Successful One-Man Sarina Russo Protest

Centrelink recently informed AUWU supporter Chad Delandre that Sarina Russo are legally obliged to hand over his file documents. The Sarina Russo manager, Peter, refused to hand over the documents.

Chad then conducted a 5 minutes protest by himself out the front of Sarina Russo asking for documents. Within a few minutes of the police arriving, Sarina Russo handed over all the documents.

Below is the video Chad took of his protest. Chad’s comments are below.


So i was informed by Centrelink during a appointment today they needed a copy of my participation record from my Job Access provider Sarina Russo Job Access Hervey Bay as it needed to be submitted with my new claim.

My provider just happens to be across the road from local Centrelink office so was no hassle.

Once inside Sarina Russo building was informed could not get my participation record due to know 1 could print out.
I instantly walk to front desk and ask for manager. A man named Peter is Manager at Sarina Russo Job Access Hervey Bay. He also refuzed to give me documentation unless he could read my DSP claim, i refused.

I pleaded my case stating if not submitted to Centrelink by end of day my payments would be cut. Peter stated not he’s issue and unless i was willing to share my private and confidential information on my claim he would not help. I proceeded to inform him i would be back shortly and i was megaphone in hand.

Back round on myself. 29 currently at age of 13 inverted left foot and broke ancle, 19 broke back 2 failed ops a 3rd to fix and at 29 riped knee caps off in motocycle accident. Befor my last accident last yr i was struggling to maintain employment for more than 2 months as nerve damage would get aggravated to point i can not walk. Now as iam getting older and after last accident i struggle to stand/sit/lay for more than a hr if not 10mins but expected to do at least 15hrs work a week. After 10yrs of medical certs and doctor letters to confirm conditions still not unuff proof for DSP????

Why do’s the system ment to help us just destroy us???

I was really suprised my documentation was produced after only 10mins of Police being on scene.

By fighting for his rights, Chad forced his job agency to do what they are legally obliged to do by law. If every unemployed worker followed in Chad’s footsteps, the punitive and dysfunctional employment services industry would have to be cleaned up and investigated.

We can all learn a lot from Chad.

Its Time To Fight Back!