My Job Agency Got Me Sacked From My Dream Job

I would like to share my recent horrible experience with you due to Matchworks Boronia.
As you know the unemployed have a stigmatism in which employers are usually of the opinion that there is something wrong with them or they’re just losers.
I was successful in getting a full time permanent job which commenced 1st September for a company whom believed I was currently employed.
I was terminated two weeks ago with the reason being “not a good fit”, despite the praise I received constantly on my performance and never calling in sick, starting early or on time as per finishing, getting along with colleagues etc.  This was my dream job I was really good at and close to home.
I was shocked and appalled because without my consent Matchworks contacted the employer to see how I was going.  This gave the employer the sense that I am not credible and not to be trusted although I did nothing wrong.  Many employers resent people on Newstart and before getting this job, a question in the previous interview was ‘are you a member of job active’.
Evidence was the fact I received a separation certificate without asking for one.
I really have zero faith in my future and dread going to centrelink tomorrow for more punishment.