Justice For Josh Event: Memorial and Public Forum

On the 19th of April 2016, 18 year-old Josh Park Fing tragically died at his government-approved Work for the Dole site in Toowoomba. Josh was forced to rise on the back of a flat bed trailer without a harness. Josh fell off and died.

After Josh’s death, Minister of Employment Michaelia Cash promised to conduct an investigation and to publish a report within a month. Two years on and the Park-Fing family, Josh’s friends and the general public are still waiting for answers.

This year marks twenty years since Work for the Dole was first rolled out by the Howard government. As a society, we need to urgently reevaluate our commitment to Work for the Dole and ask the question – is this the way we want to treat our unemployed citizens?

Come along to this Forum to hear from politicians, legal experts, welfare sector representatives, job agencies and of course unemployed workers to learn more about Work for the Dole.

AUWU’s work for the dole survey results will also be released. If you have participated in WFTD, fill out our survey here.

Speakers Include:

Adam Bandt MP: Employment and Industrial Relations Spokesperson, The Greens
Mike Nelson: Occupational, Heath and Safety Expert
Micheal Smart: Work for the Dole Participant

Many more to be announced.


Unwaged: Free
Waged: $10
Solidarity: $20

All tickets sold at the door.

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