Dignity Not Debt Movement Announce National Action

On 20 March, the Dignity Not Debt Movement will launch a campaign of rolling actions at Centrelink offices across the country demanding that the Turnbull Government abolish the robo-debt system.

The Turnbull government desperately wants the robo-debt crisis to go away.

Recently, the Government warned social security recipients that their public information would be publicly released if they criticised Centrelink’s new automated-debt recovery system, while Centrelink workers have been told that they risk losing their jobs if they commented publicly.

Turnbull’s shameless campaign to cover up the robo-debt issue is a disgrace.

However, Turnbull cannot prevent the Community and Public Service Union (CPSU) and the Dignity Not Debt movement from speaking out.

As part of its National Week of Action, the Dignity Not Debt movement – with support from the CPSU – will distribute important information at Centrelink offices across the country detailing what is really going on at the Department of Human Services.

Information on how to fight a debt and make a submission to the recently announced Senate inquiry will also be provided.

This is where we need your help.

To join the Dignity Not Debt’s Week of Action, simply email dignitynotdebt@gmail.com and we will help you coordinate a stall outside your local Centrelink office. You will also be put in touch with the local CPSU representative in order to receive printed materials.

Over the last five years, DHS workers in Centrelink have seen 5000 permanent jobs disappear. These workers also bear witness to the impact of service delivery failures like the robo-debt crisis that are direct result of federal government job cuts.

By donating even just one hour of your time to hand out materials at your local Centrelink, you can help build a better social security system and support the hundreds of thousands of Australians currently being bullied by the Turnbull government.
Please help us promote this important action by sharing the facebook event throughout your networks.