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The Australian Unemployment Union encourages everyone who is unemployed or dependent on Centrelink to come forward and tell their story about what it is really like to live off Centrelink benefits.

While the mass media and the current right-wing government likes to paint the unemployed and people dependent on Centrelink as ‘job snobs’, ‘dole bludgers’, ‘leaners’ and the like, we need to make it clear that the problem is not with us – instead its with the failure of successive governments to adequately provide for the whole Australian population.

It’s time we set the record straight about unemployment and made clear whats really going on in Australia.

We need to give the general population a better idea of what it is to be unemployed, or be dependent on Centrelink benefits. They won’t get this form anywhere else in the media.

Tell us your story!


  1. I lost my partner to suicide a year ago, as I had returned home to find him I suffered a major trauma as a result of this situation. I phoned Centrelink to aaaist with bereavement but they would not give me any financial support as we had not advised them that we are in a relationship – it is the first situation in my life that has literally stopped me in my steps moving forward and there lack of care to assist was concerning! I could prove the relationship with friends police the coroner Facebook which shows our time of loving each other yet because we weren’t officially registered on Centrelink’s database as in a relationship then they wouldn’t help me. I went on to get assistance with my trauma from the coroners office , arbor and the Meade clinic whom all were so supportive yet financially I was hit majorly due to Centrelink’s lack of understanding that I could prove our relationship and his suicide! I will never forget the governments impacts it had on me during a time where I actually needed it!

    1. Sue for mental anguish and pain and suffering you have rights they have duty of care,g et legal advice,there lack of compassion and bad judgment and lack of respect for basic human rights was violated they have rules to follow and they didn’t abide by them they are accountable stop them Standover and bullying the unfortunate/vulnerable clients have a voice.Yoy have right in this country to be heard,thats why people are allowed to vote.

  2. Stop Centrelink harassing,bullying,standung over the honest people,who are vulnerable,and put in the junkies,alcholics routing the disability pension one who on sixty minutes that raved how she lives like a queen on her pension overseas has ruined portability for people with wife,children&family overseas because of here disregard for anyone,she fortunately he her disability pension revoked because she was of sound mind and found to defraud Centrelink by blackmailing a doctor to sign medical certificate claiming she was unemployable for over two years and her health won’t get better.

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