The AUWU takes a strong position on jobactive

“The level of abuse inflicted on unemployed workers by the Department’s jobactive system is a national disgrace and must be addressed immediately.”

The AUWU submission about the jobactive contract is now public! Click here to read it.

The 54-page submission which the AUWU made on behalf of unemployed and underemployed workers makes for inspiring reading!

No other organisation is taking such a stand against the institutionalised bullying of unemployed workers. The AUWU not only points out how and why the “employment services” system is broken. In this submission, you can also read about the AUWU’s positive alternative vision for an economy that is inclusive of all.

Have a read of this important document, and you will find out what the AUWU is all about, and why you are not alone when feeling beaten up by your job agency.

So what is this submission for? The Government is in the process of writing the new “jobactive” contract. This is the agreement that governs what happens between unemployed workers and caseworkers at job agencies.

We thank the many AUWU members who made individual submissions during the public consultation phase, and congratulate the AUWU Team on this excellent work!

Stay tuned, and stay united in keeping a close eye on what the government is preparing to dish up to unemployed workers.

Australian Unemployed Workers’ Union: fighting for dignified social security and employment!


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