is no money coming in the future. I have no notification to why this is the case, I need money to pay for my fines which affects my drivers license status. I have bills to pay including rent…. I reported on Thursday night with MyGov app which said I will be receiving payments on the 11th of February. I have lost the $1000 in working credits which were saved up. You have stolen my support income and will affect my license which directly affects employment. I have already had a warning about late rent payments due to the dates constantly changing due to your system. This is not good enough at all!!! I have no food to eat due to budgeting my money which lasted until yesterday the 8th of February.. This needs to be sorted immediately as there has been no communications from Centrelink or any other department!!!

    Any ideas?

  66. Hi I’m asking on behalf of my partner, what do you do if you’ve handed in (and it was accepted) a medical cert to centrelink making you exempt from looking for work and your job network provider turns around and says they can’t find it on there system so you need to come in asap or we will be cutting off your payment.

    Are you able to refuse going to the appointment due to the fact you’ve handed in a cert even if they can’t find it.

  67. I am a single parent and recently got a housekeeping job with Royal Freemasons Victoria. My job is casual and I dont always make the 30 hours per fortnight so have too keep with the fortnightly appointments at the job agency and do job searches. Today I contacted my employment advisor to ask if there is funding to help me sit my driving test because despite being 51 I still don’t have my license. She said she would look into it but needed my wage slips. I said I was surprised because for 18 months I had another job amd still got to claim some newstart and never once did I have to show anyone my wage slips. I feel upset by this and cant help but wonder if she thinks I am cheating the system and not declaring my earnings. She asked me for my staff log in details amd said that her other clients who work at Royal Freemasons have also given her these and this way she can check their wages. Can you tell me if this employment advisor has any legal grounds to have obtained this information from me? Also I am originally from England and my daughter who has MS still lives there and I want to go back and see her. The last time I visited my newstart was stopped which is understandable however I am worried that this new advisor may ask for my bank details amd question how I have afforded the flights. I can honestly say that the WHOLE time since the kids amd I left my husband I have declared every single cent that I earned either on my ABN cleaning . My last cleaning job amd this new one with the Royal Freemasons. Can you advise ad to how much information I am required to g9ve this woman. Regards Clare

  68. I got a full time job opportunity with Australian bank but don’t have enough money to relocate so recently I read about the government help for relocation allowance but after providing all the required documents my job provider needs more information which is out of my limit to get as I don’t know where to get my future job weekly wages as my offer letter indicates only annually but they must need my company to write my wages as per weekly. So much frustrating as I have kids and my family financial position is not good so I must need this job but looks like I loose it because of NEATO Employment Services cairns

  69. Hello to all, I just want ask a question that is doing my head in! I put a Newstart claim in on the 9 th of January and now the 6th March, my claim is still not processed! Is this satisfactory or not! 2 months to get support from the government

  70. I’m taking high blood pressure medication I’m on parents next when my younger child turns 6 have to go on Newstart allowance would I able to go on another paymet

  71. Hi
    I hope someone can help with dealing with my employment agency.
    I went on new start in July 2018 and as I have an existing medical condition I lodged a Centrelink Medical certificate in November 2018 that exempt me from looking for work. I lodged a new medical certificate as required by Centrelink. I now have to meet my new start obligations even though I my medical certificate states Im not fit to under take any work.
    I went in person to see my employment agency 3 days prior to my appointment in March 2019.Stated I couldn’t attend because of a family crisis and going into great detail the reason why and stating I had a current medical certificate which they took a copy of. This provider even after I told her all my personal health issues I was left humiliated and felt I was bullied.
    There is no grounds for compassion and all she offered was to reschedule but would write me up for being non compliant. I’m 62 years old and have worked all my life. What can I do as I believe that this is a reasonable excuse to not attend this appointment.

    1. Hi Cindy,

      I have had this problem, I also had them
      make false claims to I rung the Centrelink complaints line not sure if it was the ombundsmon, after talking to him he made a note and told me more information than I knew, example said I was hand given my appointment and never showed up. I then asked him to check my file I would not have been in the office that day as I wasn’t required to be, he proceeded to say they may have hit the wrong button or made a mistake to contact the manager and they would also send a letter asking how it was resolved,which I did I then put in a complaint to manager and asked to have a different person and the non compliant restriction was lifted. I suffer from severe depression I work and still get bullied you need to beat them at there own game. When you go in the office voice record all meetings have everything written in black and white, they now ask me for payslips and doctors cert and I refuse as its none of there business I got my job myself they wanted to contact my employer as if that’s not embarrassing and they can’t produce any evidence of me having to do so. Email your correspondent asking on what grounds did you fail to comply. Respond in an email to what was discussed previously as your only back up is in black and white.

