Name and Shame your Job Agent


Job agencies bully unemployed workers all the time as forcing unemployed Australians into unfair and inappropriate activities increases their revenue. With the Department of Employment completely failing to regulate the increasingly dysfunctional and punitive employment services industry, we must step into to make sure job agencies know that there will be consequences to this sort of bullying behaviour.

This sort of bullying can ruins peoples lives. We cannot allow that to happen.

Email your name and shame story to and fight back! Anonymous stories welcome. If you have been bullied by your job agent please follow our guide to lodging an official complaint here.

If you feel your relationship with your job agent has broken down, find out more about requesting a transfer to another agency by clicking here.


Date: March 13, 2016

Job Agency: Direct Recruitment, Richmond Victoria

Hi to whom this may concern,

I have a complaint about the most horrible bully I have ever come across in a job agency workplace, I don’t remember her last name but her first name is Karen at Direct Recruitment in Richmond VIC, she was always very rude to me and I overhear her speak to other people and she is also extremely rude to them, it feels like she thinks people on new start are beneath her.

Anyhow I remember my last appointment with her she asked me why I didn’t go to these job interviews people at Direct Recruitment had set up for me and it was because NO ONE had informed me of these job interviews it was my fault and she was rude to me for not going to these job interviews I remember I had to repeatedly call this man that worked there to find out about a job he had applied for me and he never got back to me about it.

Then I asked Karen to put on my resume that I wanted to do waitressing when I had work experience in it and she refused to put it on my resume and told me it’s hard work and you only get cash in hand work which is crap. The thing is if a client wants something on THEIR resume that will help them get work it shouldn’t matter. Also another time my friend came in with me and she tried to attack his disability payments when he was on dialysis.

Also she believes work for the dole is important either cos she thinks everyone on new start is lazy or she believes it will get us into work quicker which this article proved it only helps by 2%. I have already put in a complaint about her yet she is still working there and speaking to people rudely she does not deserve this job and she should be fired.

Date: 16 March 2016

I would like to lodge an open complaint against Jodie ____ of APM, Cannington.

She has been incredibly rude, difficult to work with and ignores the information you provide them. Despite telling her directly the course I was enrolled it, it’s time and location, I was repeatedly asked to confirm incorrect information. She’s been increasingly rude to me as I have corrected her on this information, as well as providing me with no assistance in job hunting or reworking my resume despite clear comments that I was working on it.
My first Work for the Dole assignment, I turned up on site to find that I had not been enrolled in it, at all. I was directed to go home, as they couldn’t have me on site due to liability. Not only that, the project was ending in eight days time. She has repeatedly shown that she is only interested in just getting through the list of people she has to see, doing nothing for me.