Dial Dan Campaign Launched!

In 2016, there were over 53 million failed calls to Centrelink. The Centrelink Newstart line is engaged most of the day, which means it is almost impossible for unemployed workers to contact Centrelink to report their income, resolve a suspension, report a change in circumstance of simple ask a question.

This is outrageous. It is a clear indication of this government’s approach to the unemployed: they do not want to hear what we have to say.

As part of our Dial Dan campaign, we are encouraging everyone who can’t get through to Centrelink to call the office of the Minister for Social Services Dan Tehan to ask what his office is doing about this crisis and to transfer you through.

If enough of us call the office, the government might start to actually address this problem.

Mr. Tehan’s number is 1300 131 692.

The AUWU have also released a petition asking for Mr. Tehan to introduce an adequately staffed free call Centrelink number that offers calls backs to people in the queue. Other departments do this, so why can’t Centrelink? Please sign here.

Join our campaign for a contactable centrelink! Please share this campaign throughout your networks.