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Unemployed Workers have a number of rights.

However, Employment Agencies avoid informing you of these rights so they can force you to do what makes them money. To inform unemployed workers of their rights, the Australian Unemployment Union has begun handing out leaflets outside Employment Agencies across the country.

We have also launched an National Advocacy hotline (hours: Monday-Wednesday, 10am-2pm)

But it is imperative we hand out leaflets informing unemployed workers about this service


Please download and print the leaflet below (best to print A5 if possible) and hand it out at your local Employment Agent. For easy printing, here is the pdf document for the leaflet: Don’t be bullied by your job agent

Don't Be bullied by your Job Agent 1





  1. What a great idea to have the unemployed union. I’ve heard a lot of bad reports about these job providers. I haven’t had any problems in the past, but it’s good to have a site like this and be able to get some unbiased advice if problems do arise.

  2. I’ll be d/loading this stuff and correcting it. If AUWU want to contact me, I’ll send the corrected images back so they can be uploaded again.

  3. Now that these places (the job network members) are established, I doubt that you will ever be rid of them, as organisations are able to pool resources to establish political clout, something which unemployed people (which may or may not be a temporary status) are unable to afford.

    1. Ewan – not entirely true. Back in 2009 I was with one of the job network places. I was bullied into doing a course where the instructor was both incompetent and dangerous. I kept records in as much detail as possible and made a complaint. After a few months I noticed that job network had gone. Haven’t appeared under that name anywhere else but…that’s all I know. But you can get some results by standing up to them, not as hard as you’d think.

  4. Ewan you are right. Job network companies can shift and merge and change names like spooks and it would be to our advantage if unemployed people would unite. But as you say too many of us get conned into thinking we’re the one who’ll be different, whose unemployment is only temporary and if we try harder we’ll get work, just keep sending those CVs to the PAs. Any suggestions? How much badder does it have to get? it must be close to tipping point with Panama Papers & other corruption scandals building up for years. Does not help that some are union corruption scandals. People wonder where to go for help. AUWU is a terrific organization & we should support its work.

  5. I just had a job network app and I ask my JSA if their was any fiancial help when u need to buy Work clothes boots and other things she flat out refused to help me told me that she was not my fiancial adv and I should buy my own things that I would need. 1) Is this right that JNP don’t have funding for to assist you.

    1. No, it isn’t right. They’re able to claim a fund designed to provide you with essential items needed for your Work for the Dole activity. Check out the “Unemployed Workers Right Guide” on this website for details.

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