How Job Agencies Stop You Getting Work

The employment services industry are designed to help people get work. However, the Australian Unemployed Workers’ Union have seen countless cases of job agencies actually making its harder people for getting work. If you have a similar story, email us on today and we will add it to the list!

Michael’s Story (4/02/16)

“Michael was on centrelink for years and years, all his job network people were pretty useless and couldn’t find him a permanent reliable job. there were a few really bad incidents that I will go into later but for now I am writing about the most recent problem.

Two years ago Michael finally found a job in the paper for a part time gardener/ labourer. He spoke to the lady advertising the position and they hit it off. Michael started working 1-3 days a week depending on the work load. During the last year or two his job provider continually put pressure on him to find another job as this one was only part time and he was still receiving some centrelink payments. (I will give his worker some credit, he did find him one other client but she only needs work done one day every few months, so it is hardly a reliable income source). Skip forward to the end of December 2015, after months and months of pestering Michael to find another job, his worker decides to offer a supplemented payment to his current boss to give Michael a guaranteed 30 hours a fortnight work.

After taking it to her accountant and taking to Michael, they decided that although neither of them wasn’t going to be much better off financially that at least this way he would be covered by insurance in case anything ever happened to him. So his boss forked over all the money (approximately $500) for His workers insurance and stated paying him at a higher rate than he was on before. A few weeks latter she mentioned to Michael that she was trying to get into contact with his worker as she had still not been paid by them. Michael then rang the worker and was assured that everything was fine and it would be paid by the end of the week. Two more weeks past and his boss was emailing, calling etc trying to contact this worker to no avail.

On the 4th of February 2016 she finally decided that she had enough of this and pulled the plug. Although Michael still has a part time position with her, understandably she is very frustrated by this, putting her own money in for insurance etc that should have been paid by the job provider. This has been a great source of stress for both of them for no other reason than his job provider cold not deliver their promises.