“I Lost My Job Because of My DES Provider”

Just to let you know I had Sue ####### from your ######## site as My Disability Job Provider. I was told your service would help me gain employment and support me in my new job. The one positive thing I could say she did for me was sent me to a seminar that was about a course United Care Wesley was offering to gain employment with them as a support worker.
I was sent to a disability employment provider for a mood disorder (anxiety and depression) and for a permanent spinal condition. On my first meeting with Sue, she had discussed with me my disability and what sort of things I could and could not do. I explained to her that I would need a job that I could do a combination of sitting and standing and a job that did not involved a lot of cleaning, heavy lifting or had constant repetitive movement was not suitable.
As much as Sue herself would like to claim the credit herself, I had to compete with approximately 100 other people for 14 places United Care Wesley had to offer. They had said at the seminar if we gained employment with them that we would be able to pick and choose the work we wanted to do, and also said that a big majority of the work they had to offer was for what they call domestic in which involves helping elderly people do jobs in their home such as cleaning so that they can remain in their home for as long as possible. So if we did not opt in for domestic we may not get the hours we wanted and domestic shifts were a god way to build up your working hours. My initial thought was I had nothing to loose although I can not do cleaning it was a good start to getting a job and that even though it may take some time to build up on the amount of clients I get once I had a little experience I could also apply for other support worker jobs at different agencies.
Well I got into course and gained employment with my hard work and effort I put in to getting into and completing course. Through doing course I found that I was interested in going on to do some more study in mental health and that would also be able to help increase my hours and employ ability.
From there everything went pear shaped no thanks to your Job Provider whose job is not only to help me gain suitable and sustainable employment but also to support me in my new job. On my initial starting day we were handed forms to fill out and one of those being what jobs we wanted, I ticked all the boxes except for domestic as I knew I would not be able to do due to amount of pain it would cause me due to my spinal condition. Up to around week 5 to 6 the jobs they offered me were all respite or social visits. After that I started to get domestic shifts In which I was told today I got rostered for domestic shifts because Sue had constantly been calling them and telling them to I had to have 23 hours a week. I was also aware of this as my supervisor Heather had mentioned Sue had called her and that she constantly gets harassed by these job providers. Talk about these so called employment agencies putting off potential employers from hiring anybody from a Job Provider, don’t they think employers have more important things to do than be harassed by job providers.
From there I had constantly complained to Sue that I was starting to get a lot of domestic shifts in which I was really starting to struggled with and causing me a lot of pain, and had also asked her on nearly every appointment she made with me if she could contact my employer and explain to them my condition and why I had not opted in for domestic shifts. Still to this day she did not contact them as I had asked and eventually all was becoming way to much for me and I had to do it myself even though I thought it would be much better coming from her.
On top of her not doing her job and making sure that I was not in employment that was not going to irritate my condition which is her obligation to me. I had her treat me when I was telling her something like I was a liar which happened constantly. She would always cut me off when talking and never let me finish what I was saying, was making me do way more of everything even though  every fortnight I had worked enough hours to have my mutual obligations halved and on some fortnights should have had none and whenever I tried approaching her on my mutual obligations she would say I was wrong and did not know what I was talking about, even though I have a current copy dated 12 September 2016 of the Mutual Obligations and job plan guideline which included people with a P.C.W (Partial Capacity to Work). One week I got the flu and she was demanding I had a doctor certificate in her office by 4pm that day. Often did not give me sufficient notice when making an appointment with me sending me a text message at 4.45pm informing me I had an appointment the following morning or making appointments with me and not even bother to call me to make sure it was a convenient time that I was not working. Making me apply for jobs I was unqualified for or unsuitable due to my condition. Every week was a constant battle with her and she would not let you express your rights or oblige by them.
On one particular week she called me on a Monday morning asking if I could go in there for job search I told her I was working that day and that with my work commitments that week and mum going into hospital for a major operation that it really was not a good week for me. I also explained that the operation Mum was having was major and very high risk and that the only surgeon that would even touch my Mum had told her there was a high chance she may not survive the surgery. I told her that I was working until 2pm Tuesday and after that would be going to be spending rest of afternoon with my Mum and that I was also working Wednesday but wanted to go to hospital after that and said I would be to anxious that day and I had full days work Thursday and Friday. Sue then insisted that I had not been there for last 3 weeks (in which I had she was one failing to record it) and not only did I have one appointment I had two and was insisting that I be there both on the Tuesday and Wednesday. What an uncompassionate bitch who also has the power to decide if my circumstances in not being able to attend are on reasonable grounds.

Then finally after every week of having to argue with her about my rights and her not sticking by her obligations to me, bullying me and the phone call she made last Tuesday to my work making a complete fool off me, causing me to break down crying in her office and a huge screaming match, I am now unemployed. She finally broke me down and caused my depression and anxiety to come back (that when going to her in only February this year was something after 3 years was nearly completely over) I was informed by my employer that Sue had told them that I was unsuited to mental health work and even if I was to do course would at this stage not consider me for (because phone call Sue had made) So had no choice but to resign as only work they could offer me now was domestic in which I can not do.
This was the totally unprofessional behavior In which I have had to deal with. She was suppose to be supporting me with and not causing me even more stress and anxiety. Who the hell is she to phone my employer after months of her breaking me down and treating me unfairly as well as denying me of my rights and not meeting her obligations to tell my employer I am unsuitable for mental health work when she cant even do her own job professionally and properly. What qualification and how much does this bitch know about me to be the judge on what I am and am not suited for and totally fuck up my job and bring me back into total depression.
I now have to find another Job Provider and the thought of that now makes me feel anxious as I have just been totally screwed over and worn down by an unfair system as well as a Disability Job Provider whom does not seem to care that her clients have a disability and not sensitive to their needs and seems only to care about the bonuses you get for when people meet their required hours who have a disability. I think it only fair to say she is TOTALLY UNSUITABLE to be a disability job provider. I now have depression and anxiety in which I struggled with for 3 years that I was almost completely over before being sent to her in February this year and what she has the nerve to say what I am suited for in which I believe is something I would have been good at.
On one last note when doing the course I met a woman called Sharon who also was doing the course and since become good friends, turns out that Sue was also her job provider until yesterday. Sharon rang me completely upset she also suffers depression and has rheumatoid arthritis, she said she had gone to see Sue that day to give her a doctor certificate and doctor had said she was unfit for work until I think Janurary 17th next year, Sue apparently said that she was still required to do job search and Sharon said we will leave that to centrelink to decide. Sue apparently threw the doctor certificate back at her and started laughing and said good luck with centrelink. This is not a joke and not the way to treat people who have an illness, injury or disability.
Will look forward to your response to my complaint and I hope that this completely insensitive bitch is dealt with accordingly