      I hope this helps.


  72. I have been a mum for 18years and still have children in primary school I became a single mother due to mental and physical abuse. I have been going job network to try help me get back into the work force, I suffer from severe depression and anxiety, I have worked casual on and off jobs constantly due to lack of family and friends I do everything on my own and try hard for my kids. I have had my job provider put in false claims claiming I didn’t fulfill my obligations and when I confronted them with this and reported them they just changed me over to another one of there employees. I found myself a casual job I also study and meet all requirements yet I’m constantly bombarded with please attend m notifications even when I am working that day. I feel like they want to baby sit me talk to my employer etc. Now who gives them that right to do so that is clearly babysitting like I don’t have a brain of my own. I had recently been unwell and worked less hours in a fortnight they asked me to forward medical cert as well as pay slips at what point are they over stepping my privacy. I’ve had enough this has caused me more anxiety and depression. I’m working yet not enough to there satisfaction. People act like you ain’t trying your best what’s your best? Every individual have different circumstances!

  73. Everytime I attend my job network (Status employment at Modbury) appointments, I find the next day on my gov account, it says that I did not attend, I have occurred a demerit point & my pay is cut, so I ring up my job network, they knew I attended, my proof is that I signed in, they re-establish my pay but the demerit points they cannot take off. It’s not fair, all the demerit points that are on my account is from their mistakes.

    When I have reached 6 demerit points, my pay will be suspended.

    Status employment havnt re-done my resume as promised, as my current resume doesnt pass the automated resume selection. I have continuesly reminded them if they can re-do my resume, they say yes but never do it.

    Status employment dont do anything to help a person get employment.

    The previous status employment worker that was allocated to me, wrote on my, My gov account that I went jail, (I had never been to jail), my gov account is set on visible to employers.

    I believe that I could do a better job than these workers at Status employment

  74. I’m 62 have been on newstart for 9 years under medical certificate centre link will no longer take my certificate and l have to work for dole now

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  76. The reason they’d prefer you to complain internally. Is so they can handle it and just swap providers. This is a shit system, they are a load of blugers, that don’t know what they are doing or anyone else is doing in this system. They palm you off to other organizations to do their job. Although the skills and jobs Australia is good. They will get you a job. They have hidden jobs

  77. The ombudsmen needs to receive the complaints. Reverse complain, tell the ombudsmen fist, then tell your job person you did, then you will be treated way better by far. They have to explain to them. Dob on them and make them have to do aload of shit unessasery shit. Cause them some issues as a thank you for pissing the poor people around.

  78. Hey my name is richard
    I am cuntacting you in regards to a lady i know who has recently resigned from a job as she is going threw chemo and now centrelink will not allow her to get any paymets and she has a 12 month medical certificate she dose not no where to go or who to contact about appealing they are telling her sje can not aply for payments is there someone in the government she can contact

  79. What are the minimum hours you have to work to still receive Newstart payments? My job agency keeps trying to shove full-time work down my throat and I have other commitments for the rest of this year so I can’t do that.

  80. Do I have a right to leave a job where they are verbally harassing me even though I am doing the job to their standards? I’m talking about a guy who sits behind a desk and yells at you every 5 seconds and uses the word fuck every second or third word. I was assigned to this job straight away on the day of my first appointment with my agency, they didn’t even give me a chance to look for my own jobs. Do I have the choice to discontinue the work based on it not being suited to my skill set as well as it being abusive?

    1. Yes I would leave on the grounds of workplace bullying, If they breach you or centrelink asks why did you leave then you tell them you where reffered there by them(your job network) and forced into the job, Tell them you can’t and refuse to work with someone who yells and curses, Every employee should have the right to feel safe and secure and work and not intimidated by foul mouthed people and rude and arrogant managers and co workers

  81. My job network had topped up my opal card to get to an interview of a job which I applied for myself, Now as I log into account I see my job network has referred me to a job which sounds very familiar to the one I applied all on my own, Are they trying to take credit for me getting the job myself?, I have heard about them doing this and then that’s how they get their bonuses, I appreciate them topping up my opal card but I don’t want them getting credit for my gaining the job myself, I know they will ask for pay slips but I have a right not to give them any right?

