Your Right to Change Employment Service Providers

Changing Employment Service Providers is a very important right of unemployed workers. If your employment service provider refuses to fulfill their obligations towards you, requesting a transfer to another provider can be an effective way to ensure you receive the appropriate treatment.

If you believe you have a valid reason to transfer, the AUWU recommend you request a transfer by calling the the Department of Employment Customer Service Line on 1800 805 260 (free call from landlines).

Alternatively, you can download a transfer by agreement form here. You will have to sign and submit this form (either physically or via email) to both your current job agency, and the job agency you want to transfer to.

Before you try and organise your transfer, click here to search for job agencies in your area to find one close to you.

According to the law, you can transfer in the following five circumstances:

1.5   Changing Providers Due to Change of Address

If you change address you and you become closer to another provider, you are within your rights to request a transfer:

A Stream Participant [Newstart recipient] may, at any time be transferred from the provider to another Employment Provider:

  1. by DHS or the Department, where the Stream Participant moves to a new location that is not within a reasonable distance of a Site of the Provider

                                                                                                                                                       Jobactive Deed 2015-2020, Section 81.1

When a Stream Participant notifies the Department of Human Services or their Employment Provider that they have changed their address, the Department’s IT Systems will determine whether the Stream Participant needs to be transferred.

The determination will be based on whether:

  • the Stream Participant has moved to a new Employment Region
  • the Stream Participant’s current Employment Provider has a Site that services their new address
  • the Stream Participant has relocated to a remote location covered by the Remote Jobs and Communities Programme (not covered by this Guideline).

Note: Employment Provider Sites are mapped to postcodes in the Department’s IT Systems.

Where the Stream Participant changes their address and their current Employment Provider has a Site that services their new residential postcode, the Stream Participant will be automatically transferred to that Site (unless they are already connected to that Site).

Where the Stream Participant’s new address is not serviced by a Site of their current Employment Provider, the Department’s IT Systems will automatically transfer the Stream Participant to another Employment Provider in accordance with clause 81.1(a) of the Deed.

Note: Where the Stream Participant wishes to remain with their current Employment Provider, they can request a transfer back to a Site of their current Employment Provider in accordance with this Guideline.

Note: The exception to this transfer process is where a Stream Participant is subject to a Relocation Assistance to Take Up a Job Agreement. In this case the Stream Participant will not be transferred as a result of a change of address

Transfers Guideline, p. 2

1.5.1   Changing Providers by Agreement

Stream Participants may transfer to a new Employment Provider if their current Employment Provider, their proposed Employment Provider and the Stream Participant all agree to the transfer

A request for a transfer by agreement must be completed by both the current and proposed Employment Providers and the Stream Participant.

There are two options for lodgement:

  1. Lodgement on the Australian JobSearch website
  • A request for a transfer by agreement can be lodged electronically via the Australian JobSearch website [call the JobSearch website on 13 62 68 for advise]
  • The Stream Participant commences the process by lodging a request on the Australian JobSearch website. The Stream Participant’s request will first be sent to the proposed Employment Provider for agreement
  • If the proposed Employment Provider agrees, the transfer request will be sent to the Stream Participant’s current Employment Provider.

If both Employment Providers agree, the Stream Participant will be automatically transferred. The current and proposed Employment Providers must action the request for a transfer by agreement within three business days of receiving the request otherwise the request will be automatically declined.

Note: If either the current or the proposed Employment Provider declines the request, the transfer will not be actioned and the reason will be entered into the online form. The form will then be sent to the Stream Participant.

  1. Lodgement through the Employment Services System (ESS)

A transfer by agreement request can also be lodged in the Department’s IT Systems using the Transfer by Agreement Form, which is available on the Provider Portal and the Department’s public website:


  • When all parties agree and sign theTransfer by Agreement Form, the current Employment Provider must enter the details into the Department’s IT Systems to action the transfer. The current Employment Provider must retain a copy of the signed form
  • Where either the current or the proposed Employment Provider declines the transfer request, they should be informed of the outcome of the request.


Note: Stream Participants with a current Level 3 Incident Report (refer to the Servicing Job Seekers with Challenging Behaviours Guideline) and Pre-release Prisoners cannot have their transfer completed through the Australian JobSearch website.


The Employment Provider of a Stream Participant with a current Level 3 Incident Report (including Pre-release Prisoners) must contact the Department’s Employment Systems Help Desk on 1300 305 520 to facilitate a transfer where agreement has been reached by all parties. Pre-release Prisoners will need to use the Transfer by Agreement Form which the current Employment Provider must lodge using ESS, as outlined above.

  Transfers Guideline, p. 2-3

1.5.2   Changing Providers Due to Relationship Failure

A stream Participant may, at any time, be transferred from the Provider to another Employment Provider by the Department where the Department is satisfied that:


  1. The Stream Participant [Newstart recipient] will receive services that could better enhance their Employment prospects from the other Employment Provider; or
  2. The Stream Participant and the Provider are unable to achieve or maintain a reasonable and constructive servicing relationship, as determined by the Department

 Jobactive Deed 2015-2020, 81.1 (b)


Where the Department determines that the relationship between the Employment Provider and the Stream Participant has broken down, the Department will transfer the Stream Participant to another Employment Provider (see clause 81.1(b) of the Deed) where one is available.


Stream Participant initiated request

Where a Stream Participant considers that it cannot maintain a reasonable and constructive relationship with their Employment Provider, they can contact the Department’s National Customer Service Line. A customer service officer will record the request and help to make the transfer where appropriate.

Employment Provider initiated request

Where an Employment Provider considers that it cannot maintain a reasonable and constructive servicing relationship with a Stream Participant, it can complete the Transfer Due to Relationship Failure Form and forward this to the Department’s National Customer Service Line for investigation. The Department will consider the request based on the evidence provided, including whether the Employment Provider has followed the process outlined in the Servicing Job Seekers with Challenging Behaviours Guideline.

Approval/transfer process

Where the Department’s National Customer Service Line approves a transfer due to relationship failure, it will select an alternative Employment Provider where one is available. In doing so it will take into account a range of factors, including Star Ratings and provider location, and facilitate the transfer of the Stream Participant. The Stream Participant will be sent a letter advising them of their new Employment Provider and the date and time of their next appointment.

Where the Department’s National Customer Service Line does not approve the transfer, it will notify the Employment Provider and/or the Stream Participant in writing. If the Employment Provider and/or Stream Participant are not satisfied with the outcome, they can request a review of the decision by notifying the Department’s National Customer Service Line in writing within 14 business days of the original decision.

Review process

Where the Employment Provider and/or Stream Participant request a review of the original decision, it will be undertaken by a Departmental officer who was not involved in the original approval process. In undertaking the review, the Departmental officer should consider whether the Employment Provider has applied the strategies outlined in the Servicing Job Seekers with Challenging Behaviours Guideline.

If the outcome of the review is that the request for transfer is approved, the Department’s National Customer Service Line will action the transfer using the process outlined earlier in this section.

Where the outcome of the review is that the request for transfer is not approved, the Employment Provider and/or Stream Participant will be notified in writing and the Employment Provider must continue to provide Services to the Stream Participant.

Transfers Guideline, p. 4


1.5.3   Changing Providers for Better Servicing


A stream Participant may, at any time, be transferred from the Provider to another Employment Provider by the Department where the Department is satisfied that:


  1. The Stream Participant [Newstart recipient] will receive services that could better enhance their Employment prospects from the other Employment Provider; or
  2. The Stream Participant and the Provider are unable to achieve or maintain a reasonable and constructive servicing relationship, as determined by the Department

Jobactive Deed 2015-2020, 81.1 (b)


Where a Stream Participant has demonstrated to the Department’s satisfaction that they will receive better Services from another Employment Provider, the Stream Participant may be transferred to that Employment Provider (see clause 81.1(b)).


To request a transfer, a Stream Participant may contact the Department’s National Customer Service Line, which will assess the request. Where the Department determines that the Stream Participant has demonstrated that they will receive better servicing from another Employment Provider, the Department will action the transfer. Where the Department does not agree to the request, the Stream Participant will be informed of the decision.

Transfers Guideline, p.4 

1.5.4   Changing Providers Due to ‘Maximum Time with Provider’ Policy

A stream Participant may, at any time, be transferred from the Provider to another Employment Provider by the Department where:


  1. a Stream A Participant’s Period of Registration exceeds 24 months; or
  2. a Stream B Participant or Stream C Participant’s of Registration exceeds 36 months; and
  • they remain unemployed


  1. the Stream Participant achieves an Employment Outcome, in which case the time under clause 81.1(d) (i) and (ii) runs from the date of the achievement of the Outcome; or
  2. there is no available Employment Provider in the relevant Employment Region for the Stream Participant to transfer to.

Jobactive Deed 2015-2020, 81.1 (d)

Additionally, please note that:

  • The Period of Registration pauses for Suspensions
  • Under the Maximum Time with Provider policy the term ‘remain unemployed’ means that the Employment Provider has not claimed a Full Outcome or Partial Outcome for the Stream Participant over the relevant period. When an Outcome Payment is claimed, a new two-year/three-year period commences.

The maximum time with provider transfer will not occur when a Stream Participant is:


  • commenced in a job placement that is tracking towards an Outcome Payment
  • participating in a work for the dole place or other activity to meet their annual activity requirement
  • relocating for employment through Relocation Assistance to Take Up a Job, has signed agreement in place and has an ‘expected to start’ job placement recorded in the Department’s IT Systems.


