We Now Have a DSP Officer

Are you trying to get on the Disability Support Pension but keep getting knocked back?

Are you one of the 80,000+ DSP recipients who are being forced off the payment?

The AUWU is proud to announce we have just appointed a DSP officer to help you with your DSP application.

Our DSP officer is also an expert on Carers Payment and Mobility Allowance.

Please contact dspofficer@unemployedworkersunion.com for further information.

Be sure to provide the following information in your email:

  • What payment you are on (if any)?
  • How long you have been on the payment
  • If you are working, how many hours per week to you work?
  • A summary of the problem you need help with

This is not legal advice. It is information about your rights under the relevant legislation and guidelines.