  82. Just a question? Im employed as a casual so means i can get big hrs or little hrs recently i got a message from job network saying i no longer am required to look for work but i attended my job network app n saying now i have to work for the dole as well as study a course. I have family commitments and as casual i have a roster otherwise get called. I dont know what my rights are here and confused as nothing shows up on my job seeker page when i log in

  83. I feel that is one oof thhe such a lot vital info for me.
    And i am satisfvied studying your article. However should statement
    on feew normal things, The web site style is wonderful, the articles is
    actually excellent : D. Good job, cheers

  84. Dear sir/madam
    My name is mohamed Ali African live in Sydney. Unemployment. My job provider max employment run by Asians and Arabs who doesn’t comply with Australian laws. They are lazy who just seat there to play their computers and doesn’t help at all .these people have forced me to come their office three day a week one hr each day.their computer is slow and I don’t understand why I have to go there for three day for only one hr only.
    Other job provider their client only goes there one day a week. The law must apply to all job seekers.
    If I talk to talk them and tell them how wrong they are they can black mail me with Centrelink and invent a lie about me.
    So I am in trouble, we are in trouble as a job seekers because the government leted fraud people to run job providers and these people don’t care about us or do the right if the government give us this welfare why treat us like subhuman and gave this people power to hurt us.
    Thanks you
    M ali

  85. my provider says they cant pay for a course what should i do also they put me in a job i had been unfairly dismissed and they told me they couldnt help me with any claim or anything

  86. Hey my job provider is status employment so my nephew passed away last year on the 8/7/18 which was really heart breaking for our family and my sister because that was her first and Only Child so this year was his first year anniversary so me and my family organised the event on Saturday then on Monday it was the 8th of july and I and activity to attend from Monday to Thursday so I rang them on Monday 9:00 and all through the morning and also while I was on my way to the cemetery and status doesn’t open till 9:00 no answer it rang the first time and then the 10th time it just didn’t ring and it says the line is busy so I had to go to the cemetery after I finished ringing them still no answer so I thought maybe they will see my missed calls and call me back no call back from status so then the next day comes around and I get a message saying my payments are suspended so I get ready to go to my course and and it starts at 9:00 and finished at 3:45 and so I rang them on brake no answer until I called them again and buy this time it was lunch brake and they answered and I gave her my details as you do and I told her I tried to call them on Monday to tell them why I couldn’t go to the activity because I was at the cemetery for my nephew’s anniversary and all the lady said was ok I sent your provider an email to give you a call so I waited for that call nothing till Wednesday and she called me during my class I told the job provider person why I didn’t go to the activity on Monday and that I tried to call them on Monday but no one answered and all she said was that’s not good enough you have my personal number why didn’t you call me and I thought that when you get a text to say your payments are suspended and it says contact your provider and it has an 08 number don’t you ring that number that is in the text so anyways she told that being at the cemetery for my nephew’s anniversary wasn’t good enough so she gave me a penalty but I’m an Aboriginal and in my culture we take anniversaries seriously some don’t but that’s ok because it’s each to their own but anyway I don’t know what to do I just broke down and cried because I was just over it.

  87. I was in the wftd phase before I went overseas and worked for 4 months. I’ve been off newstart for 6 months. I lodged a new claim but now my provider is saying I’m still in the wftd phase. How is this possible? I stopped receiving payments from the end of January and worked during the period. Why do I have to do wftd straight away? No one, including my provider, is able to explain it to me. How long do I have to be off newstart to clear the wftd phase?


  89. Something needs to be done about these parasitic recruitment companies, and the ignorant stupid people hired as resource managers I am not a resource I am a person how dear they, such fools are blocking older workers from getting a job, they lie and say it is the employer, then one should do business with such companies, they deserve to collapse.

  90. My son has epilepsy and has had grand mal siezures.He is on medication and has been for a number of years
    The medication was working until the last 6 months or so. The siezures where under control or so he and relatives thought so .but 3 times that I witnessed his siezures changed to 30 to 40 sec blackouts.we both went to the local gap and I sent an email to the neurologist dept and reported this. He got from the gp medical certificate to cover him for the 5 weeks until he can see the specialist to review his medication.
    Centrelink refused the certificate on the grounds that in the assessment he had 6 months earlier he said he was able to drive and operate machinery.
    What he Didn’t realise was that he has no recollection of these new symptoms and he was sure that nothing had happened.
    The GMS used to give him headaches and bruises cuts etc from thrashing around. He does not know he has mini seizures.
    We now have to go back to the GP and get him to reissue another amended certificate. He will not receive any benefits until he has done so.
    The supervisor at Centrelink was understanding but her hands were tied by the gov rules.
    In the mean time I being the only able driver have ro go through the whole dr Centrelink JobSearch routine again.
    Unfair he wants to work but who will give you a job if you tell the employer you might fall down or hurt some innocent person

  91. Hi just a question my Disability work provider has made about 8 of us attend sessions all together sometimes there are different people making us introrduce our selfs everytime doing discloser of Disability or not practices among other time wasting things and then been told they won’t fund any training or pay for licences what not unless we already have a job lined up that makes no sense what so ever to me.