When the Job Seeker Placement ends or the Job Seeker Placement does not lead to a four-week or 12-week Outcome Payment, the Stream Participant will be transferred. When the participation in the Work for the Dole Place or other activity ends the Stream Participant will be transferred.

The Department will take into account a range of factors when determining which Employment Provider the Stream Participant will transfer to, including the Stream Participant’s proximity to the gaining Employment Provider; and the gaining Employment Provider’s Star Rating.

Where a Stream Participant is transferred under the Maximum Time with Provider policy, the Stream Participant can request a transfer for better servicing or transfer by agreement. However, they cannot move back to their original Employment Provider unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Transfers Guideline, p.5


  1. Max Employment has only Word Pad available on the computers that job seekers can use. So you cant write or edit a resume or covering letter on them. Which you need to do, if you are going to apply for jobs. Word pad does not produce high quality documents and does not always maintain its format, when opened by prospective employers.

    They also expect job seekers to attend the office 3 times a week, for an hour at a time. They say its for job search. Well you can search, but what will you apply with. These are listed as appointments on their system, so being late or unable to attend, means that a message is sent to Centrelink, to cancel your income support. This happened to me, when a Max employee, forgot to tell her computer, that I had attended. It caused me a lot of hassle, and I was treated as though it was my fault.

    1. Hi Rachel,
      I agree completely with the whole Max Connect disconnect situation. I have had my centrelink benefits halted and/or cut off 7 times now for appointments with Max that I didn.t keep.
      That I didn’t know about.
      That THEY had not notified me about.
      As with you, I was made to feel the culprit as they grudgingly adjusted records (in the wrong name).
      Hopeless does not even begin to cover it.
      Do we have any rights at all?
      Apparently not…
      Anyway, good luck. I know how you feel!

      1. Yes that is really bad. My jobactive provider is terrible and as bad as what you guys have written about, I am now considering changing providers but to who I don’t know? I have been accused of not having enough interviews, managed to score one last week and told them, but no it’s not good enough, I am trying to get a job but it’s very hard. Along with many other blatantly incorrect accusations and severe bullying, my stupid consultant told me my Certificate 1V in Disability is exactly the same as a Certificate in Aged Care, I verified with training school and jobactive idiots are wrong! Incidentally I cannot get a job as a Disability Support Worker due to no experience, even though I hold a Cert 1V in Disability and did a work placement to gain experience as part of that course.

        My jobactive provider is: EMPLOYMENT SERVICES GROUP. They are useless and their treatment of myself and many other jobseekers is awful, I witness their abuse of other jobseekers when I go there for my job search sessions. So I sympathise with all other jobseekers and the members of this union who have to deal with these counter-productive cretins.

        1. I personally am struggling with EMPLOYMENT SERVICES GROUP in NSW also. I am currently receiving Centrelink payment benefits because I only have casual employment. I personally feel so disrespected and they are always rude to me. I’ve had so many employment consultant changes its insane. Its a joke! Seriously I am changing locations in hope that they will have more brains and show me more respect that I deserve and not let me walk out the door feeling more depressed and stressed than I feel already everyday that I get out of bed. I feel your pain! They treat me like I’m unemployed but I technically have a casual job.

          1. i was with them in liverpool they are the worst i have come across unprofessional ,rude and careless . i have reported them to everyone.

          2. At least you can walk out the door. I am in a wheelchair and these people treat me like I am worse than a pile of shit.

          3. Can I ask which branch you are with? My daughter is having terrible trouble with them atm. She needs to do practical work for the course she is doing, and they are trying to force her onto work for the dole

      2. I feel you Matt, I had the exact same thing happen to me several times. Max Employment is so disorganised and unprofessional. I’ve been unhappy with them since I started there but I’ve now reached my limit!

        1. These providers cause that much stress ,uncertainty and de-value our lives they haven’t even got the spleen or the will to lift a finger.
          There sole purpose is being Centerlinks big brother and stuff their 3 a week check up on us job search crock.
          A lot of us have laptops at home with password managers and use OSX not their shitty outdated wordpad/MS stuff.
          I can’t use that and I will tell them so if they try ram that crap down my throat.

      3. Do we have to get our current provider to sign the form? I’m having personal issues with my case worker and I don’t really feel comfortable approaching them. I haven’t been happy with her for a while. But recently she put me forward for a job I wasn’t comfortable with without telling me first. I have anxiety and so I told her I can’t work in certain situations and this job was not suitable for me and her reaction was completely inappropriate. She told me she couldn’t accept that as an answer and basically insinuated I was making it up or exaggerating to get out of it. I had a meeting with her a few days after and I was expecting her to, in the least ask if I was feeling better, or even offer some help for me, but she didn’t even acknowledge what happened. I feel like she’s not taking my issues seriously or just doesn’t care, but I don’t feel comfortable talking to her about it because of how she’s reacted previously. Is there any way I can change providers without having to personally approach my current one?

        1. I just applied to change online via the link in the form.
          You need to link jobactive with your mygov account after you do that go to the jobactive site through mygov and you can apply to change providers it is one of the quick links.

        2. Just go along with her dumb ass idea and then when shit hits the fan at work then go back to her in full view of others and fully blast and name and shame and point the finger at her yelling….”see I told you didn’t I”!
          “But no… would not listen!”

        1. me to i have asked for a transfer from max employment to elizabeth south australia.. did noithing for me ither. and took two payments when i phoned up explaining why missed appointments through being sick,and now denying they gave me the transfer paper im expected to ask my new job provider to send them proff im with a new provider. . who i will be with. they are the worse job providers that place is going to shit. and saying i missed appointments when i saw them the next day after ringing

          1. Max Employment are completely useless. I was with them for a couple month and had 3 consultants during that time the first one forced me into any job she could find me just so she could get her bonuses. The second one was also useless and I felt very uncomfortable talking to him the third one was the one that made me leave I couldn’t take being treated like I’m worthless anymore. She called me one day and asked me to go into the office I explained I would take a while because I was far then when I got there she was waiting at the front and started yelling at me in front of the whole office I was in shock as this was only my second time meeting her she told me I’m always late for appointments and refuse every job I’m given?? I have literally never been late to any appointment I’m always on time and always do what I’m told. I have severe anxiety so it rare when I actually do speak up because I have no confidence and low self-esteem. But I replied to her and asked when I am late please tell me a day when I’ve been late and when I’ve refused a job she completely ignored me and told me to wait for her. I left that office in tears I’ve never been treated with such disrespect. I transferred to wise employment and it was ok in the beginning but I have just gotten a new consultant and she is another person that has no regard for my feelings at all she told me she wants to put extra pressure on me and get me in the office as much as she can and wants me to dress in formal attire each time I see her? I don’t really understand the purpose of that I’m not a child I know exactly what to wear to interviews I find these requests ridiculous. I already have depression and anxiety and don’t need to feel more stressed anxiety when I go there I can’t believe these people actually have jobs making peoples lives worse.

      4. Im feeling everyone’s pain here; I have been with mission providence for a year and not once in a year did they organise a job interview for me. I wanted to leave many times but they kept manipulating me into staying and giving them a chance. I’m absolutely fed up with this stupid service that is so unhelpful! They have changed me from workers in a year 5times already! And don’t provide help to my needs. Its frustrating as Centrelink is telling me they can’t help me with transferring unless I provide a medical certificate. Well well well; I have provided already 3 certificates. But clearly it’s not enough! Do I have to break a leg to get my point across??

          1. I think being cunts is part of thier job discription
            Im with APM ( atrocious pile of manure ) l had my centrelink cut off because l chose to go to work rather than see them.
            When l rang stupid didnt even know who told me to ring or why. Have asked 6 ++++ to leave but they wont let me.
            Centrelink has given them too much power.
            Id rather starve than have to deal with them.

        1. Mission Providence reworded via Thesaurus …..Operation Accident. I had to call the office in Bondi Junction and the person who answered the phone could not speak english. After my fourth attempt to decipher the jibber, I politely advised them that I was having trouble understanding them and asked if it were possible for me to speak with someone else.
          “Me no understanning of you saying either” .[CLICK…BEEP …BEEP ….BEEP]
          Hung up on me.
          I called back & recounted what had just happened to the person who answered the phone “put thru now”
          It was the Hanger Upper, no apology, not even a far fetched lie..
          The phone is answered, unbelievably i can’t make out the sub sonic mumbles & am left with few options besides “I beg your pardon?”
          “yeah, who is it?”. Maybe i had heard it the first time but second guessed my hearing.
          “Who is it?” I repeated back into the phone ” Who are you?”
          “sorry buddy I’m just with a client can i call u back in 5?”
          I briefly recounted the hanging up episode, which they promptly dealt with
          “yeah we are understaffed there is only the two of us here i will sort everything out and call u back in 5 ok buddy? Yeah? Ok I’ve sorted everything out for you ok buddy, i promise i will call you in five”
          If he had called me in 5 months I would have been impressed given that he had no idea who he was talking to. Nothing was sorted, months of hardship followed. Such incompetent people have the capacity to interfere with my payments without recourse, on the contrary, they probably received a bonus payment for assisting another “client” to leave the welfare system.

