From Stigma to Dignity: Activist Expo

It’s time to dissolve poverty misconceptions and promote solutions for change!

Living on a social security payment in Australia is a struggle.

It is a struggle against stigma. It is a struggle for dignity.

The AUWU Stigma to Dignity Activist Expo provides the opportunity to:
  • hear first-hand experiences from the front line
  • discuss solutions for positive change
  • meet campaigners working on multiple fronts
  • get involved and join forces for a better future


Panel: Fighting Stigma: Problems and Solutions

Many activist organisations run by social security recipients are fighting against stigma and poverty.

These activists are not “rorters” or “victims”. Against the odds, they are courageous social justice activists, fighting for a better society for all.

  • Annie Davies (Fair Go For Pensioners)
  • Jenny Davison (Council Of Single Mothers and Their Children)
  • Joe Toscano (Public Interest Before Corporate Interest)
  • Lara Watson (First Nations Workers Alliance)
  • AUWU Representative
Lunch & Expo: stalls showcasing a new era of grassroots political activism fighting for the dignity of disadvantaged Australians.
AUWU Unemployed Workers’ Rights: updated edition of booklet, launch
It’s Time to Raise Newstart: campaign launch, featuring the Victorian Trade Union Choir, and unemployed activists demanding an increase to the Newstart payment.

Panel: Building a Movement for Dignity

  • Nahid Poureisa (Migrant Workers Centre)
  • Steve Jolly (Victorian Socialists)
  • Troy Grey (Electrical Trades Union)
  • Dr. Dina Bowman (Brotherhood of St Lawrence)
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