‘My Job Agency Forced me to come in When I Was Sick’

By Stephen Guy, AUWU Member


The 31st of May is nearly over and tomorrow is the first day of winter. Today has been horrible. I was insulted on the phone and ultimately I was informed by text that my unemployment benefits would be suspended because I failed to attend an interview today that I already informed Jobs Statewide I would be unable to attend for health reasons 24 hours beforehand.


Me: “I won’t be able to attend due to illness.”

Yobs Statewide Receptionist: “You will have to get a doctor’s certificate.”

Me: “Okay, done.”

YSR: “You will have to bring it in to us on the same day as the interview.”
Me: “If I am well enough to come into to give you the certificate, I would be well enough to attend the interview.”
YSR: “If you can’t come in you need to come in with a doctor’s certificate.”
Me: “How about I bring in the certificate on my next interview or you reschedule the interview to later this week?”
YSR: “If you can’t come in for an interview you need to come in on the same day with a doctor’s certificate.”

Me: “I am sick and feeling very unwell.”

YSR: “You need to bring in the certificate on the same day as your interview.”
I call the Australian Unemployed Workers Union and am told that I do not need to go in tomorrow if I am ill. I should be able to either reschedule the interview or simply bring in the certificate on the next appointment. I call Welfare Rights in South Australia and they echo what the AUWU told me – I do not need to go in if I am unwell.
I call back Jobs Statewide:
Me: “I have spoke to two organisations that have told me that I do not need to come in tomorrow and I won’t. I am more than happy to either conduct the interview by phone or bring in the doctor’s certificate some other time when I am well.”
Robotic Receptionist: “Alright, I have taken that down.”
Me: “Please call me this afternoon if there are any problems or if you need clarification. Call me on my landline or my mobile.”
RR: “I will pass that on.”
Call ends.

Late today I learn that I have had my benefits suspended.


These facinorous (exceedingly wicked) “job” agencies exist only to bully and harass the poor and unemployed. They serve no other useful purpose. They are paid by the government for the people they manage and they are, in essence, a scam and a cruel joke on the most needy people in Australia.