Public Action Forum Against Welfare Crackdown

The government is introducing two bills into parliament designed to dismantle our social security system.

We need to fight back.

Come to our free Public Action forum at Trades Hall on March 2 (4pm – 7pm to join the struggle for a dignified social security system.

Speakers include:

Steve Jolly (Yarra City Councillor, Victorian Socialists)
Lisa Newman (CPSU, Deputy National President)
Sue Bolton (Moreland City Councillor, Socialist Alliance)
Father Bob Maguire
Nina Springle (The Greens)
Spike Chiappalone (Homeless Persons Union)
Lara Watson (First Nations Working Alliance)
Amanda Smith (The Say No Seven)

In the second half of the event, we will be forming Public Action Groups fighting a range of issues, including

-Work For the Dole
-Punitive employment services system
-Punitive Centrelink system
-Cashless Welfare

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