    2. I have had the same issues with Max Employment. Their SUPER SLOW PC’s only enable me to apply for 2-3 positions average in the 1/2 hour they make you do “intensive job searching”. Hahaha What a joke! I can apply for double that amount at home, and I do, they know I far exceed the 20 jobs a month expected of me, 182 one day!

      Also, twice I have been told not to attend appointments, only to be penalised by having my benefits suspended as I failed to attend! Not only is this annoying it’s embarassing. I do the right things, always have, yet run into hassles from “the powers that be”.

      My last job club wasn’t much better, with some small Indian women speaking to me like I was a piece of crap! My dad happened to be with me and asked me “what’s wrong with mini-Hitler”? I rang her manager to tell her I was changing clubs, strangely we’d worked together before, she asked me to stay and she promised mini-Hitler was no longer allowed to speak to me. It was hilarious seeing her running around the office getting forms, etc, all the time not allowed to utter one word to me. REVENGE!!!

      We all know, or should know, these “job clubs” are a joke. They make money at the sake of others hardship. I have never known anyone, with any job club, to get a job. And I know quite a few people who are unemployed. Let’s face it, IF they got everyone jobs today, they’d be unemployed tomorrow. So, in many ways, it’s not in their best interests to find clients work.

      1. I could not imagine anything worse than an arrogant Indian woman JSA case provider.
        In fact however they aren’t really much different from the rest of the lowlifes at Max

      2. I’ve had the same problems with Jobs statewide. I spent 1/2 hr just trying to change a couple of paragraphs on a word document and then print them. On one of 6 computers. At Salisbury (20 mins away) when my provider is supposed to be Elizabeth. Because over 6 months ago they had ‘flooding’ (on the second floor?) and due to ‘liability and insurance issues’ no one at the Elizabeth branch can use a PC unless the job club has room.
        And I found a couple of interviews on my own, but I have only been provided ONE interview by my case worker in a YEAR. So I have to apply for 20 jobs per month (240 per year people!) and they have helped me with almost nothing. Less than 0.5% compared to my efforts.
        And putting that many resumes online has left me vulnerable to scammers and course recruiters (yes, I’ve had a few phone calls asking me to SPEND money instead of offering a way to make money).

    3. I no longer recieve benefits but am continuously harrassed with calls/texts (even on Saturdays) from Max employment. When I was getting support from them it was very limited, I was made to feel inadequate. Now my son is having trouble, he has his money suspended more often than not because of their system & just recently he completed a training course & work placement but was still expected to attend an app while at this work placement. He will now spend a couple of days trying to get his money reconnected because he was marked as non compliant while at work placement… Poor communication, poor people skills, poor management. Overall I’m disgusted.

  2. I go to Max employment 3 times a week for 4 hours each day. Ridiculous as I have to sit at a computer the whole time and we are not aloud to talk. Talk about treating us like little school kids. Why can’t they just do what they are payed for and get us a job? I am thinking of giving them the flick and going it along as I think I have more change of finding a job that way.

  3. I only completed my 4-5 of my job searches per month due to Centrelink telling me I could stop now that I study full time, and was verbally assaulted by a staff member of the job provider I go to, until I was in tears, after 20 minutes I went to walk out and she called me back to sign paperwork and read out every paragraph saying after each one ‘Do you understand that?’ I was told that I didn’t have any rights and if I still want to get paid I better sign it and I have to continue to search for 20 jobs and go to appointments at 9.30AM knowing that I couldn’t attend.

    1. Caitlan, you have rights and they must abide by them. The staff member has no right to speak to you in this manner, you should speak to the manager or even ask to get a transfer to another provider as you have every right to do this. I spoke to Centrelink about if I did a course would I still have to go into employment agency and they said it was up to the agency which is not right as long as you are doing your required hours whether it be study, work for the dole or jobsearch that is all you need do as far as I understand. Good luck!

    2. Hi Caitlan,
      You made your post some time ago so perhaps you have sorted out your issues with your provider or are not checking this site anymore but just in case you are still reading responses (or for anyone this might help)…
      If you course if full-time and is Austudy approved (don’t just assume it will be, check with the uni/TAFE etc you are studying with and make sure), put in an application for Austudy immediately. If you are no longer receiving Newstart you do not have to be attached to a Job Network Provider but do not stop attending your appointments and doing what you need to do with them UNTIL your Austudy application is approved and you begin receiving this payment. Until then you are still receiving Newstart and so must meet your obligations, including being signed up with a provider, looking for work, attending appointments etc. If your study is not Austudy approved or for some reason you do not qualify for Austudy, change Job Network Providers, you have the right to do this if they are abusive towards you, and do not let anyone tell you do not have the right to go elsewhere.
      Good luck

  4. I am getting stressed with my employment service provider . They put me on an approved activities which is a stupid course for jobseekers with intellectual problems or whose English is equivalent to preschool level. When I requested to them to change my plan coz I wish to pursue a course which is more productive , they insist I should do this course and they cannot change because it had already commenced . I have no choice .Either to continue the idiot course or get myself off the Centrelink system in order to pursue a qualification that enhance my employability.

    In other occasions, they threaten to put me in WFD which I am incapable of doing on the ground of my health. . I feel stress and nervous when monthly appointment approaches.

    Is it legitimate to request for a change in job plan at WFD phase because the activity is meaningless for me. Well they say they can’t the plan as far as WFD activities is concern.

    I do wish to transfer on other grounds because the job center I attend is not close to public transport and I can’t drive owing to health issues

  5. I’m with sure ways in Wonthaggi.Ive been with sure ways for nearly 12months,had no success with them at all,they are failing to find jobs in my area,why aren’t they out canvassing employers,offering them incentives to employ people.As of tomorrow I now not only have to sign up for work for the dole program but also increase my job search efforts from 5 to 10 jobs per month.Thats said.good considering I don’t own a vehicle they just don’t get it,There is no longer any kind of care factor,they only worry about ther own job security.Also I’m computer literate,have to record my job efforts on line easier said than done.

  6. hi,
    Just had my first and last disconnect for not attending a meeting I was not notified of, as it is the final straw with Max Employment. – I note that per your guidelines and on speaking to the Department of Employment Customer Service Line on 1800 805 260, if dealing with them direct you still must fill out the form. What I found MUCH MUCH easier, is going to my gov and job seekers then pull up your profile and you can just click to change providers. The drop down choices are similar but not exact to the guidelines per above. Otherwise if you download a form, it must be taken to the existing provider and the new provider. The easier way does it all automatically (yay)

    1. I’m not seeing “Job Seekers” in my MyGov, is this perhaps because i haven’t got the Australian JobSearch service linked? I guess i’ll link that and see what happens..

    2. Oh really can change. Because they told me to get the transfer by agreement form from my current employment provider to sign the document and then go to the new provider i choose to transfer to give the form.

    3. The fail me big time classic hallmarks(sat on there asses for 3 months done SFA) are already showing with my “provider” so looks like I will need to change to something a lot better myself too.
      Is there any such thing as better JSA I’m with @work australia

      @work as in @work yesterweek/month/year…….sigh!

  7. I’m currently with Employment Service Group, and i must admit that i’m a rather anxious person (which it seems they barely want to acknowledge, and when they do, it almost as if they feel put out by it).

    Also the other issue seems to be that they are constantly changing things, as of my last appointment, apparently i’m going to be moved on to my fourth “job coach” (within around a year), plus they seem to want to change how things are done (for whatever reasons), which doesn’t seem to help with the anxiety also.

    Also my last appointment, i felt as if my current job coach was almost “poking the bear” as they say (when it came to my anxiety), some of her comments seem rather insensitive, almost as if to get me anxious.

    So i’m not really sure what to do, whether i should change to a new provider or see what the next job coach is like. Though tbh i get the sense that these providers/job coaches are all rather the same, perhaps i am wrong?

    1. Out of interest, does anyone know what impact changing jobactive providers would have on work for the dole, tbh i’m rather happy with that. Are they likely to change it, if i were to go to a different provider?

      1. Not sure but I’m sure if you’re happy doing it they shouldn’t have to change it. I think you’d have to talk to the provider you’re with

    2. Job providers aren’t aware of how to deal with people who have anxiety or any mental health issues really. There is disability job providers trained to work with those who suffer with a disability or injury but those of us with mental health issues are stuffed. We get no support. Every person is different and need different support. I think you should be able to provide a certificate from the doctor and say look I have anxiety and you need to take that into account and work with me around my illness to find employment and maintain it. Not everyone is trying to rig the system some people are suffering mentally and just because they can’t see it they think people are lazy and don’t want to work thats not the case. Maybe if the workers were trained better and actually knew how to work with diverse individuals they’d have better relationships with their clients, productivity and positive out-comes.

    3. TL;DR: I’ve been to 3 job agencies (2 DSP and 1 normal) and considering everyone here and on other sites are complaining about the same thing, I’d say it’s a good enough proof they’re devils with a mask.

      I’ve had severe anxiety, anger and depression issues for 7 years now. I actually have physical symptoms from these problems. But these ‘case workers’ are pretty much saying ‘if you’re not missing a limb, you’re gonna be treated just like a normal person’. Their exact words were, “Unless it’s gotten worse, we can’t give you leniency”. I feel like saying ‘Wait here, let me get a heart attack or jump in front of a car and die first, maybe that’ll get your attention’ to their stupid faces.

