Online Advocacy Course

Welcome to the AUWU’s online advocacy course.

This course is completely free and self managed. It is designed for people who want to learn more about the rights unemployed workers have in the employment services system. After completing the course, students will be eligible for helping the AUWU with its advocacy service.

If you successfully complete the course and want to volunteer with our advocacy team, please contact our advocacy coordinators Ewen and Daryl on

The AUWU have created a discussion board for you to communicate with each other and the AUWU. Please click here to sign in and access it.

Click here to download all the slides used in the lectures below.

To start the advocacy course, please start off by watching the introductory video below:



Please also read this document on the communication skills you need to run the hotline. This information will be on the test.

Now you’re ready to take the test!

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