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Sat, 29 Jul 2017 02:22:05 GMT

Sat, 29 Jul 2017 02:22:05 GMT

I'm offended by a federal government whose sole purpose appears to be keeping their constituents out of gainful employment by failing to create employment policies that result in the creation of full-time, on-going, well-paid, dignified work. I'm also offended by big business "shirking their responsibilities" to their employees by their rampant wage theft practices.

Sat, 29 Jul 2017 03:38:40 GMT

My skills and qualifications are no longer relevant in the modern workforce. BUT I do have a broad understanding of the real world that the Australian people live and work in , as well as the history that lead Australia to be a world leader in workers rights ,health and safety ,sustainable development and human rights. So I am far better qualified to do the current ministers job ,which I expect to become vacant anytime between now and the next election.

Sat, 29 Jul 2017 09:45:45 GMT

I wish I had the know-how to find out how many jobs were actually created by that government tax-break of $65 billion dollars to corporate Australia. This D grade government did not have the balls to demand corporations in Australia to pay their fair share of tax so they had to do a back flip to save face... unbelievable. And who is held to blame? the unemployed of course... the homeless that are labelled useless and the small businesses out there that struggling every day to stay afloat. Unfortunately, there is NO single political party in Aust with some balls to shake up the system. I did not choose to be unemployed and neither do many people but to turn against the ones that can not defend for them selves, that is low, VERY LOW. The program 'Chasers' on the ABC once descibe Turnbull as a bag full of air ( it seems, in comparison to food packaging that had little content) It looks like that some ministers are not any different !!

Sun, 30 Jul 2017 07:55:18 GMT

I am offended by the conservative cowards and bullies who are beholden to their corporate masters as they place profit and self interest before the common good. With nothing of substance to offer they must deflect and distract by attacking those most marginalized and least able to defend themselves. The conservative ideological agenda is to dismantle the welfare safety net one odious step at a time and anyone fool enough to believe that this will stop at the unemployed is due for a very rude awakening when it happens to them. Solidarity in unionization is the only way to fight for and defend our basic rights.

Thu, 10 Aug 2017 13:26:27 GMT

I worked for the CES for nine years until Howard abolished it. We had really meaningful Labour market programs that helped people get into jobs and keep them. We knew the laws we had to work with, unlike the staff of the JSAs now who come from places like call centres - and some of them look like they're just out of school. These agencies do not find people jobs but they get paid when they find their own jobs. They are driven by financial imperatives. I am 63, always professionally presented and I have 3 post grad qualifications, but there never will be another job for me. So I have gone back to do a Masters in Social Work and my agency doesn't know how to upload that into their system so they're getting more strident about the Activity Test.

Mon, 14 Aug 2017 12:18:15 GMT

I'm offended by Government bodies that send reliable work overseas, to take advantage of desperate, impoverished peoples globally; helping only multinationals save on wages at home; which creates the joblessness you see right now - it's very convenient all of our jobs are gone and now everyone must do "work for the dole" so again, multinationals taking advantage of free/cheap labor - all at the Governments signature. I'm offended by Government bodies that privatise all of our social and community sectors, selling it off to the highest bidders creating more inequity in the class divide. Even our job agencies are owned by American corporations. I'm offended by the leeches in parliament who, on top of their tax havens have tax exempt second and third houses, while people on centrelink live well below the poverty line and care barely afford their rent. I'm offended that silver spoon fed, oblivious, bureaucrats presume to speak for the people. What a joke. I'm offended by all of this faux outrage from the same politicians who support lobbyists and multinationals in their q uest to hoard the majority of our resources and indenture us, while scapegoating the most vulnerable in our society. How many more social safety nets, services and pensions are going to be cut while the very same leeches in parliament see massive wage hikes, job perks and entitlements? No-one on centrelink gets free travel while they are working for nothing, maybe they should get into politics; seems all you have to do is sit around rabble all day, while slipping your hand in the pocket of multinationals and placing the blame on the least powerful. I'll say it again, what a joke you polis are.

Mon, 25 Sep 2017 09:12:09 GMT

All three factions of government are VERY DEEPY committed to welfare. The only question is, is to who are they committed to giving it to? Its high likley that few if any, of the people reading this have ever heard of corproate welfare. Thats because the powers that be do not want you to know about about it and thats why they dont talk about about it in the media. Corproate welfare is a banned subject. I suspect people, the aim of all three factions of goverment is to take welfare away from us idividuals and give it to the corproate sector. I cannot prove it but at 60+ years of watching politics and international trends. I am certain of it. The Commonwealth of Australia Constiution requires all money received as receipts by the federal govt to be paid into the Consolideated Account. Twice I have written to my local MHR, Mr Goodenough, asking to find out for me how much money is in that account on the day the 2017 Budget was announced. Twice he has not responded to me . I am told by a source who i regard as a relaible source that they there are litterly TRILLIONS of dollars in that account even though the spend on 'x' hundred billions of dollars each finanical year under the "budget" The postal vote on gay marraige is going to cost $148 million and will achieve abolsutley zero. This is because no matter what laws they pass they will not be consisitent with the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution unitl they change Section 51 of the constitution. What one thinks of the issue is irrelevent for the purppose of pointing out the futility of what is being done and the money that is being wasted. Their only plan can be to stick two fingers up to the constitution and make laws that attempt to overirde the constitution which is the highest law in Australia and which protects our rights. This is why I have joined the power2thepeople party to stop our constiauttion from being shredded by these people who have no alligence to it or Australia at all. I urge you to vist that political party and consider joiining too. $148 million this postal vote people. Funny that, when I go into centerlink I see posters everywhere telling to me to be on the lookout for "welfare fraud" Funny that, every time I walk into a shopping centre anywhere or through the city busienss district. I never see any signs alerting me to be on the lookout for "Corproate Tax Cheating." thank you for reading this.