AUWU Advocacy Team

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The great thing about volunteering with the AUWU is I know I am meeting a real need,” AUWU member.

The AUWU Advocacy Team works on the coalface, responding to requests via the AUWU Hotline, email, and voicemail. The Team also updates the AUWU Unemployed Workers’ Rights booklet with latest interpretations of the Social Security legislation. Put your people skills, phone skills, research skills, and desire to help others to good use!

Scroll down for details about the roles within our Advocacy Team.


(Note: volunteering with the AUWU cannot be counted towards your mutual obligations with your job agent, however we are happy to supply you with references as part of your job search.)


Volunteer vacancies within the AUWU Advocacy Team

Advocacy Officer
Legal Officer
Research Officer

Advocacy Officer

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Undertake advocacy services (phone, email, voicemail or a combination of all three) in line with AUWU guidelines
  • Abide by Advocacy Code of Conduct
  • Undertake advocacy training as needed
  • Liaise with Advocacy Coordinator to confirm roster availability and advocacy specialisation
  • Debrief with Advocacy Coordinator when unsure of role or appropriate responses
  • Sign guiding principles and ensure guiding principles are upheld
  • Recruit and mentor new Advocacy Officers
  • Report to Advocacy Coordinator


Legal Officer / Industrial Officer

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Provide legal advise/information to unemployed workers referred from advocacy officers when appropriate
  • Provide legal information to AUWU advocacy officers
  • Conduct legal research for strategic campaigns
  • Recruit legal officers to the AUWU

Research Officer

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Assist in coordinating Events nationally and assisting branches and Branch Coordinators when required
  • Be available by phone and email during mutually agreed hours
  • Report to Campaigns Coordinator
  • Schedule meetings and/or correspondence via email/phone
  • Liaise with other working groups as needed
  • Recruit and mentor new Events Officers