      1. They don’t acknowledge your problems, it seems like it goes in left ear went out right ear. “Yes, yes, we understand. No, oh no! We’re definitely not forcing you/pushing you too hard to make you relapse”. Give it a couple of minutes and what she really meant to say comes out. “But centerlink says blablabla…otherwise centerlink this, centerlink that”. I feel like saying “Bitch for once in your entire miserable fucking life, be truly helpful to another human being instead of being a fucking sheep”.
      2. It feels like they only care about filling in their ‘quota’ and getting us to come in according to their convenience (not our health/conditions) so they get those payments govt gives to their organization.
      And 3, worst of all, the moment you start making an effort to negotiate ‘agreed’ actions that actually harm you more rather than helping you, to make yourself BETTER, you get the ‘but our policy is blablabla, centerlink says blablabla’ nonsense again.

      I managed to wiggle my way around so things were moving at my pace. And believe it or not, when it WAS at my pace, I got better. I finally literally just got better 2 months ago, actually managed to land myself a promising interview (they had to turn me down ’cause I have a holiday at Christmas. Said to come for another interview 1st half of 2017), and then out of the blue they swapped my good case worker to a shit one, had a falling out, pretty much kicked out of the old agency and got transferred to a new DSP. I thought ‘Oh, centerlink was so positive of this one, maybe this might actually helped me’. Man was I wrong. The instant I started to trust another human was the start of my downfall again. Now this new DSP worker says things with a fake smile, deaf ears and fake ass ‘support’….and unsurprisingly, here I am on the verge of relapse, back to suicidal and ready to say fuck all to everything.

      I’m putting this ‘Change providers’ as a last option before fuck all. I’ve got enough savings for my family to survive on for 20 weeks/ After that, I don’t even know. I’ve got an interview when I’m back from what could be my last holiday with my parents in my life, I’ve got plans to go back to school but if that all fell through, that’s it. I’m just done. I’m fucking done. I’m tired.

      1. I had a phone appointment just then. And I finally got the ‘Everything’s your fault, your responsibility. EVERYTHING” treatment. They know I have anxiety, and when I called them to have the phone appointment 3 days ago, I got the ‘But our policy…” bull. If you think logically, wtf do you even talk about on a phone appointment? And if you think logically, the fact that she could answer the phone means that she wasn’t even seeing anyone, and the phone appointment I had literally only took 5 mins without all her bullshit. 5 mins was all it took and she made me suffer 3 days. I called again 2 hours earlier than the actual schedule and she gave me the same bullshit. 3 pm came and no calls, so I called her and now she started playing the victim card. Apparently my phone number with centerlink isn’t updated, even though clearly when I threw my old SIM out, I did that straight away. I get the feeling that these pieces of shits play the same cards with everyone. “But our policy…”, “But centerlink says…”, “That’s because you blablabla, and that is your responsibility blablabla”. They’re pretty much saying ‘no matter what we do to you, you need to not be angry and respect me like I’m the fucking king’. Dumbass bitches on a power trip.

        I get the feeling these guys are only doing these ‘appointments’ to make us feel like a prisoner. I literally feel humiliated and degraded right now. It’s disgusting how they think that everything’s our fault. Little did they know, THEY caused these symptoms I have to get worse. The way THEY work is what made the problem this big to begin with, and that their ways aren’t working. But then it’s useless to call them out on it because it always falls on deaf ears and worse, they play the ‘it’s always my fault’ card.

        I feel like all this is a conspiracy. The govt knows they can’t give employment to everyone. Society definitely needs someone lower than them to feel good about themselves, so they can look down on someone. The govt then creates a program that fucks you up so much, gives you so much bullshit promises and hopes and when you actually want to put the effort in getting better, they suddenly lock all doors to all paths so you’re stuck like a miserable loser that society wants you to be. And the process repeats again.

        Once I have a job, I’m leaving centerlink. Enough wage or not. No one should be on this mental torture. This program is fuel to ‘keeping you a prisoner in your own mind and world’.

  8. I hate my employment provider and im on DES. Everything i do unsatisfied with my consultant she always gets upset with me because its not according to her standards. She is very unhelpful, not understanding and pushing you to get a job asap which hard to get a job asap. She says i dont attend which for the fact shes lieing because i always go to my job search days. I really don’t like their services. Thats why i really want to transfer to another provider!!

    When i go there im always unhappy. I don’t like being treated like this at all.

    1. Try to change send an email to the job agency manager go o the website or go into centrelink i don’t know if they can help though because apparently its changed and if you’re a job agency client they can’t help you or something. I’m finding mine very unhelpful also. Your not alone, they screw lots of people around who don’t deserve it. I wish they’d realize every individual is different and needs a support system and job plan thats right for them and their circumstances. Pushing doesn’t work. I’m working and their still pushing me for goodness sake. The system needs some serious re-thinking. Hope it all works out for you.

  9. Thanks for this information. I am struggling with centrelink and my job provider. I am working part time and studying a part time course. Apparently this isn’t meeting my requirements for my youth allowance or so my job provider says so. She said quit my new job and study full time or work full time. I’m sorry but I can not just study full time and not work I want to better myself and gain experience in the work force and my job is letting me do that. I am studying a dual certificate IV in mental health and disability and will be completed in 18 months. That’s not that long in the grand means of things and she tried to convince me I was making a mistake and tried to convince me to do some other course the agency has coming up which she had no information on! They wan’t you to get a job and study I’m doing both. But it’s not enough. I know you can combine the hours of study and work to meet mutual obligation requirements but she didn’t even tell me that I had to look it up after she freaked me out and made me stress and doubt what I should be doing.
    She says it’s all a bad idea because it doesn’t fit into their little boxes they need to tick. They also get commission for everyone they get a job and sign up into a course they have. So because I found my own job and my own course she was discouraging.
    Every individual’s circumstances are different not everyone can do the same things.
    They should understand that. They should work with people to reach their goals and support them. I am working I am studying so I don’t understand. They aren’t supposed to stress you out cause you anxiety and make you depressed.

    1. I had a similar issue. I found my own job and work just over 25hrs a week but my case worker asked for my payslips so she can report for me. I told her I had no issues reporting for myself.

  10. Your Transfer Request to transfer from your current Employment Provider to the below listed Employment Provider is awaiting approval.

    I guess it’s just a matter of waiting now.

    1. Dear Bradley

      Your proposed Employment Provider, failed to action your transfer request within the required timeframe. Your request was auto-declined by the IT system.

      Kind Regards,
      The Department of Employment

      Oh that went well 😐

      1. Oh Lol, what I have to look forward too. What a complete waste of our time. This must be a joke. Tell me I’m dreaming. A nightmare …..

  11. That happened to me too.This morning I checked my myGov account and received the same message.I have tried again with a different job active provider.I hope it works this time.

  12. I recommend calling the Department of Employment Customer Service.I called them this morning and was immediately transferred to a different job active provider.You just need a valid reason to transfer.

    1. The fact that IT IS NOT ALWAYS ABOUT THEM AND IT FOR AT LEAST ONCE SHOULD OF BEEN MORE AN INDIVIDUAL WHAT ABOUT ME/YOU CASE……should be valid enough reason to switch providers.
      The fact that you are deserving of so much better and you know it and they don’t which is what stresses you out also should be valid reason.

  13. Well i emailed the form to someone at the job active provider that i want to go to, and hopefully she is now dealing with it. Though sadly i’m still with ESG, and to add to why i’m glad i’m going elsewhere, i have been waiting for over 2 hours for a “phone contact appointment” with them. I realise they stated after 1:30 pm, but come on, it’s closing in on 2 and 1/2 hours, am i just meant to wait upon them?

  14. Well I thought I’d give you an update. So I tried to get my current provider and the one I’m hoping to go to fill out the form, and each is saying the other needs to fill it out first.

    Then I decided to contact the Department’s National Customer Service Line, and apparently they can only transfer you the once, so if you want to transfer in the future, you are stuck.

    They suggested to continue trying to get the transfer by agreement, even to do it online again (despite the fact that it timed out previously, though perhaps this time send an email to the site manager (which I don’t know who is) of the potential job provider).

    Surely this process is meant to be easier? I don’t really know what else to do.

    Oh and now the provider i wanted to go to, just emailed me saying..

    Unfortunately we will need to check our capacity to your streaming before either approving or declining,
    But due to ESG’s process, WISE will be unable to accept this transfer.
    There are different Job Active providers who will sign the paperwork before your current provider,
    You may have better luck with them, here is a list.

  15. Honestly, max employment is by far the most punitive job provider I’ve ever come upon. I question everything and often refuse to sign their garbage even when they threaten the usual no sign no dole speak. Hence I’ve become a marked target and have had several disagreements with staff over unprofessional conduct. My benefits are routinely suspended now for over the last three months because I refuse to curtail to their draconian regime when effectively I achieve nothing besides frustration and another low blow to my self esteem when ever I go there .. No privacy, not even a f’n screen and group motivational sessions to supposedly what? That staff play god with my income each fortnight can’t be right. They twice told me to transfer to another provider. I’ve lodged complaints with dhhs three times verbally over the phone and the fourth they supposedly contact max employments complaint area and three weeks later I’ve still not had anyone contact me to arrange any kind of mediation. So I get another text telling me I have an appointment the next day .. Great notice, and get told I’m now on wfd without any consultation and I’ve only got one choice and that’s the salvos op shop in my country town. Still no conversation or acknowledge meant I even made a complaint. They don’t reply my emails yet expect my total compliance and cooperation. Private for profit enterprises running a government responsibility was always going to be a bad idea. I now have proof. Great. And they’ve been contracted for five years? How does this happen? Not happy. Myriads of other grievances but you get the picture. Sadly.

