Our Petitions

Please read and sign our petitions fighting for a fairer society for the unemployed and centrelink recipients.


  1. Reverse Attacks to the Welfare State

  2. Increase Newstart by $150 per week

  3. Stop the Privatisation of Centrelink

  4. Create Secure Jobs for the Unemployed

  5. Make Centrelink Calls Toll-Free

  6. Decrease Parliamentary Salaries

  7. Fix Victoria’s Unemployment Crisis

    Set up a government-run body to ensure that all $1 billion committed to the ‘Back to Work Act’ is spent on creating good jobs for the unemployed

  8. Reverse Cuts to Disability Support Pension


  1. How about bringing back on the job training for all these bogus tafe courses which only seem to graduate foreigners to go straight into the work force unexperienced, trust me I got a job with a disability agency and the stories that come from my clients are horrific and beyond belief. I can not find a decent job because I dont have experience and I tell my clients that I am not a nurse and can not do these requested invasive procedures on them, so how do these foreigners get away with it??????? By pretending to not understand English. OMG IM SORRY >I THINK I AM SOUNDING RACIST (I am a European immigrant from the 60″s who seems to be stuck with aus law)

    1. Its not all about foreigners or bogus tafe colleges or whatever.I studied at Tafe college for my Bachelor,unable to get jobs in Australia,unable to apply for postgraduate visa since my course was only 1.5 years.I returned to my home country ,doing some commission based jobs and still it is difficult to find a job at my related field of study.Its reality everywhere.Its not about foreigner ,its all about your expertise in that particular field or recession.Another factor is technology made our job search harder….Stop blaming others,find something better to do ,at least part time job rather than blaming others for your fault.

      1. Its the tax payer who is paying for these bogus tafe colleges and when there is no job at the end of it the people can only look at where all the jobs are going. Our government is blaming us for being unemployed and at the same time flooding the country with cheap labor from overseas and not once……NOT ONCE do they come down to listen to the people.Instead they choose to create their own statistics and false reports and then spread their own propaganda turning Australians against Australians.We need an enquiry held into government misconduct.

        1. There is more to the story. Why does the government have bad policies? Why is there not enough jobs for everyone? It is because it was a choice. The bad policies come from political parties that put their political donors first. But what choice do the political parties have when they exist only due to the political donors. There is your problem. The solution is simple. Get rid of political donations and the make the elections wholly publicly financed.

          As usual the devil is always in the detail. What is that? If we want a vibrant democracy we need all the voters to be engaged in the outcome. How? Everyone voter is given AU$30 issued debt free to spend on a political party every year and it expires if not spent. This money can only be spent on a political party and no other source of funds can be used.

      2. It is about bogus Tafe courses. Why? These courses are subsidizes by the australia and this money could of been used else where. The problem is that is that the skills then are devalued by everyone else.

        Do you dislike foreigners? No but you are in a poverty trap just like the rest of us. That poverty trap might not be obvious to you. I think that your idea of a fair go is not the same as we have. You think it is okay for people to live and die on the streets. It is not okay for that to happen here. You might even claim that you are against people dying from poverty in the streets. That is not what you do when you are here. You think that Australia pays too much tax. How else do you think they pay for government services? You might think that in your own country that the government is corrupt. The corruption comes form the political donors. The legal bribery ( political donations) create the problems in the first place.

    2. You’re totally right Claudia. The Tafe courses are bogus, training organisations are raking it in while the good teachers despair for what once was. Meanwhile the opportunity cost for anyone with experience to engage their skills is prohibitive. Our skills training sector is working hand in glove with government to rort public funding while masking the truly dire state of the jobs market. Unemployed people are doing well not having their heads explode with the absurdities and contradictions!

  2. Can I urge everyone to consider opting into welfare as a protest to the capitalist system. I opted onto welfare since I left school as I refuse to participate in a greed economy and dont want my contribution to go towards a greed loving employer. The more people on welfare the more likely that profits will be taken from the neocons and distributed to those who need it. If anyone wants to find out the best way to make sure all your entitlements are received, it is a detailed process and I am more than willing to help.
    Another thing is that we must make sure that at all times, slumlords are put out of business. You can opt into public housing rather than paying slumlords rent. There are plenty of public housing stocks and the sooner they are filled the more likely that the neocon government will be forced to acquire more and the less stock will be available to slumlords. OUr first step is to abolish negative gearing to ensure stock is available.

    1. I’d appreciate your commentary in Reddit australia subreddit. We get too many conservative ( LNP) folks. I think your commentary is beautiful. It is lacking in that forum. thanks.

  3. While I’m no longer subject to the hell of Centrelink (going on fifteen years now), I know only too well what it’s like. I have watched (and even experienced for a time) our so-called political representatives ignore and even inflict themselves on the less advantaged for decades.

    The discrimination, inequality, and injustice is as vile as it is disgraceful. Instead of real help, folk unfortunate enough to find themselves unemployed, even under-employed, disabled or a single parent are not just alienated, bullied, and disenfranchised, but vilified and dehumanised.

    How can inflicting forced labour (work for the dole at under minimum wage, with no training, no sick-leave, no Super, no holidays, no rights), malnutrition, homelessness, and mental health problems help people?

    When there are not enough viable jobs, the fault lies does not lie with the affected individual but with an incompetent government. Denying fellow citizens their basic human rights is a crime, and until this violation is exposed and addressed, the problem will only get worse as desperate people commit desperate acts simply to survive or make the misery end.

    I would love to sign and share many of the petitions posted here, but every time I try I get a message that says “there was a problem with your signature”. I’ve noticed it on a number of other petitions too, and have often wondered how many other people get the same message and if there is something more sinister behind that. I can only hope they get the support they need without my help.

  4. I have a quick question. I’m a Stream C and Max Employment is making me apply for 20 jobs per month.
    Your information says it can be 10.
    So what are my rights?

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