President’s Job Agency Diary

My job agency cut me off Newstart because I did not enter into a job plan – a outrageous penalty considering I was not even presented with a job plan in my appointment. My payment was delayed my almost a week because of this. Complaint On the 22nd of January I lodged an official complaint with the Department of Employment Customer Service Line (reference number 462 111). My complaint covered Wesley Mission’s: failure to
I arrived at Wesley Mission (Flemington) at around 2:40pm for my 2:45pm appointment. As usual, I went to the computers to wait for my job agent to call me. 3:00pm – no sign of my job agent. 3:30pm – still nothing. I wondered how long would I have to wait for them to notice I was still here. By 3:50pm, they had won the stand off. I went to the desk to ask