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Post: Centrelink and Job Agencies Discriminate Against the Sick

Thu, 27 Oct 2016 21:38:19 GMT

Thu, 27 Oct 2016 21:38:19 GMT

Hi, Thank you for sharing your experiences. I sure can relate with constantly being passed over and informed my application is not successful. For my work sins, I was an Executive Officer and I too have application after application rejected. I had one recruitment agency inform me I would never be suitable for work because I've held senior management positions and I would get bored. Strange how the person decided what would bore me without even asking me!!! I too undertook the Diploma of Business, thinking this would get me work and this again has worked against me; as well as leaving me with a $18K VET debt. (A diploma because of my experience I completed in one month and it only took me that long because I had to wait for a supervisor to read the one policy document I had to write!!!) This is not to blow my trumpet but to highlight due to my extensive experience I was able to obtain RPLs for everything with exception to 1 policy I had to write. Anyway the Diploma course was basically BS at any rate - encouraging students to create competition in the workplace - clearly hadn't been written by experienced managers!!! However I do digress. I became ill and had to leave my employment and that was a very distressing time; which ultimately resulted in my having to sell my home and shift to another locale. Whilst the people at the Employment provider are pleasant I have to travel by car half hour each way for a 2 minute discussion every month. The only thing the provider has done for me in well over 18 months is to sign off on the uniform I required for a casual job. All they want to do is tick off the relevant form to state that I have turned up. It would be so nice if they actually went into bat for me with some of the local employers in the area and actually discussed the range of skills I have that would be an asset to their business. Employers in the main are so rude - they think by stating don't expect to get a reply this then is justification for not notifying an applicant (a) they received the application and/or (b) the applicant has been unsuccessful. As a mature age worker - it sucks. Everything is online and Newstart is pathetic. In fact if I didn't have permanent residency in a caravan park I would probably be living on the streets by now. We're expected to have broadband and mobile to apply for work. Whilst the little casual job I have as a reception which I love by the way is great, I simply don't get enough hours to get off Centrelink benefit. Hence, I'm finding I'm financially going backwards. I do want to work - however in the main people are not prepared to give me a go. Nor is the employment provider prepared to actually pick up the phone and contact employers on my behalf to let them know how I could potentially contribute to their company or business. I've decided to develop a website (one of my range of interests is online businesses and I've been fortunate over the years to gain some skills in website development. It's called unemployment world and I hope others, including employers will visit and contribute their stories. This website is primarily for unemployed mature age workers (and still in development at time of writing) however we hope you will pop in to say hi. Thanks for reading this far.

Mon, 01 Jun 2020 09:58:32 GMT

I'm sorry you're going through this. It's a little bit like my story, i also have autoimmune diseases and mental health issues. I worked full time for almost 20 years but have been put through the wringer and rejected for the DSP even though I meet their 20 point criteria. The nightmare never ends and it DOES flare up the rheumatological disease. Stress causes flare ups. It's bad enough to be living below the poverty line but to be misunderstood and shut down at every turn, is soul destroying. I am losing it a little bit more every day and there's no hope for my future. I worked in a well paid professional role that I would have loved to have kept. I tried everything to hang on to my job for as long as I could before eventually, just like you, i was too sick to hide it and unable to work at all. It's bad enough having to manage a rheumatological condition, but to be bullied in the way that you have by your job agency is disgusting. Again I'm sorry you're going through this. I feel your pain. Nevermind the thousands upon thousands of dollars we have paid in tax when worki ng full time and earning a good income, now that we are permanently disabled and need help there is NONE available. I blame the LNP for the destruction of our country's welfare system. It is BROKEN. It seems like everyone just rudely shuts you down or passes you on to someone else, who also can't help you. I am tired and angry and too fatigued to fight.