    1. I hear you Ash and feel your pain. Max Employment has proven one of my biggest mistakes! I was threatened last week by new “girl” who is taking over my prior guy (who was older and treated me with respect) I HAD to provide payslips or she’s MAKE me work for someone for free! I did as requested, only to discover from the kind folk who run this site, there is no legislation stating they deserved that information.

      I have since written to state that, and I will provide my work hours, nothing more. I added I am offended having to provide them with what I earn, it’s akin to asking to see her or her managers payslips.

      1. HI Abyss,
        Can you possibly direct me to the relevant page regarding not having to supply payslips? My job provider want mine and I feel it is none of their business and do not wish to provide them……….I told them I would be investigating my rights before I provided payslips, when thy used the excuse they wanted to make sure I reported correctly and didn’t incur a debt I told them “I have been reporting to Centrelink longer than “job provider” was even an employment option in Australia, and longer than her position even existed within society, haven’t incurred a debt, not likely to now. They were not happy and are starting a witchhunt I feel. I would like to arm myself with as much information as I can 🙂

        1. Mine recently called me and asked me for my email address because thet wanted to send me an email about me sending them a copy of my payslips. I thought this was a little odd so I asked them why they wanted a copy of them.and they weren’t very explanitory other then “to create a paper trail with centrelink” my guess is that maybe they think I am trying to do the dodgy and say I have a job so I don’t have to look for work but I have been reporting. Lo and behold though, this was wednesday last week, it’s now Monday and still have not received any email from them. I was going to chase them up on it out of doing the wrong thing by centrelink due to all the dramas we’ve had with them causing us debts because someone on their end put in the information we gave them wrong! Now have nearly had several anxiety attacks since wednesday because of this. Now questioning if I need to provide these payslips or not, so any info to back up my not needing to do so is really needed!

  16. Oh, I forgot to mention the high staff turnover at this one particular branch I have to endure .. Incredible. I rarely see the same face twice when I do actually go now which is once per fortnight, to it thru one more lecture and nod and smile just to get my fortnightly payments. Then ignore them to another fortnight. It is an insult to my intelligence having to go there

  17. Argh ESG, had an appointment today, how can someone trying to seem considerate be so inconsiderate. Oh and of course they tried to put through the transfer and it was the other job provider that rejected it. I must of not had a “legitimate reason”, they deemed that based on a couple words on a form? It’s harder to get a transfer now and they essentially do the same job anyway blah blah. Yeah but I’m sure they are less two faced and more compassionate elsewhere.

  18. Not sure if some of you might be aware of the star rating system.

    Each Job Active provider is rated by stars, based on feedback that the clients provide and how they see the services of the provider are working for them. In short, the more stars, apparently the better they are at keeping their clients happy & engaged.

    The ratings can be found on the Job Active website under the provider search option.

    The manual Request For Transfer form can take up to 2 weeks for DEEWR (dept of education, employment & workplace relations) to process

  19. I am with a JSP who doesn’t seem interested in me finding a job. I have asked if they can help me get my first aid certificate as to get a job in the industry I work in I need it, 1 told me that I am too old and people wont employ me (58) . I then got told that they wont help pay for it so I rang Centrelink who weren’t interested either but said they get funding to pay for it. I have to ring them in the morning and ask to speak to the manager about it. For 7 weeks I had to attend a back on track program which has now been suspended due to the trainer being sacked. He was also meant to send off mine and 2 others DCSI paper work for us and he never did, they are a joke and I am getting so stressed out as I don’t have any money left after paying my rent and I need a job but they wont help

    1. There as useless as these “recruiters/consultants” who advertise there jobs on which is in fact a JOB website….but the recruiters are in denial as to any of this…..they try make out as though they don’t identify as assisting people get a job/work!!??


      Well then…..get the HELL off of JOB website then d…heads!

  20. Job networks are useless they do not help you find work and they are always pushing you into commission base and weekend work of late cheap labour scams.

    Getting you to look for work in areas you can’t get to because of lack of public transport, no person vehicle.

    They are always making appointments on fridays because they know they can go home early and this make sit hard to get any thing organised if you need get boots, or clothing for job interview, work or even course.

    Job network are completely useless anyway i am doing exactly what they were hire to do and it really pissing me off they take the credit for it and the Liberal government is crowing how good the system is working it is a shamble.

    Secondly the work for the dole and green projects are a cheap labour job scam if the government has so many of these work for the dole and green project on their books why cant they pay proper weekly wages and hire the unemployed considering they are claim it is to help get people back in work repay back to the community.

    On top of this these so call non for profit companies mostly churches involved with them are getting the cheapest form of labor instead of hiring contractors or proper labor another form of job scam in itself while they collect tax payers money to buy properties and get cheap building materials to build their own homes.

    None of the work for the dole projects i have dun gave me any skills to get work the whole entire time under the Howard Liberal government and it did not boost my self esteem, help me get work i felt like i was just some cheap carpet for the government to use.

    And from what i am seeing now nothing has changed except the names of the companies that run these jobnetwork and work for the dole which is still connected to the rorting job agency and Work for the dole salvation army.

    Since i quit my taxi driver jobs and end back up on the unemployed list back in sept 2014 due to a nervous break down i seen no changes in any thing the government has claimed its still fix up resume, come in and do job club which goes over the same boring stuff i am already doing and proving proof i am doing.

    More people would get work if the government scrapped the job agencies and allow bosses to employ directly like it was under the Hawke government which you could walk out of one job almost straight into another with out the necessary burden of having a interfering third party wanting you on their books so they can get tax payers government funding which is what really costing Australian tax payers money.

    Job Agency’s need to go they do not offer any help in getting work and i am doing the work for them while they sit on their arse dictating where i should work.

    Liberal government welfare reforms are hodge wash.

    1. kris :你說的對。第三代人,受壓力最大,第三代人便是現在 3x 歲的人了,這代人既未到中年,也是結婚不久孩子剛出生的拼搏派,捱份工、供樓。但若要放膽表達己見,但會被社會認為是 [ 多事 ] 。至於第四代,既現在 30 歲或 25 歲以上的一群,他們受很多時代衝激,但又不像 3x 歲的人這麼深刻印象,例如六四事件、香港回歸的經濟大變動,負資產等,2x 歲的人是知道,但未必親身感受過,很多事情像是切身但又好像伸手不及。香港,那些所謂八古老派古法智慧的領導者或社會賢達,如果說香港人不給祖國機會去愛香港;不如反問他們,八古派又有否給機會人家去對祖國、甚至香港理解多一點?

  21. Hi all! Great website!

    I am currently with Ames.

    I have two letter from my doctor saying that I need to see a psychiatrist for 6 free sessions over 6 months. I email these two letters to one of the staff at Ames (This particular office has the highest staff turnover rate I have ever seen 10 staff left in the last 2 months). One month later I am put in work for the dole and told to tell my psychiatrist that they have to make me appointments around work for the dole.

    I am awfully tempted to tell them to shove work for the dole where the sun don’t flamin shine as I have been unable to work for 3 years because of unpleasant stuff that has happened to me for the last 3 years. I suffer from anxiety issues to the point where I need to be alone for the next 6 months to at least try to heal.

    Any suggestions if there are anybody better than Ames?

    Thanks all. Once again great site.

  22. At this point my job network provider (Job Prospects) is making me do 6 hours of job searching for a total of 12 hours as I am required to do it over 2 days. I am in my 2nd week and I am very close to my required job searches for the month. As soon as I reach it I am not doing anymore due to I don’t have to.
    This “activity” is one that I know very little about than what I have already said. My Job Plan mentions something about doing a job activity 12 hours per fortnight, but I am yet to be told what that means and if it has anything to do with this job searching I am doing. I have asked about it and have also reminded them that I can’t do 6 hours a day due to suffering from stress and how this activity effects it. Still no answers. I have also told the network’s counsellor about all this and she will be updated when I get no answers and when I do.
    If this goes for too much longer, I am going to try to leave and go somewhere else. I hear complaints about certain staff there and how unhelpful they are. I am adding myself to the list of complainers.

    1. That’s it. That job searching is your “activity”. Sit in a chair where someone is available to “help” you find work. But it shouldn’t be 12 hours a month. Ask if there is a course or something more useful you could be doing in that time, especially if you can do your searches from home.
      Jobs Statewide gives you an hour a week (which you can get out of as long as you show you can do 20 jobs a month on your own, then you only have to attend once a month, hand in your job applications, have a chat, then leave.)

  23. I cannot even begin to describe my hatred of Max Employment. Evil…. totally evil. the only person they are interested in helping is themselves, at your expense, even if it will cost you your life, like what these slimy sons of hell are doing to me. They dont seem to lose a wink of sleep that their scams and games are blockading my access to DSP, even though they know I have been eligible for it for two years now, and the only thing preventing access to this life saving assistance is the self serving bastardry of Max Employment. They know. But they dont care, since screwing me around results in a paycheck for them, but increased life threatening illness damage to me, because I cannot afford to take care of my illness on newstart. All it would take to save my life if for these bastards to just put in writing what their consultant told me, that they have zero help to offer somebody in my situation. They will not. They would rather that you DIE from your illness than admit that the utter shite they put you through is useless pointless insulting irritating subhuman crap that would never help anybody get a job, ever.