  92. My Provider who provides nothing by me to make them money, and get “respect” from the Government by making out -I need them- when most of my time is spent trying to get away from them because they are making thing about 100 times harder for me to find work or do anything. THEY ARE NOT PROVIDERS, do not call them this they provide nothing but abuse – REFER TO THEM AS DESTROYERS, JOB SEARCH ARE DESTROYING NOT ONLY THE careers or potential carerrs of peope but alos the whole welfard system that was at least functional and helpful, not great but it did at least work for the people it is suppose to be their for and serve, not it is destroying the people it si suposet to servce

  93. Equality and equal opportunity for MEANS WHITE AUSTRALIANS TOO EVERY ONE has the basic right to have air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat and sufficient shelter to protect us from the elements. We all have the right to have equal opportunity in regards to education, medical assistance, work, transport and the like, as well as to have freedom of thought, speech and action, and the right to live.

  94. Peopl are coming here and taking the jobs our culture english culture creatd, as if they are theirs, what right do they have to claim our culture and that is the jobs we created

  95. Guys just a bit of info when you are dealing with either Centrelink and or JSA make sure you write down everything no matter how small or trivial it might be it’s just to cover your own backside as they will lie about everything ,Secondly dont give them (JSA) any payslips only tell Centrelink as they are the ones that pay you not JSA ,Also other info that might be of use is Workcover ACT 2003 pertaining to disclosure of pre-existing injuries it’s a requirement to tell the employer of it if the job will aggrevate the pre existing injures and you can also use parts of the law in your defense.

    Pre-Existing Injuries
    Lastly if you have an appointment with Centrelink and they ask why you can’t get a job tell them that the employer said
    because you have pre-existing injuries they won’t take you make sure you use the law pertaining to Pre-existing injuries According to Social Security Law Job Plan 1:3:4 what JSA can’t put in a job plan.
    It’s no-one else’s business what disability one has ,also it’s a waste of time trying to get anything out of JSA’s they don’t care they are there to make sure that you are doing your Mutual Obligation Requirements that’s it, also if you are sent to an interview or to work for the dole just tell them what pre- existing injuries you have as it’s against the law to ordersomeone to do something that will re aggrevate the injury.
    Make sure you cover yourself by saying and writing everything down that way it will be on their shoulders and not yours

  96. Part Two
    If you fail to disclose that you have any existing injuries and you get injured whilst working sadly your on your own and your not entitled to any compensation so its highly imperative you tell everyone that way there’s a long paper trail and can hold people accountable if you are forced to work and if you unfortunately get injured you can go after them

  97. I left work due to bullying
    I worked for over 4 years and took hardly any annual leave
    Therefore when I left got a lump sum payout for annual leave
    I attended an appointment at centre link and provided my superannuation certificate
    Centerlink then calculated my annual leave as pay and struck me off the system and said I would have no benefits or payments until the 2Nd of January
    My problem is all the annual leave went to pay previous debts
    I now have no income at all and no benefits
    They said if I were to have taken the holidays two weeks at a time I would not have been stuck off and would have been eligible for part payment
    Please help…I don’t understand

  98. Hi Julia,
    Might be able to help bit, unfortunately Centrelink is correct because you receive a lump sum payout they calculate how long you are exempt from recieving any payments.

    Though having said that what you should do is to gather all the documents listed below.
    Lump Sum payout document
    Document pertaining to the payment of all your debts
    Collect &fill in Centrelink financial hardship form ( if there is such a form)
    If possible go to your GP advise him of your situation and if possible ask for a written letter explain you are in financial hardship.
    If you can write down everything that was said ( Date.time .who advised you )
    Ask Centrelink to printout their document on their reason for denied payment (if you haven’t already received it )

    Once you have all the documents go back to Centrelink n tell them you request a review from a authorize review officer and make sure you tell Centerlink to photocopy all your documents and include them in your request for a review
    It will take some time ,if they side with Centrelink take it to Administrative Appeals tribunal ,this is all free at no cost
    I would do it ASAP the sooner the better

    Don’t give up don’t except their word being the one and only decision , by doing all this there is a paper trail ,last but not least make sure you have everything and always write everything down to cover yourself ,

    All the best !!!

  99. I’ve done all that I should do but have been cut off my payment for not meeting job search requirements, this is simply not true.

