#CallOutCash Campaign Launched

Last month, Minister Cash labelled the AUWU an “offensive” organisation “whose sole purpose appeared to be “keeping members out of gainful employment and encouraging them to shirk their responsibilities”.

Cash did not offer any proof of this. It appears she just wanted to bully us because we are unemployed people trying to stand up for ourselves.

Today we a hitting back with our #CallOutCash campaign.

As part of this campaign, we are asking all our members and supporters to #CallOutCash by filling out a short 2-minute survey about their experiences of unemployment. The answers will be collated and sent to Minister Cash and her parliamentary colleagues .

To complete the survey, click here.

Its time Minister Cash was held accountable for her bullying tactics.

Despite there being 17 job seekers competing for every job vacancy going by the official figures, Minister Cash still treats unemployed workers like we are the problem.

It is time we let Cash know that the Coalition government is the problem.

Why aren’t they creating more jobs? Why are they handing $10 billion of government money to private companies who fail to help unemployed workers? Why are they condemning unemployed workers to a life of poverty on a payment that is $380 per fortnight per fortnight below the poverty line?

Please share throughout your networks and lets send Minister Cash a clear message.