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Post: Centrelink Incorrect Debt Notices Cause Stress And Anxiety – A First H

Fri, 16 Dec 2016 06:18:45 GMT

Fri, 16 Dec 2016 06:18:46 GMT

Ive been sent a similar notice. An initial tip is to put the ball back in their court and request they supply you with copies of all fortnightly income reports and all case notes from the disputed period. Give them a week to respond and tell them if they take longer than that to supply the documents you want an extension to your appeal. I reckon this definitely calls for a class action. Lets hit up maurice blackburn or some such firm.They are fighting fraud with fraud. Their computer has clearly been deliberately programmed to use exotic and dishonest accounting techniques to generate the maximum number of "system applied overpayments" and ma imise the value of each of them. Its a giant phishing scheme. Its going to be a huge scandal for the turnbull government. We also need to do a freedom of information case to find out who designed this computer system and the precise methodology it has been programmed to use. Ill be requesting that info in my appeal and ill be saying if you arent going to supply that info i want it in writing.

Fri, 16 Dec 2016 11:43:27 GMT

TEMPLATE LETTER - THIS MAY BE OF USE. Feel free to edit and reuse. To whom it may concern: 1. In order to properly prepare my appeal against the System Applied Overpayment notice I have been sent I require documentation from Centrelink. Please provide the following documents by close of business Friday December 23. I am sure it is a busy time of year for Centrelink; this is also the case for people who have been sent these notices and who are trying to prepare our appeals. These documents can either be emailed to me or sent to me postally, now that you have my correct address. 2. If the full list of documentation requested below is not provided by close of business Friday December 23 I hereby request an extension to my appeal period corresponding to the amount of extra days after December 23 that it takes for you to supply the requested documentation. 3. If centrelink is not prepared to supply any of the documentation requested below please state this in writing on an official centrelink letterhead. 4. Please provide copies of all individual fortnightly income repor ts that I made to centrelink during the disputed period (20 Jul 2010 – 12 May 2011). 5. Please provide copies of all case notes, either electronic or hand written, made with regard to my case during the disputed period. 6. Please provide a copy of the legislation which empowers centrelink to make false declarations on my behalf during a review process if I do not respond. Please see below: [screenshot] You have written ‘information you provided’ (bold italics mine) when in fact I provided no such information, and you have answered questions on my behalf which, were I to answer them the exact same way, could very easily be interpreted as fraud. Surely in doing so centrelink is treading a very fine line between fighting fraud and committing it? 7. In the name of transparency, I believe myself and the other 20,000 people per week who are reportedly being sent system applied overpayment notices are entitled to know the following: (a) Which precise governmental department and/ or private contractor(s) were responsible for putting together the software that is in use. (b) A detailed description of the specific parameters of the software centrelink has been using to generate these notices. This description should describe precisely how the software works; and what it does with data gathered from the ATO or elsewhere in order to arrive at a specific figure that it concludes a current or former centrelink recipient has allegedly been overpaid. (b) A description of the due diligence or review performed on these system generated overpayment notices to look for obvious errors, or indeed a confirmation of the absence of any such reviews conducted prior to sending these notices out. (c) A description of the financial relationship between centrelink and private debt collection agencies such as the Probe Group 8. I would like to foreshadow using freedom of information procedures to obtain the above requested documentation regarding the software that is generating so called ‘System Applied Overpayment’ notices if it is not freely and openly provided in response to this initial request. 9. I would like to foreshadow taking this matter to the administrative appeals tribunal if it is not resolved to my satisfaction by centrelink. 10. I would like to foreshadow possible participation in a class action against centrelink regarding the nature in which system applied overpayment notices are being generated and pursued. No automatic alt text available.

Mon, 27 Nov 2017 10:44:24 GMT

Thank you for this. It provides very important help to those in a similar positon as your self.