  100. Hi Sam, If you have done all that ,My next step would be to get from them the document listing what they have advised you of what requirements you didn’t do ,secondly if you have your own evidence ( ie written notes in diary time, date ,what activity you did ) photocopy that also Centrelink’s letter ,Go to Centrelink demand a review ( they are legally required to do so ) by the Authorized Review Officer ,if they side with Centrelink ,take them to the Administrative Appeals Tribunnal all this is free . You need all the evidence you can get your hands on ; don’t give up !!! All the best

  101. I have had beyond my limits of what I can sanely take any more in regards to unemployment poverty and the latchings on of sickening amoebic arrogant desperate pieces of pond life shit JSP’s.
    My mother who has just come out of 6 weeks stay in hospital after nearly dying from stroke and siezures….these pieces of fucking dogshit Max Employment Joondalup I have told them I cannot fucking stand all of this to the point of where I soon will just get in my car and drive far away from here and nobody will see me again ever as I cannot tolerate any further having no job>work>$.
    Even when I told them she would be left here on her own these fucking callous ignorant assholes have basically ignored me and I have elected that I do not ever wish to see their shit bitch try hard provisional cheap and nasty smack psychologist because that skank once breached privacy/confidentiality protocol because she allowed this consultant who also did look like an insect to sit in during my appointments with this other reckless do what she likes idiot!
    They have done fuck all for 6 months I am at home with my mother who needs me here all the time and those fucking dickheads at Max Employment Joondalup still expect me on DES to all on my own look for a job and my treating consultant psychiatrist even told Centerlink on the E-sat paperwork that he strongly recommends that I receive a damn sight better than what I have only received in 6 months assistance to find and get paid work these fucking bastards have done nothing except antagonise the living shit out of me.
    When my mother was in hospital I told them I wasn’t sure if my mum was going to be able to come home again and said to them that I was extremely anxious and distressed that I was going to end up homeless as well as jobless….these pieces of spleenless shit Max Employment didn’t even fucking well bother responding and they are infuriating me to the point where I have thoughts of smashing all there windows and going into a recruiting company finding the managing director and beating his fucked face to a pulp because of the way this asshole shit spoke to me about 2 years ago as far as I am concerned now they are all just the fucking same anyhow and don’t realise just how agitated a bloke can become after being denied PAID work for far too long I don’t give a fuck anymore about the consequences none of these shit cunts here in Perth Western Australia give a fuck about any cunt but themselves I fucking hate peoples guts right now I could probably end up killing one of these spiteful fucks.
    I mean if people want to be cunts about money then I can just suddenly become a monster cunt about money like they say the root of all evil fuck them im so on the edge of an extremely sharp razor now I will walk in to one of these places and raise the place right to the fucking ground with them in it with just my bare hands I will be like that looney tunes Tasmanian devil cartoon character and demolish everything in my path!

    1. Yeah they are listed as one of the most cancerous scamming scum to set up in Aus they all should have the assets seized by the Aus gov and deported back to where THEY come from.

  102. Hi Billynah,unfortunately yours is not an isolated case you only have to google Max Employment review it lists what people have to say about this company they are there to make sure jobseekers adhere to their mutual obligations they don’t care about anything else you can check out on AUWU site Don’t be fooled : An analysis Of jobactive

  103. I had a successful interview on Wednesday, landed the job, congrats handshakes, welcomes, swapped numbers with the woman I’d be working directly with, even invited to the company Christmas party this Saturday night, complete with a ride as it’s 400km away. Spoke on the phone with them that afternoon discussing the contract, all was well, I accepted the hours, chatted about rostering and they said they would call me back in a ‘few minutes’.
    It’s now Friday, I’m still waiting. I just got a call from my job active lady who asked me why I had refused the offer and that I could be losing my payments for 4 weeks. This company had gone back and told them I had said refused, I had wasted their time because they had to travel to meet me, and they were – and I quote – “pissed” the agency had sent me to them.
    I’m so angry, I’m crying. How are we supposed to win? I’m now facing Christmas with $30 and a quarter tank of petrol because of their lie.

  104. Hi Courtney,Sorry to here that they screwed you around ,I hoped that you wrote everything down in a diary if you did you can submit it with Centrelink to prove that they lied, to advoid being cut off once you have done that I would release everything to the media and anyone else about this company . They want to screw you around ,well you to can play that game ,I have done this and it has worked ,

    All the best !!!

  105. Hi, I can’t find the information I’m after…dose anyone know what the requirements are…my work for the dole has me doing 6hours and 45 minutes so they don’t have to give me the second 15 minute break which everyone else gets…how do I get my starting time changed to 10am so I can receive this break. Max employment won’t help.

