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Mon, 04 Feb 2019 02:40:10 GMT

Mon, 04 Feb 2019 02:40:11 GMT

I get sick to death of the way we are treated by those job agency's. I feel very degraded when I go in there they look at you like you're a piece of dirt because you're are unemployed .they do not help you to get a job they didn't even help me to do a CV the only time when you see them working it's when it's your time to do that work for the dole crap I call it punishment for being on the dole forced cheap slave labour and I tell Em back to their face the look I get when I say that to their face is Horrid their comment back to me is it is our way of their way of making you give back to the community I am 50 years old and I have been involved with voluntary organisations ever since I was 17 and a half they don't even take that into consideration sometimes I feel like you're a criminal for being unemployed

The Jobs Game (4corners)
Mon, 04 Feb 2019 02:51:27 GMT

The problem with how the work for the dole program is structured now is that , people are not taught any 'transferable job skills. Yes there are some WFTD programs that are okay in this area but mostly these programs are provided just to make people active. This is the point of the WFTD "the theory goes that by making people stay active that they more likely to be willing to work, instead of being welfare dependent. We all know that JSPs are not there to help you get a job. That is our responsibility to find work. One may say that a JSP responsibility should be to find people work and that it should be part of their service contract. However there are simply not enough jobs to go around, so there is no way that a JSP could keep a KPI like that. What am staying is that our society has a whole list of problems like this and we need solutions , we need a think tank. A group of people who will work together to find some solutions that will really help people get back to work. Why is that when you first become unemployed that you have to wait 12 months until you c an any help. It would seem logical to me that knowing how it is easier to get a job when you have a job that the Government would be interested in getting people back to work asap instead of waiting 12 months to help them. If you were a conspiracy theorist you would suspect that they are not really interested in helping people back to work because they want people to become welfare dependent. I really hope that this is not the case. There are other problems like the TAFE system. Which is awesome but it does not link education to the work force so you end up with a qualification 'piece of paper' and no job. Because you can't get a job without work experience. Its for reasons like this that the TAFE system should work with employers to get students in to PAID work placements, so that when they finished their placements they have on the job work experience. There's a lot of work to be done. The current work for the Dole program should be axed, unless they teach candidates at least 5 transferable job skills.

Mon, 04 Feb 2019 03:25:14 GMT

What I feel is even more important is that even Labor has let workers down by allowing this treatment of the unemployed and underemployed thereby driving wages and conditions down to third world country standards. Workers are so desperate for a job that they will often tolerate shocking conditions in the workplace, dangerous conditions with consequences. The very fact that 'WFTD' participants don't qualify for consideration demonstrates the disregard for their circumstances. anyway...I could go on all day, but I won't.

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I'm in a

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I'm in a slightly different position. I am in my final semester of my Bachelor of Nursing. I am on Austudy because I am F/T at Uni. I am an Enrolled Nurse who is constantly getting penalised for trying to take as many shifts as possible during the semester break, and during semester so my kids and I can survive, pay rent, pay bills, and register my little bomb to get me to shifts. I still have my 18 yo at home but get no support for him & he's unemployed. Now I have the dilemma of getting a placement 3 hrs from home, for 4 weeks. I won't be able to work and I think I'll have to sleep in my car because I can't afford accommodation, but I also can't drive 3hrs each way every day for 4 weeks. My stomach is constantly in knots, and TBH I'm worried sick about it. If I don't work a shift we get $1023 (Austudy & FTB) per f/n and $890 goes straight to rent per f/n. I have worked so very hard as a single parent but not sure how I'm going to get through this hurdle. And there are 2 more after it.

Mon, 04 Feb 2019 04:56:12 GMT

My gripe with the Government goes back several years when I was un-employed and looking for work. Well before all the current mess that the system is in. In the days of Johnny Howard and his Merry Men. The Libs were not offering any help whatsoever to mature aged job-seekers, and had nothing planned to cater for the growing number of mature-aged people out of work. After getting a lot of flak from the community and the opposition calling for some action, they finally released some funds for mature-aged job seekers for re-training/education/courses etc. At the age of 57 I applied for entry into an Aged Care course run by TAFE QLD. I finished the course with flying colors, and entered back into the work-force doing Aged Care/Home Care in 2007. I quickly settled into my new employment, enjoying the challenges and meeting many lovely people through it. I quickly ran into problems with the management/organisational issues of the industry, which soon became apparent. It was very clear that the people in the offices had no idea of what was happening out at the coal-face. Staff were not adequately trained, being thrown in the deep end, expected to attend to situations which were beyond their capacity to cope with. We were expected to make use of our own vehicles to complete our duties, with a very low re-imbursment payment for travelling expenses (74 cents per KLM) whilst fuel costs were not even taken into consideration. I was receiving a NEWSTART ALLOWANCE at the time, and was trying to make do each fortnight, when the shortfall came up. I eventually started to fall behind in my Rental payments, which led to me losing my accommodation and couch-surfing with friends for a full 12 months. Then in 2015, at age 65, I went onto the Aged Pension, thinking that I'd had enough of the bureaucracy and intimidation of the industry. In 2016, after a year on the Aged Pension, I received a letter from Centrelink, which declared I owed them an amount of $3,000.00. I was shocked with dis-belief. I challenged the department with evidence saying that I could not afford to pay back this amount under the current circumstances. They asked me to provide pay summaries of my wages, going back 6 years to the start of my employment in Aged Care. I was given an ultimatum - pay back the debt or lose my Pension. I am now in the third semester of paying back that debt to them. It has been named ROBODEBT, because of the way Centrelink came to the conclusion that the debt existed. They compared my Newstart payments to my ATO records, which showed a discrepancy of $3,000.00. This process was fraudulent and unjust. I have written to a number of politicians and others, stating that I am unhappy with the state of things, but so far have not had any success in getting anyone to sit up and notice. ROBODEBT is designed to hurt the most vulnerable people in our society, and punish those who can least afford to stand up to the bureaucrats.