How to Help the AUWU

Here are some simple but effective things you can do to help us give the unemployed a voice within Australian society (we have also sent this list to new members via email):

  1. Share our sign-up form through your email, Facebook or Twitter.
  2. Like our Facebook page here.
  3. Send through a summary of your experience of unemployment to us and join the discussions on our facebook page or website forum (help others realise they are not alone).
  4. Like and comment on our YouTube videos here (influence others with your opinions).
  5. Promote our advocacy hotline throughout your networks using our video here.
  6. Promote our unemployed workers rights booklet (help other unemployed workers learn about their rights). We also encourage you to find a no-cost meeting room to hold a “Your Rights” workshop (contact us if you would like to help to organise a workshop).
  7. Get involved with your local AUWU branch here (go to a meeting, a good way to meet like-minded people). If there is no branch in your local area, contact us to set one up.
  8. Come to our events here (another good way to meet like-minded people).
  9. Help us hand out our leaflets and booklet (in cafes, bookshops, laundromats, community noticeboards etc, contact us if you would like us to send you some printouts).
  10. Staff our advocacy hotline (contact us if you would like to be trained up on this).
  11. Become a delegate (contact us if you would like to be trained up on this).
  12. Join one of our national working groups.

Thanks for your support!

Australian Unemployed Workers’ Union