  106. Hi Min,
    Your question has stumped me! have research your question but haven’t been able to find any info on it you could try AUWU office on 03 9811 7064 or 1800 289 848 and ask them your question , as for your last statement ,Max Employment are useless as a wet paper towel if I were you I would ditch them ASAP ,they simply don’t care look up reviews on max employment you will see how other people have been treated ! All the Best

  107. Hi Guys,
    Just read some of your comments and got really depressed. I am 62, have no official qualifications as we had our own business until hubby had 3 heart attacks and bypass surgery and we lost every thing. I found that I was ‘on the scrap heap’ and too old for most jobs, no written qualifications for others. I volunteered at an Aged Care home for 3 years then signed up to study, (long distance so its flexible and I can still volunteer). I have been studying for 2 months in Individual Care and have just been offered a part time job. My job provider has been a great help, arranging and paying for short courses, police check, working with children’s and has offered money for work clothes and shoes. I have seen both sides of Centrelink and their agents, a lot of it has driven me to distraction, but lately, they have been great, helpful and considerate..honestly!!!!
    As for the poor fellow who wants to drink, gamble, go overseas for holidays AND still get paid centrelink give us all a bad name, work for the dole, volunteer or better still GET A JOB!! Many of us do that, and I know how hard it is, but you act like centrelink payments are a life choice not a support aid, totally disgusting.

  108. Just a bit of info

    1. Do not give JSP your payslips ,only give this to Centrelink as they are the ones that pay you !

    2. WFTD is not the only activity you can do ,you can do courses ( check with Centrelink as to what is accepted )

    3. The reason why JSP refer the unemployed to WFTD is because they get paid for sending people there !

    4. Centrelink Medical Certificates are valid for 3 months only ,they won’t accept them for the same condition

    5. If you have chronic health conditions JSP cannot include any activity that will re aggravate the illness, injury and disability as it’s listed in the Social Security Jobplan guildlines

    6. When you have JCAR done don’t believe everything that’s written in the report as the assessor doesn’t have all the facts, they don’t know your background and sometimes they are not qualified to do such assessments

    7. When you are dealing with either Centrelink or JSP make sure you write down/ record everything whether its trivial or small in a diary , what was said ,who said what ,time ,date, month .also asked for documentations

    8.Never trust Centrelink and / or JSP as they will lied straight to your face

    9. You have several outlets to fight Centrelink and JSP

    step 1. File a review with a authorized( Centrelink ) review officer

    step 2. Take it to the Administrative Appeals tribunal level 1

    step 3. Level 2 administrative Appeals tribunal

    10. You can if you want to forward your case to ACA and the media outlets

    11. Don’t let JSP push you around make sure you research everything before you sign your job plan , the job plan documents outlines what you must do and what you are wanting to do

    12 JSP are there to make sure you are for filling you mutual obligations and nothing else it’s none of their business how much your getting paid

    13 only sign your mutual obligation documents that’s all that is required

    1. Whar is a JCAR? Sometimes I know your trying to help the appreciations for some of us are not known that is why we come to this site.

  109. You state ” Don’t let JSP push you around make sure you research everything before you sign your job plan” Not always possible as many threaten to have your payments suspended and demerits if not signing often on the spot.

  110. To the above,

    JCAR – Job Capacity Assessment Report

    You are allowed 48 hrs to go through the job plan ,it’s called think time ,it’s also a requirement under the Social Security job plan guidelines as long as you make another appointment within the 48hrs ,it’s also illegal for them to threaten anyone if they don’t sign the first job plan .

    To report the Job agency to ph 1300 854 414, making sure you have evidence (as noted Above ) to hand over

    All the best

  111. Following on ,it’s extremely important to do as much as possible research before attending your JSP that way you will know exactly what your rights are,if possible print out the information hand it to them otherwise just write the item down in a note pad . Cheers

  112. INFO, for all who visit this page

    When people lodge Centrelink Medical Exemption Certificates time after time your case is Refered to a Centrelink Authorized Review Officer who is the one that authorizes a Job Capacity Assessment report to be done ,of note the JCA report is based on the information that Centrelink is given ie the medical certificates and any medical reports beware that if they haven’t see all the GP notes they don’t ask for them the outcome of that report I think amounts to bias and narrow minded they don’t look at the wider picture also of importants and one to be careful of is if you go to a Centrelink branch to lodge a request for a review be careful for what you tell the officer as they will write in, in a different way what you are unhappy with to make it look like you said that as you have no control on how it is interpreted by them.

    When you complain about them take note they will twist your statements around to show that they were right and you are wrong and tend to shift the blame on you ,THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU more updates to follow take care !

  113. Update,
    If people are sick to deaf having to phone Centrelink’s Complaints and feedback line to complain only to have your complaint whitewash over your can email Hank Jongen direct via his secretary at
    Trust me it only took 1 day for a response .

    More updates to follow !

    1. Hi,

      Be careful how you formulate your complaint!

