Join our new online groups!

Join our new online groups (at! These groups provide our members a direct and convenient way to get involved. If you would like to connect with other AUWU members near you, follow this link and leave a comment on your local branch’s page to express your interest.

Or, if you would like to assist with the AUWU’s national tasks, please join one of our three Working Groups:

Advocacy (click to join)

  • operating national AUWU Advocacy Service
  • staffing hotline in shifts from any location
  • respond to email queries
  • presenting rights workshops
  • developing case studies for media
  • coordinating legal challenge against Centrelink
  • lobbying government for regulation of jobactive/DES/CDP programs
  • coordinating workshops

    To learn about our advocacy work, click here to sign up to our free online advocacy course!

Communications (click to join)

  • producing campaign materials (leaflets, posters, video, radio)
  • producing media content (Fightback! (our quarterly newsletter), media releases, interviews, news articles, blogs)
  • website management
  • social media management
  • political lobbying and alliances
  • petition writing

Campaigns/Strategy (click to join)

  • national campaign priorities
  • developing and executing campaigns (from demands list)
  • organising protests

The AUWU only survives because volunteers dedicate their time to the cause – we receive no funding and have no affiliations. Whether you prefer to be on the streets or behind the scenes, whether you like to “do” or to organise, we hope you find a way of contributing to the AUWU that suits you. We look forward to working with you.