Report calls for government to offer jobs not compliance!

Working It Out: Employment Services in Australia is now available! A report investigating job agencies from the point of view of unemployed workers, authored by Per Capita think tank, and the AUWU.

Key Recommendations:

  1. A Government commitment to full employment and the enactment of policies to achieve this
  2. The restoration of some market share of the employment services system to public service delivery
  3. The establishment of an Employment Services Ombudsman
  4. The separation of enforcement of mutual obligations from the provision of employment services, and the restoration of public sector responsibility for the imposition of penalties
  5. The introduction of standardised training for employment services and limits on the maximum caseload size of consultants
  6. An immediate increase in the rate of Newstart by $75 per week
  7. An increase in Commonwealth Rent Assistance through indexing it to housing costs
“It’s not hard to work out. Make the system about helping people get work instead of about punishing people.” – Susan, unemployed worker, Melbourne, VIC. July 2018.