      I let it rip on several occasions to both Centrelink and the relevant ombudsman, with derailed complaints with reference to human rights, or lack thereof, legal responsibility and duty of care. I’m disabled, with no support at all, was forced onto new start and refused even the application kit for dsp 7 times. It was only for my neurologist that eventually, after declined dsp applications, reviewsetc, that I was able to access a reduced dsp allowance.

      I too have experienced all these issues as outlined by contributors, it’s a disgrace . 4 years it took me, unimaginable suffering, regularly going without food, medication etc for 5 plus days because my payments were cut off fir 3 months due to an administrative error, I could go on but that’s not my point.

      The last complaint I lodged was due to me being forced into homelessness over suspended payments (another story all together). Soon thereafter, my myGov account was cancelled by Centrelink, and to reinstate, I need to reapply from scratch. No explanation available as to who, why, how this would happen, and told to focus on the solution, not the problem. I’ve been without access now fir 2 years, and life is actually impossible without it.

      Over the preceding 12 months, I lodged 34 complaints as per above, most of which were finalised without any communication being made with myself, simply dismissed.

      However, i started noticing issues with my personal emails, missing emails, emails not sending final drafts, but rather preliminary draft notes etc etc. my mail started going missing from a locked letter box, and in general, things started to occur, eg unprovoked road rage incidents, incidents when I was out and about being approached by people I’d never met before, incidents with my long term (22 years) friends started occurring that were out of place. One by one, my life appeard to transform from a boring, routine existence I’d always had, to then become full of increasingly unexplainable, difficult, problems.

      Of course Larger problems insured and accessessing both gov and private sector services became virtually impossible to get help, my home broken into several occasions over a short period of time, pets with unexplained, phantom illnesses, issues with my electronic devices, email not sending etc. police were called by ‘someone’ on several occasions to undertake ‘health checks’ for no apparent reason, and forced gained entry to my home, went through my computer without my knowledge, until I discovered them upon when arriving home. phone and internet services continually unavailable(prepaid services) for hours on end. My laptop has mysterious spyware and key loger, as per an independent it guru, and I don’t have a moments privacy. Bazar and perplexing issues continue to occur, without explanation. Eg My spare car keys have gone missing, as has all my Id, things go missing from my car all the time, all stored in the same “hidyhole”. It goes on and on.

      Life has suddenly become exceptionally difficult to navigate, compounded by my physical disability, then came the unimaginable homelessness.

      Now, what I’m going to say may sound far fetched, but this is my experience. After a good 6 months of senseless unusual, ongoing unexplained issues, i started becoming more aware of my surroundings and safety. Then, I realised the same people, seemed to be doing the same activities as me, at the same time, week after week. Further, the same cars seemed to go to the same places as I, cars driven by the same people I’d started to become farmillar with.

      In sum, I can confirm I’ve been under some type on unexplained ‘surveillance’, by these unknown folk fir well over 12 months, I have no idea who they are, why they are doing what they are doing, when it’s going to stop. It make no absolutely no sense, the behaviour illogical, and what even more concerning is not a single person willing to assist me, there is nothing I can do to remedy this travesty. Police say I need more evidence, I have no recourse. This should not be happening to anyone else in this Country , however it is,

      Niw, I’m not accusing anyone in particular for this strange turn of events. However, my life has been somewhat boring, uneventful, ‘normal’ up to the point I lodged a series if complaints with Centrelink raising, what in my opinion, were some exceptionally concerning issues relating to my humanitarian, my judicial and my Australian rights. Todate these 34 complaints remain outstanding, however, according to dhs, were Finalised years ago, and when I again ask what’s happening with a resolution or response, I’m told there is no point in my ‘rehashing history’??? !

      Moral of this strange little story is be careful. Unfortunately, we don’t know what is or isn’t possible, until it happens! We have no control over what the government does, and if I had my time over, I would trade almost anything for my ‘right’ to quiet enjoyment, my ‘right’ to privacy for my ‘right’ to my own life.

      Good luck comrades!

  114. AH the joys of dealing with Centrelink ,trying to deal with them on a daily basis is like a merry go round ride at a fair ground once your on you just go round n round n round in circles , incompetent just about sums it up !

  115. My partner’s brother has been put in hospital in critical condition and she wishes to travel to her family’s in this bad time but she is worried that she will have her payments cut for not doing her work for the dole. It’s the weekend and can’t contact the employment service till Monday morning.

  116. Hi Luke,
    I hear you if I were you I would ring your JSP and her WFTD Co ordinator leave a voice message also send an email to centrelink hank@humanservices .gov ASAP that way you will have a record also write in a diary everything( date time what message you conveyed what hospital you attended also if possible speak to a hospital nurse why you are there ) ,under the terms of WFTD this is classified as a reasonable excuse that way there is a paper/conversation trail to back your reasons All the best

  117. For everyone who is dealing with Centrelink and JSP you better start buying folders and a hole punch to store the mountains of crap that is coming your way, as if people are already stresssed out dealing with these leaches be prepared to get swamped with their B.S paperwork and don’t forget to clear your shelves in your study for all the folders yet to appear. Til next time !

