jobactive 2020: Tell them to stop the abuse.

AUWU members are hammering the panel review of the jobactive contract (details below). Our members and allies are standing up for themselves and other unemployed workers. Truly inspiring! Check it out here.

Tell them to stop the abuse. Tell them we want real jobs and real services.

Something pretty big is in the works. And it is going to affect the lives of unemployed workers for years to come.

A window of opportunity is cracked open, allowing us unemployed workers to have a voice. Let’s throw this thing wide open!

Tell the government what you think should be in the “jobactive” contract!

You have until 3rd August, 2018. Read more… or go straight to this link.


So what’s going on?

The government is in the process of writing the next contract by which it will purchase “employment services” from businesses and non-profits.

The current 2015-2020 “jobactive” contract, as we know, is a bargain at $10 billion dollars. Or, it is possibly the single most wasteful and harmful expenditure in the history of Australia.

When you or a loved one is interacting with a job agent or caseworker, the “jobactive” contract calls the shots.

The “jobactive” contract comes up for renewal in 2020, and already an “Employment Services Expert Advisory Panel” is hard at work rewriting it.

These hardworking folk include Matt O’Sullivan, who advised the Turnbull government on the trial of the cashless welfare card.

Another notable is Allan McCallum, chairman of the Tasmanian salmon farming company Tassal. Tassal featured in an October 2016 episode of Four Corners about environmental destruction caused by salmon farming. In 2017, the Environmental Protection Authority identified 14 non-compliance issues by the company — perhaps the “expert” panel has special insight when it come to compliance for unemployed workers.

This panel of experts is now calling for submissions. We have until 3rd August, 2018. Tell the panel what you think real employment services should look like!

The Australian Unemployed Workers’ Union (AUWU) is also making a submission, based on serious research.

The Panel’s Terms of Reference include, “Effectively tailoring mutual obligation and compliance strategies”. The AUWU believes compliance strategies can only be abusive when there are not enough jobs (ABS figures show about 16 job seekers for every job). The AUWU also believes compliance strategies can only be abusive when “employment services” get their money by using their power to force people into unsuitable activities.

The Panel has already written a discussion paper which includes all sorts of fun compliance cattle prods to “activate” unemployed workers.

Write to them now!

Let them know the current system is broken, is a waste of money, and doesn’t help unemployed people. Let them know we want real jobs not fake jobs, real education not fake training, real services not abuse and “activation”. Let them know the only way to achieve this is to make all mutual obligations voluntary!

Write to them now!

Already, they have started an “Online Employment Services Trial.” They think they can save money by making unemployed workers do everything online. Too bad if you can’t afford the data connection. Too bad if you have bad internet service. Too bad if “the computer says no”.

Write to them now!

Got to this website page and click on their “join the conversation” link.

They really want to hear from you. They are NOT taking submissions by email. So you have to fill in their online form, answer or leave blank a bunch of questions, then upload the file where you wrote your own statements.

Or, send them a letter, now.

Future Employment Services Consultation

Active Labour Market Assistance Branch
Department of Jobs and Small Business
GPO Box 9880

We can’t wait to hear back from them, can you?