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Page: Boycott Work for the Dole

Sat, 10 Mar 2018 08:54:40 GMT

Sat, 10 Mar 2018 23:16:29 GMT

Wow, This W.F.T.Dole scheme is nothing more than a money grab by the people taking on the unemployed. At $3,000 for every person- it is a complete disgrace + a complete waste of tax payers $. Every one I know who is doing this W.F.T.Dole is taught nothing, is ignored and stands around with nothing to do, they are crammed in like cattle and are bored out of there brains. SHUT THIS SHIT DOWN ASAP! Even the job agencies are aware that this scheme is not working, will not work and has not worked, it's also hard when our government fudges the unemployment figures. All of the people doing W.F.T.Dole or those lame courses they offer are counted toward being 'employed'- Our pollies also threaten these community centers with not getting any funding if they do not comply with government bullying tactics- the entire system is broken- smashed if you will!

Sun, 11 Mar 2018 02:59:33 GMT

This whole work for the dole thing started just because John Howard saw a report on 60 minutes about work for the dole scheme in an American state. Is there any objective evidence this scheme achieves its stated goals? Have any audits, surveys, or interviews with unemployed workers or employers ever been carried to determine how effectively the WFTD is achieving the stated aims of the scheme? I for one strongly doubt it

Sun, 11 Mar 2018 05:33:44 GMT

work for the Dole must be shut down as soon as possible because its like a Nazi camp,they expect you to work like slaves.

Sun, 11 Mar 2018 08:45:02 GMT

WFtD is an absolute waste of time. I've done it 3 times now and it has been nothing short of slave labor. The sites are in poor condition, the "supervisors" are not competent, the facilities are atrociously dirty, and there is NOTHING to do for the mandated hours per week that I've been assigned to attend. Nothing good or helpful to my search for work has come from doing this forced slave labor. Abolish it and get with the times!

Mon, 12 Mar 2018 07:36:59 GMT

The thing to do is lodge a complaint with the Occupational Safety and Heath Enforcement organisation in your state which is an arm of the government. Some states accept anonymous calls others require the name of the caller. All calls are logged and allocated to an inspector. The important thing is that when they attend sites, make sure they are shown and given specific examples of what is wrong. Develop the mind set that "This site is unsafe because ......." don't just make generalised accusations which in realty can be seen as a mere opinion. Take the inspector on a tour of the site and point out what is wrong and why its unsafe. Make notes of the inspectors name, the date and time of the visit, what issues where raised with the inspector, what actions the inspector took at the time etc. Take photos of everything you think is wrong at the site. Most importantly tell the host employer or whoever they are of these issues. Give it to them in writing and request they address the issues. THESE PEOPLE WANT TO BE IN A POSITION WHERE THEY CAN SAY "WE DO NOT KNOW, NONE TOLD US SO TAKE THIS AWAY FROM THEM AND MAKE them know. Some obligations of the 'employer' if that is the right word, are: to identify what are the risks in the work or activities you have to do and then list them and assess the degree of risk in the hazard and develop suitable controls. have risk assessments been done on the site, the scope of work to be done and activities which form the work to be done.? what training (induction) and knowledge and skill training has been provided by the job services provider to WFTD participants who are required to do the work? How has the Job Services Providers (JSPs) developed safety procedures that are of sufficient detail that when followed, will enable to the WFTD participants to work safety? Have the JSPS or the HOST provided personal protective equipment that is clean, not previously used by someone else to enable the WFTD to work safely? Has the JSPs provided this training to the WFTD people? Similar questions apply to the host 'employer" or whatever they are called. These are the most common questions that a worksafe inspector should ask but they are also what WFTD people need to tell the Inspector and the host organisation don't let them off the hook either. hope this helps