  118. Update ,just receive in mail today some 170 pages ( WOW !!! ) full of crap basically 2 years full of B.S paper work for which I requested a review on the 13th January UNBELIVABLE!!! What a complete waste of paper Til next time the circus continous

  119. Forget complaining to Centrelink, they don’t bother to read it or even look at it or responding to it ,all they do is scan it onto your file and just ignore you as I’m sure they get bombarded with complaints left right and centre they simply could careless about anyone else,put another way SELF ENTITLED CIRCUS CLOWNS !

  120. My payment was stopped a few days ago because I did not meet my requirements, only problem is that they were requirements i didn’t know i had, i recently enrolled in an online tafe course part time, but without my knowledge or approval my job plan was changed to include a minimum 54 hours per fortnight of full time study at the newcastle campus, but my course is online and only part time.
    Even if the changes were valid, are they allowed to change my job plan without telling me?

  121. Hi Andrew, you need to double check your job plan you sign,they simply cannot change your job plan without you agreeing to the change. Ring Centrelink and advise them of what you are doing ,they will be able to advise you on what the requirements are regarding your study.( Make sure you write down everything date,time who you spoke to and what was said Secondly ask for everything to be written down on a document ) The other thing you can do is contact Dept of Jobs & small business and complain to them ( ph 1800 805 260 ) If you are with Max Employment I suggest you dump them also you can change agency if they don’t listen to you Phone 1300 854 414 request you want to change agency !
    All the best !

  122. Can anyone tell me why I’m being harassed by one of these job providers when I don’t get any income from centrelink? My partner just got injured, he earns just over the threshold with his workers comp as they’ve based his pay off the past 13weeks (he took on extra shifts due to corona and people leaving) when he was in hospital a friend suggested I apply for centrelink.. so I applied for centrelink. He’s now recovering at home, he will go back to normal hours soon in around4- 5 weeks. His hours will be less so we will be under the threshold and i might earn something from centrelink…Right now I’m earning $0 from centrelink, the past 4 weeks I’ve earn $0 due to his workers comp income. Yet these job providers have called up telling me I need to agree to their jobplan ASAP… and to do all these activities… I’m not getting any payments. Literally nothing. Not even the corona supplement
    I’d rather look for work on my own if im not going to be paid and have to deal with this cr@p. But I don’t want to cancel centrelink in case I haven’t found a job by the time my partner returns to work as I’d have to reapply all over again and wait. What are my rights? Should I just tell them to shove it and look for work on my own?

  123. Hi Kara, If you are not recieving any money from Centrelink ignore them ,they cannot force you into signing anything they just like to bully and make threats against you,what You should do is keep a diary write down everything time date what was said and by whom that way you have a record, don’t respond to them because it will stay on record and if you need to go on Centrelink in the future it may come back to haunt you JSP are bad news.

    If you applyed for Centrelink payments and got accepted you have to sign up to a Job Service Provider
    If you didn’t you have nothing to worry about and can’t be punished

    See my other posts under RAMWIDES name

  124. Following on from Above posts if people are threaten by JSP’s for not signing job plan on the spot I would write down in a diary/note pad time date what was spoken whom the staff member is the company name, with said info write a report ( make a copy of report ) go to the police in person advised them you wish to file a report about the threats made to you make sure you get a ref no and the police member’s name ,then email the report along with police info to dept of Jobs&small business ,turn the tables back on them ( do not advise your JSP what you are doing )

    THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE. THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE. Just an idea to get back at them !

  125. Is it normal for Centrelink to pay you, (during the Corona virus period, at each point of the month a policy maybe inforced on your requirements, for example no job search, or activity’s during this period ect unless otherwise)and on the statement it states you were paid xxxx amount for that previous period, then nothing appears in the bank account, yet states on the following requirement to report in the next coming fortnight, while also stating (regardless if punished or not because the demerits have been removed temporarily) yet it constantly states I have a on going appointment.

    But the job provider has stated I’ll be disconnected from them for not contacting them in last 3 months, yet regardless of the situation I have not been penalised since covid19, but payments have not been transferred to the bank account nor any penalties, it just says next job provider appointment.

    Even the last phone call assessment appointment on the phone, requirement in the activity sheet stated attended when I never accepted the call because my number was not up to date.

    So is it normal for Centrelink to send a invoice that you were paid when no payment was met, or is that something the job providers doing to circumvent me attending.

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