President’s Job Agency Diary

This meeting was convened because AUWU President Owen Bennett had asked for the opportunity to discuss ways the employment services sector could help distribute AUWU Rights Guides to unemployed workers around Australia. This need had arisen because the AUWU runs a hot-line staffed by volunteers who help others navigate and negotiate employment services and social security requirements.  The Rights Guide has been a fantastic resource for unemployed workers, and it has been no easy task to maintain it, keep it up to date and distribute it. It was a fantastic achievement to get the meeting convened to discuss the guide. It was hosted via Videolink and was attended by representatives from DJSB headed by Nick Dowie (who is leading the team for the reform of employment services referred to as the 2020 team) and AUWU representatives in Melbourne and Adelaide. Nick Dowie’s opening comments for the meeting reflected an intent and