Solving Our Employment Crisis Conference


With 11 job seekers competing for every job vacancy going by the official figures, it is clear that Federal Government must take action now to address Australia’s worsening employment crisis.

However, what exactly the Federal Government should do about this crisis is less clear.

With the aim of building toward a united position amongst interest groups, the Australian Unemployed Workers’ Union has organised a conference into solving this worsening employment crisis.

Speakers include:

Ged Kearney (President, Australian Council of Trade Unions)
Cassandra Goldie (CEO, Australian Council of Social Services)
Bill Mitchell (Academic, Centre of Full Employment and Equity)
David Thompson (CEO, Jobs Australia)
Pas Forgione (Welfare Rights Activist, Anti Poverty Network)
Kim Windsor (Disability Advocate, Windsor & Associates)
Guardian Journalist Van Badham will be hosting the event.

More speakers and details to be announced closer to the date.

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  1. I want to know exactly what the AUWU is going to do for people who are on Newstart Allowance. We are treated like slaves by the federal government. Instead having of a democratic federal government running this country, we have a dictatorial one. When are you, Owen Bennett going to stand up for your rights as a person who has the freedom to do what you say and think what you say. I am prepared to stand up for my rights as an individual who has been given the right to o exactly what I want if I want. Are you? Are the other members of the AUWU ever going to stand up for their rights? If so, when?I live in Brisbane. When are you going to come here? When are the members of the AUWU going to come here? Don’t the people such as I who support the AUWU who live in Brisbane and the other cities and the towns of Queensland matter to you?

  2. Workskil is the worst job provider i have ever been with every appointment that i have attended at their newcastle office is met with how can we help you find employment

    Only to ignore what is stated by the job seeker this organization thinks it is a fantastic idea to offer help writing a resume to a job seeker that has had six full time jobs in the past

    They offer little input or advice to any job seeker the best you can hope for from this provider is more appointments & time wasting with very little result

    Evan having the audacity to hand a job seeker a copy of a privacy act to trick them into signing forms when challenged on any aspect of choice it is met with this appointment is over

    Or the job seeker is deferred to the department of human services which then intern refers you to the national customer service line & department of employment refers the job sucker o
    i mean job seeker back to the job provider

    Like a game of ping-pong with the lives of the jobless
    not to mention the extra money that it costs the taxpayer

    stress that it inflicts on the job seeker that is seeking training to help them move to an area with less unemployment or just get to work

    yes I’m taking about driver training for job seekers or offering the skills that will increase a job seeker’s potential to hand out résumés face to face with a potential employer

    instead of paying for a pointless job provider that offers no individual skills
    training to help the job seeker in a particular set of skills that will benefit the job seeker in gaining employment

    which is doing little to increase the value of skills to a potential employer

    this company’s lack of help with finding employment is contributing to me become homeless for the third time in twelve months when talking to them on this mater it is just dismissed & this
    provider has made my situation so much worse with pointless referrals to other services that i have no need for & no interest in at all
    you would like to think when you applied for over 350 jobs that your job provider would think it’s time to help

    also tried to Chang my job provider to not stay with Workskil and no resolution just more bull shit at this point I’m beyond fucking angary with this fucked up organization just let me go to a new provider you fucks !

    I think I have made it abundantly clear that i want nothing to do with Workskil !
    I think at this point all they can do is to try and cripple me financially well enjoy your review as it is the truth on how this organisation conducts itself

    having worked my self anyone would be fired for lack of performance in the
    core essence of their job consider this review your termination notice

    I have also requested my records that workskil holds but no response
    I have filled in a transfer form two times & called the department of employment asking to be transferred to a new service provider
    i think that would indicate my intentions

    funny how the line from workskil & the DHS is just keep a new appointment
    pointless as they are not willing to help & my trust in that organization is at an end
    nothing will convince me to return to this job provider that ship has sailed

    it seems to me if they did what they get paid to do that they wouldn’t of had a review from me at all being
    reluctant to post in the public domain but i have been forced to as a last resort

    in closing do not pick this job provider if you would like some help with your job prospect’s you will be disappointed with the result.

    Posted in the public domain as vary frustrated with the way that my job provider & the DHS lack of help with the thing’s that affect my employment opportunity’s

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