  24. I’m with (Un)Wise employment and my current consultant is a real piece of work I’m going to try and get a change of consultant today as I’ve got an appointment in the morning. I’m going to try and get back to seeing my old consultant as she actually cared for me and tried to get me into the field i’m comfortable in (IT) and not any job like the current one is trying to do just so she can earn her fat commission.

    I’m also going to request to only have monthly appointments and not annoying fortnightly (or sooner) ones that they have been giving me (thanks to this amazing website for that information)

    Wish me luck.

  25. Been with Job Prospects since deferred Masters due to coordinator passing away, Went overseas due to field work notified centrelink they said ok was texted for agency. When got back had meeting was made to sign for 20 jobs a week I work between 20-40 hours a week. Have cancelled meeting due to work and when reporting for payments automatically meeting requirements, and now 6th fortnight no pay, yet still sent letters keep ringing them they say still have to come but have not been doing that. Also a different person each time when I call.
    My last provider between my BA and Honors was fantastic and even kept in contact via email when back on Honors she wanted a copy of my Thesis.
    Wise employment so much better but they did not get contract in my local area.
    Job Prospects does not understand the rights of the job seeker.

  26. I think the main issue here is that there are simply not enough jobs.. The unemployment rate statistics are incorrect because they seem to think that someone who works only 3-4 hours a week is technically employed despite that these people are still requiring benefits to make ends meet. Whats worse is that the job providers themselves are not really helping us find work. Instead they seem to be a tool to help alleviate the pressure from the Centrelink offices. We are forced to attend the same time wasting appointments with our providers. The very same appointments and activities hosted by job providers that were audited and shutdown only a year ago. The group job search activities are of no use to me and probably not much help to many of the people who have to attend these meetings with said providers. Attending these appointments and being made to work for the dole has taken a huge toll on my self esteem. Some job providers are better than others but in the end none of them provide what we actually need. Promising job leads..

  27. Max employment just sucks real quick in getting me into a work for the dole scheme but not real quick finding me jobs and they wonder why people go off at them, Useless the lot of them

    1. They just spend the $ they Rort off of Centerlink and build new office outfits including glass reception screen and fancy door with keypad combo lock so they can lock their bone fat idle ignorant backsides away from our view out left on our own in reception area.

      If you see a product disclosure statement/delivery of services bit of photostat paper at start up of JSA… should be able to point out all the promises/services they list on that document….but they will look at it like it is like a blank peice of paper and it would take an EWP to even budge these defiant obnoxious JSA case workers asses into gear.

  28. IK just got back from meeting with my job coach who is a new coach. This is the 5th coach now I have had. Previously I had a coach who was really good helping me and discussing my situation each time I would go in to see him. Sadly he moved to QLD. Today at JOBACTIVE BLACKTOWN NSW I was treated like a criminal as if I had done something wrong. There was no assistance, zero compassion or even discussion I was treated as if I was not doing anything to get a job. The supervisor was called over by my job coach and then she was even ruder then the new job coach. I was in shock as to their treatment of me acting like I was a bludger. I have worked since I was 12 years old often working 7 days and some nights till I was in my late 30s when I had to take on my two children aged 2 and 4 at the time. Now I need to be on the pension to be there for my kids. I have been trying different things to make money so I can still look after the children. These job coaches are a disgrace and should not be in a job like this.

  29. MAX connect EMPLOYMENT are useless have provided me NO HELP with anything to get me a job they just sit on their ass on computer looking like their helping out but they do nothing I’m putting in a transfer to employment plus

    1. Trust me, it won’t help. Employment Plus, in Beenleigh specifically, give you activities to do but it doesn’t get you a job any quicker. If you get calls for an interviews, you only have yourself to thank, not them.

      1. Never EVER have I had a JSA even as far as having a single lead/contact to show for….even initiating one…..have I ever had any of them do neither.

        Like trying to get blood out of a stone.

        They have no local employers looking/sourcing for workers….etc and too much emphasis these days on giving jobs to people already working than to unemployed people.
        Recruiters are an EFFING discriminatory disgrace as they black list any applicant been out of work 3 months…..and all we have is ongoing harrassment having to look at these arrogant pig ignorant reluctant to do jack regarding facilitating us into employment cheap and nasty easy way out WFD JSA case worker pigs.

  30. I go to Salvation Army: Employment Plus
    I gotta say the whole thing is a joke and a waste of time. They don’t help in getting you a job and the activities they make you do hasn’t helped me whatsoever, it’s actually quite stupid. I managed to get interviews and that was by my own doing. I have nothing to thank them for at all. Forcing people to work for the dole is pathetic. I’m already going through financial struggles and on top of that I’m supposed to work for the dole (receiving benefits from Centrelink does not count as it is f*** all, it does not make up for the amount of time I spend doing this), yeah thanks. Waste my fuel and waste my time, make me miss out on all the job opportunities that are posted online because I’m “working” til 4:30pm, I could apply but hundreds of other people have already applied before me. They don’t understand that I’m not the only person applying for jobs out there. Working for the dole is the biggest time waster ever, it is only beneficial for those who have absolutely no work experience.

    1. As far as myself is concerned….I think I will just commit suicide before ending up on any WFD debilitating degrading non for profit depressing animal refuge/Salvation Army clothing store program.
      I will even tell/warn them this.

        1. People should just rally…start a protest placards and all about how so many providers are basically the same and failing people making their lives a misery on top of unemployment.

  31. I recently changed from parenting payment to newstart as my youngest son turned 8 and I was suddenly put into another stream. I am now required to attend a ‘job club’ 5 days a week for 3 hours a day doing exactly what I can do at home. It is a complete waste of time and I’m supposed to only have part time requirements as a principle carer parent. I seem to be the only principle carer parent in there who has to go every day so I’m pretty close to requesting a transfer. I really want to find work but this is not helping at all.

  32. Hello all
    i totally agree, with all the ppl on here, and there situation of there context, and iv been thru the same treatment, and iv complaint to every department there was, and even center link, to my conclusion, these job providers, have more power than centerlink, after all i went thru, i beleive these job service providers, are the way thay are, by design, i believe these job service providers where created, to remove the umemployed from centerlink, the umemployed to the service providers, the umemployed, are not to be trusted, not to be believed, and to hassel them to the point, where no reason of excusses mean anything, you have totally no rights, and because your unemployed you have no money other than the benifit your getting, so you have no chance employing a lawer to fight back, so thay just get away with it, and as ppl get cut then reinstatted and loose days pay hear and there, centerlink saves money, im a injuerd work related person, had operation when thru work cover now im on the dole, with workcover restrictions so i can stay healthy in life, to the job service provider it means nothing, of cause thay say thay understand, just to look good, i tried to apply for disability pension, but because the way the disability support requiments are set up now, as im not half dead its not avalible to me, the whole system is designed the way it is to get ppl on support off support at any means,

  33. I recently joined MAX employment (like a month and a half ago) and it is BY FAR THE WORST EXPERIENCE ever! They don’t alert you or they ONLY alert you if you have missed your appointment on MYGOV. They don’t have any alerts on your upcoming appointments, only the sheet of paper they give you at the start. It’s very unprofessional. I had to go to those 3 compulsory Job Advice meetings and I went to them and they were over within 20 minutes and then we were told to go on to the computers and job seek for the rest of time. The 1st time I ever went to MAX, they didn’t even teach me how to use the (outdated) computers and their resume system is the WORST, lucky I’m a quick learner for computers but I couldn’t help but feel sorry for those who don’t use computers often, trying to work out this horrible, ineffective system. I tried finding holes within their system so I could use my own resume by downloading it on the computer but I guess they did their work on how to prevent that. So I had to basically find all the jobs I wanted to apply for and THEN go home and apply to them, which I feel is a complete waste of time. Don’t even get me started on the speed of their internet and system, again a complete waste of time. I feel sorry for those who may not have computers at home because there is NO WAY that they can apply to jobs correctly and professionally using MAX’s system.

    The staff there are rude and disrespectful. I got a job interview for a bar and I went to it and then I was invited to do a 5 week CERT III in Hospitality. I told MAX that I was doing it. But then a few weeks later my payment was suspended saying that I took it into my own hands (as if I have no right to do so) to do this course without their permission. They told me I missed all my appointments (despite me telling them I CANNOT attend due to the 9-5 demand of the course). They still said it was all my fault and I DIDN’T get paid for that fortnightly pay. The MAX lady who told me this said I’ve done the wrong thing and that “you will most likely not get a job anyway with this certificate” um lady I need all the experience I can get, I can’t see this as a waste of time, I’m learning loads you idiot, at least I’m not sitting on my butt, flattering out my ass cheeks. SO yeah BASICALLY NEVER CHOSE MAX IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING! Also, would love it if someone could tell me on MYGOV how to change employment providers. Thanks.

  34. Call the 1800 number at the top of this page, lodge your complaint then seek a transfer. It’s easily done. The complaints are noted. This is what I did to move away from Max Employment, and their low level, ineffective, and occasionally dishonest staff.

