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Thu, 10 Nov 2016 09:39:51 GMT

Thu, 10 Nov 2016 09:39:51 GMT

Hi I have a fairly similar story however it's a lot longer and a lot more complicated. And although they did suspend my pay untill the next appointment when I first switched over Des they didn't after this incident mainly because I filed a complaint and which said that I was extremely worried about them suspending my payment even further and due to multiple mental illnesses and physical and the fact I had self harmed in the middle of a group goal setting appointment. it was not advisable to do so. I think I may be just getting some sort of help now through centerlink as this has only just recently happed. I've been reject of DSP support 3 times allready and I had given up trying again and had come up with a plan goals which could potentially get me off welfare for good but that plan involved some compensation money that is still legally owed to me by my last employer for unlawful dismissal but never even showed up in court let alone paid a cent. I was misled into believing they would provide a "tailor made program to suit my needs ability's and skill" and misled into believing they had all the information they needed while rejecting the medical information I tried give them. Only to be told it was my fault and they weren't responsible. And there was nothing they could do. I'm still struggling with this and it looks I might have to apply for DSP again. But all I realy wanted was what was legally owed to me so I had a chance to make something of my self and achieve my goals. So much for that. If can help in any way I'd be more than happy to. Especially if it help saves people from this unessesary grief and heart aches. I hope that makes sense and its not the full story. I was considering going to media I'm that desperate and spent all night last night trying wright down the full story. And it still seems to not be complete. Anyway thanks for listening.