    Be aware too that Max Employment named in a fraud investigation in 2015 under the previous JSA system – refer the 4 Corners report on the ABC site. I cannot understand how this company has been awarded a new service contract under JobActive. It’s clear from any interactions I’ve had with them that it’s all about the money. Their services, resources and programs are thoroughly inadequate and certainly not customer-centric. In my view they have completely misrepresented themselves to the DHS, aside from aptly demonstrating appalling business practices.

    1. Because the government are thick and ignorant as pig shit that’s why.
      They just love throwing money away.Same deal with the corrupt lying RTOs lying about how their BS run organisations are just diploma mills churning out going nowhere qualifications even lying about PP…Productivity placement crock saying there is a skills shortage in particular area and these courses are designed to address that….load of bollocks!
      Don’t ever do a course with ltt(lab tech training WA) cos their a total sham RTO and you will waste 10 months doing cert III/Diploma in lab technology F/T and no one will be interested.

    2. Is their actually any such thing as a “good provider” because so far I have had the unfortunate misery dealings with

      Mission plus(
      @work Australia
      Community first vic park(I saw the girl there actually throwing her highlighter pen at people sometimes when I was doing a job assist course there….disgusting behaviour…not to mention verbally insulting people comparing herself to us as a tax payer)

      Max employment

      Like website None have ever actually ever yielded me a job.Not even tried once.

  35. SARINA RUSSO is the worst. They are asking for my pay slips to make sure I am telling centrelink the right hours and money earnt. Not in helping me find permanent employment….. All they want is the government subsidy and not interested in helping anyone.

  36. I have/had? a transfer by agreement pending with ESG to transfer to another provider enacted on the 15th of December. I sat with my “job coach” (whoever i get shuffled around to on some kinda of rotation) today to query the outcome of the transfer, she appeared to be oblivious to it even existed, so she called the “manager”. I was then told that the other provider had it declined (which I knew was BS, when in fact they started the ball rolling after I spoke with their Manager in person and watched him sign the transfer from), but “wasn’t sure” and “manager” would call me…that didn’t happen. Why not just tell me you are completely ignoring my request? later today ESG have reported to centrelink i have missed an appointment today. I feel as if I am being punished.

    Reasons for leaving ESG St Marys:
    Numerous times (more than 5) they have set an appointment, made no attempt to notify me of the appointment (not snail mail, not email, not landline nor mobile), and then reported that I failed to attend…WTF?!
    In November they sent me to Providential Homes for a WFD project (kitchen refurbishment, which turned out to be a project that was no longer running), so i helped out around their warehouse, packing crates for food deliveries, loading/unloading trucks and pointless shuffling of stuff they hoard (because they didn’t have much else use for us?)…for three weeks my attendance was not being reported to whoever, and only discovering this was occurring with the notification of my payment being suspended. The report to Centrelink was erroneous (the days did not match the ones in my JSA), therefore it was dismissed (small win for me)…i never went back.

    going to look into 1.5.2 Changing Providers Due to Relationship Failure i guess, any advice?

    1. So I procrastinated on contacting the Department’s National Customer Service Line in order to change providers due to relationship failure, and now it will be longer necessary, as I was surprised to receive an appointment letter in the mail from the new provider.
      Good Riddance to ESG.

  37. My life has been compltely destroyed after workplace bullying in 2012. I worked for a very poorly managed, small business. They made me believe that they were going through temporarily difficulties. I worked very hard, received ongoing positive feedback that I was “the best admin person” the business ever had. After 4 months in the role, I received an unexptected payrise, which made me feel appreciated. I was the only Admin person in the office, the others were business owner, his sister as finance and hr manager, their longterm friend as operationsmanager. None of them had qualifications or experience to perform their roles (something I discovered much later). I worked a lot of unpaid overtime, was completely exploited, but as there was promise of support of further studies and improvement, I did my best. There was high staff turnover – during my time 7 people left and 7 people started (in a business with less than 15 employees and during a period of 1 yr and 9 mths. When I went on one months holidays, after much notice, when I had been there for 1 year and 3 mths, I assisted the business to find a suitable person to fill in while I was away. On my return from holidays, the workplace bullying started. They completely screwed with my head. It appeared as they were trying to make me resign, but at the same time they gave feedback that I was a very valued employee…. the bullying increased, I became more and more stressed and confused. It was clear that they wanted to employ the person who I had assisted with to fill in for me during my holidays. Unfortunately for me, my employer did not at all go about code of conduct, and completely failed duty of care. I was lied to, yelled at, sworn at, given a USB with a wormvirus and much, much more. Eventually I made a written grievance and harassment complaint, backed up with much real information, referring to dates and events. The complaint was not handled in accordance with code of conduct, according to workplace health and safety. Instead the bullying increased. I was so stressed that I had a twitch in my eyelid, thyroid issues, sleep problems, cried every day, isolated myself from social interaction. Eventually I made a written complaint to Workplace Health and Safety Queensland. The day after I had made the complaint, late in the afternoon, with five minutes notice, I was requested to attend a meeting. In this meeting, I was told for the first time that my job had been made redundant. I was told that I could apply for the new part-time postion. This was in fact my job cut down to part-time. However, there had been no consultation or forewarning, I was not offered the job, I was told I could apply for the newly created position. There was absolutely no reason to why my employer would handle the situation like this. Just before going on holidays, an email was sent to all staff, with special reference of appreciation of my highly valued input to a project to improve the situation in the business. I had handed in my written resignation, after 7 months with the business, due to how poorly managed it was. I was then asked to stay and I was asked to suggest how the situation could be improved, which I did. For anyone who looks at this in an equal and unbiased way, it is very clear that I was severely bullied. This is the reason to why I crashed with severe depression. I did everything I could to get help from the authorities that are available in those situations, but my former employer has connections in government. Now I am being made out to be a perpetrator, a person who has difficulties with authorities, there are attempts to declare me mentally disturbed. All my solid evidence has been completely ignored and numerous false reports written up about me. When I started in this job in 2011, I had lived in my home since 2004, paid off around $15000 on the loan, I had some savings and investments. I had solid workexperience from working full-time since 1993.
    Jobservice providers have definitely not worked in my best interest, they are contributing to making me more and more unemployable. They are not meeting their obligations in assisting me with suitable employment. To my experience, they are destroying people and are a complete waste of taxpayers money. Ofthen the staff in the jobservice providers have not suitable qualifications or experience, even hardly any experience at all. They are unable to relate to people who are unemployed for various reasons.
    Australia is a country with concerning amount of suicide and mental health issues. What I have learnt, is that mental health is used as a weapon to declare people incapable and disturbed, instead of dealing with issues appropriately, in a fair and transparent manner. It is so completely wrong.

    1. Yes Eva I hear you girlfriend. I have depression and anxiety (I am medicated) but I still have my not so good days and struggling to get a job doesn’t help. I am so sorry about what you’ve been through and I hope this year will be better for you and myself too.

  38. Does anyone know of a decent provider I could transfer to? I thought I had a good one, but my consultant has turned out to be a real Beeeeeeep!
    I spent my first day at “job seekers group” in a room in front of a computer. She didn’t tell me what to do so I sat there for 45 mins doing nothing while she conducted appointments. Perhaps it should have been obvious to me that I was supposed to use it but she didn’t tell me that. All I knew was to turn up. I didn’t know what we were going to do in this stupid group. I look for work every day at home on my laptop. Durr! When I told her I could do everything from home she said if I want her help I must attend. It’s BS. Then she tries to lay a guilt trip on my by saying I have to do more walks around the shopping centre applying for retail jobs and that that is the only way I will get anywhere because employers want to see you face to face. She won’t help me by calling the companies where I have applied for office jobs as she says they are looking for something specific and that Echo only do that for some jobs like trade, hospitality & others, not the ones I want. How is that going to help me? I have no idea in what way she plans on helping me. But I don’t like being made to feel like I am not making enough of an effort to find work. She gave me a hard time when I left at 2pm instead of 2:30pm, telling me that the group is run for an hour & a half not an hour. to top it off she knows I have health restrictions which limit me to the type of work I can do. I really didn’t like her attitude and want to change providers because she is not giving me the support I need given my situation. She is not very sympathetic.

  39. I’m a single parent, not by choice, of two wonderful boys. I ended up retiring at the beginning of last year due to injuries I received in a car accident. I had previously been working for the same company for almost 10yrs. I chose to study full-time, instead of looking at four walls, at Uni doing a Bachelor in Science. I have Cert 4 in Frontline Management and a Diploma in Business Management. This started so many problems with Centrelink as I am not, “One of the Norm” I was called as I am within my rights to do nothing. I then got sent to MADEC. OMG!! I have just emailed them again tonight. I have signed a Study Plan with Centrelink but they hassle me to go and sign a Job Plan with them. My certificate for my back etc was over riding the fact I was studying and this is the first instance I had issues with MADEC last year. It took months of being told it wasn’t them but Centrelink and visa versa. They know about my health issues. The receptionist is so rude and condescending I hate talking to her. I don’t know my rights. I am in the process of also applying for disability as I have now been classified as permanently disabled and stable by my doctor etc. I can get JET childcare assistance if I email JET every single week my timetable for Uni, what a joke, and I can’t get help with Uni books cause I’m not on Austudy. Was told to apply for it which I cannot due to my kids. I have a disability access plan so I can also watch lectures online so I don’t have to be in a car or walk far. MADEC office here is hopeless. Their Head Office at least tries to help but it’s not up too them. Sorry for the rant but I feel like banging my head on a brick wall. It feels like a fight at every turn. Can anyone point me in the right direction or have I not been informed correctly?? Please help.

  40. I’m so not happy with my current Employment Consultant. I want to change providers, but I do not want to face him with the form to transfer as I know he won’t sign it. He is useless, is never happy with the amount of jobs I apply for, the variety of jobs I apply for and has no information/ideas on how to get a job. I doubt he’s even putting me forward for their own jobs on their job sheets. Is it possible to change providers online? I read previous posts mentioning this, but I can’t find where to do it in my online mygov account.

  41. Max employment agency, what a joke!!! I took a photo of an empty office today with 6-8 people waiting! 40 minutes later I walked out, they didn’t even notice! I’ve gone in a few times and sat on the floor as there were no chairs! I’ve had over 5 different consults and most have left. They are nothing but ignorant box tickers!

  42. It’s not just Max employment that is behaving badly. I’ve just had global skills today try and convince to stay on welfare instead of withdrawing from it. I have a job now and I am quite happy with the hours I am working. Global skills have even harassed my employer to give me more hours ( in a physically demanding job ) when I don’t really need more hours than I’m already working. I have apologised to my employer for my job network providers bad behaviour. Just as well there was no hard feelings.

    They got quite annoyed at me when I told them the other day that I would be withdrawing from Centrelink very soon and not attending job search or appointments with them. To be honest, it sounded like a massive scam conversation. I couldn’t quite believe that they wanted me to stay on the welfare system. It’s in their best interest to get me off it.

  43. I’ve had the same problems with Jobs statewide.
    The appointment booking system: My first appointment was scheduled for Boxing Day. I was dubious, but I attended because I didn’t want to fail my obligations. I took a photo of the locked door and slid my resume underneath. I also attempted to call them several times so I had records of my attempts to make contact. But really?! Scheduling an appointment on a public holiday.
    The payslip meetings: I was marked as unattended because apparently I had not handed in my payslips. I had been told to email them so I wouldn’t have to show up in person. I did. They said my payslips were a week behind. I get paid fortnightly, and on the opposite week to government pay week. They wanted payslips that did not exist yet (eg. my slip that I would get on the 19th but they wanted it on the 12th). I told them this and started requesting confirmation of the emails. I told them in an email that I would not be getting casual work for December. They did not confirm receipt. I was marked as unattended in December. I sent them Novembers slips again and requested receipt of email confirmation. They did not confirm, but I was marked as attended. I sent the same email again two weeks later and requested receipt in the subject line (and also stated I had requested it twice already IN BIG CAPITAL LETTERS). They finally replied. Didn’t hear anything about it being November’s payslips though, so they obviously didn’t bother reading it.
    The computers: I spent 1/2 hr just trying to change a couple of paragraphs on a word document and then print them. On one of 6 computers. At Salisbury (20 mins away) when my provider is supposed to be Elizabeth. Because over 6 months ago they had ‘flooding’ (on the second floor?) and due to ‘liability and insurance issues’ no one at the Elizabeth branch can use a PC unless the job club has room.
    “Help” with getting interviews: I found a couple of interviews on my own, but I have only been provided ONE interview by my case worker in a YEAR. So I have to apply for 20 jobs per month (240 per year, people!) and they have helped me with almost nothing. Less than 0.5% compared to my efforts.
    Keeping private information private: Putting that many resumes online has left me vulnerable to scammers and course recruiters (yes, I’ve had a few phone calls asking me to SPEND money or sign up for EXPENSIVE courses instead of offering a way to make money). I haven’t heard a word about online safety from my jobs provider, and you’d think they’d advise us on how to protect ourselves from being taken advantage of.

  44. WARNING!!!!
    Check your privacy settings on Seek, CareerOne, Indeed, JobActive etc. The default settings allow these companies to SELL YOUR DETAILS to third parties. I have had several calls from course providers who try to sign me up for EXPENSIVE business courses (I had to do my research to find out the cost) that have NOTHING to do with my desired field. I am hoping for an employer to call me, so I answer the phone and then have to deal with what are basically telemarketers. These sites are preying on vulnerable job seekers.
    READ THE FINE PRINT, and if you’re not sure, change your settings to private.

  45. Hello Everyone

    I have been with ESG for quite some time now. In that time I have done 3 separate certificates as part of the job activity plan, I have been changed to not 1 not 2 but 4 different job coaches this year alone in the last 2 months and I have been telling them that I suffer from stress induced anxiety. For that reason I am unable to work in a hospitality environment because I have worked in that industry for 8 years. Even after telling them this so many times since last year not even once any of them mentioned that I need to show evidence of this so I had no way of knowing until last Friday when one of the job coaches called to tell me that he is going to start setting up interviews for hospitality industries and now I having to chase up my GP and my previous psychologists to get a formal letter to say that I have been suffering from anxiety.

    I the hospitality industry I had been dragged by the collar by a chef, I was spat on by a customer, I had drinks thrown at me, I had food thrown at me because it wasn’t to their liking, I was harassed by co workers, and more than many occasions people left work early because they couldn’t handle the pressure and I was left to do all the work.

    The job coach on the phone kept saying that “I know your dream job is to work in retail or in an IT environment but you have to work somewhere in hospitality.” working for retail is no one’s “dream job” every single person who seeks help from ESG they know all too well that they are far from their dream job. They know they never had their dream job and maybe they never will, I live with that in every waking moment of my life I don’t need someone like them to be a constant reminder of it.

    Not only that, I thought it would be good for me to do an RSA course and while on the phone he/she sounded so condescending saying “Well if you cant work in an hospitality industry then getting you that course was a waste of our time.” I agree that I wasn’t thinking clearly when I asked if I could do an RSA course and I was also not even expecting them to pay for it but they did and I was surprised by that. I did the rsa course before and I needed to update it.

    After that phone call on Friday I haven’t been able to sleep properly for 3 nights in a row. I went to see my GP today to get a letter to say that I suffer from Anxiety so I could give it to ESG. But turns out that kind of letter can only be given to me by a Psychologist. So he gave me a medical certificate instead. I am afraid that on Monday (tomorrow) when I provide them this they wont accept it. Furthermore, last time when I had my mental health plan done I was refereed to headspace 2 or 3 months before my 26th birthday and the thing about headspace is that they don’t see anyone above the age of 25. So, I have been looking for a Psychologist that does bulk billing since then. When I went to my GP today he told me my mental health plan needs to be updated and to set up another appointment for that matter. After that they will find me a Psychologist who will be able to give me a letter to show ESG and CENTERLINK.

    Right now, all I can say is that I am sick and tired of being thrown around like this. All I want right now is a job that I know I am capable of doing. I have loved computers since I was a kid, I never owned a single gaming console in my whole life but I have built computers for myself and for others. I built my first computer when I was 15. The only reason I never had the chance to pursue that dream is because I came from a poor family and my parents needed money. So I spent the majority of that 8 years working in the hospitality industry to cater to my family’s needs. But it’s time for a change and I need that one chance to show people that I am a hardworking dedicated and enthusiastic person given the right opportunity. They said they the “An interview in the hospitality will be help me” …How exactly? One of the most common interview question is “What drives you to work in this industry?” … What am I suppose to tell them? Nothing. Absolutely NOTHING, I have lost all my passion for that Industry.

    I apologies for venting. But I feel like I can’t express this to anyone because No one gets it. They think mental illness is a joke. That I am making excuses, I am 26 years old, and I used to LOVE driving when I first got Ls it was until I got into a car crash with my cousin when I became scared of driving but now with the help of my girlfriend who has been so supportive of me throughout all these years I finally got my Ls again hopefully I will be on my Ps in a matter of 2 months. But that being said, I can not sleep the night before my driving lesson. I have constant panic attacks and the same thing happens before every single ESG appointments. Being unemployed not only affects you financially but mentally and physically. I just wish they would understand it.

  46. I just changed from Max Employment. I was cut off for not being able to attend appointments due to work. I had to ring up the Department of Employment to confirm that paid employment was a reasonable excuse. They also got nasty when I refused to provide payslips for a job I found myself (they kept ringing up making appointments the same day saying I will be breached if I did not provide them)

    The lady from the Department was nice enough to do a transfer right away as the consultant at Max was getting very angry and ringing up every few hours demanding I come in and was making daily appointments until I did. She used the “Better Servicing” for which a transfer can be done immediately for cases where a agency performance is so bad there is no other option like this case. This was useful as the consultant’s behavior escalated to a point of extreme harassment and all the appointments made were removed and they no longer had access to my file.

    The new agency is a lot better than Max as they are not for profit and actually nice to people.

  47. I cancelled my appointment with one of those agencies after finding a full-time job. They’ve been harassing me for the past month to provide them with my payslips, ABN number, business name, address, team leader name, their phone number, my position title, type of work, hours etc. I am constantly getting SMS messages and phone calls. I reported everything to Centrelink, but my account is now blocked. The only thing I want is for them to get off my back. How do I report this abuse?

    1. They’re only doing that because they want to make out they got you the job,They want their little bonus,They are sales reps marketers they claim they non for profit organizations but really all we are to them is numbers and quotas ,To hell with giving them your pay slips what’s that to them,Your payslips are for your eyes only and the tax man,Keep ignoring them,Only report your earnings to centrelink not to them

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