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Moreland Council Accepts AUWU’s Newstart Motion – Join the Struggle!

Last Wednesday, the Moreland City Council passed AUWU’s motion stating that it will advocate publicly for an increase in Newstart to the Henderson Poverty Line.

With great support from Socialist Alliance Councillor Sue Bolton the motion was passed, with many councillors speaking passionately for the increase and noting the important role councils need to play.

Sue Bolton arguing for the motion at the Moreland City Council, 14/02/18

Sue Bolton arguing for the motion at the Moreland City Council, 14/02/18

Thanks to the great work of the Anti Poverty Network in SA, this now means that 11 councils across the country have advocated for this increase.

The AUWU’s goal is to have 100 councils agree to this motion by the end of the year.

If you would like to lobby your council, the AUWU has provided a step by step guide here.

Look forward to working with you!

National Day of Action Against Welfare Crackdown this Saturday!

In February, the Government will attempt to pass two Bills designed to dismantle our Social Security System.

The AUWU is organising events across the country to raise public awareness and build a movement against the government’s cruel attacks.

Below are a list of events already organised:

Melbourne: 1pm, Outside State Library of Victoria
Bendigo: 1pm, outside the Bendigo Library, 259 Hargreaves St

 1pm, Belmore Park (
Adelaide: 1pm, 4/2 Lily St, Goodwood SA (
Brisbane: 10am, 3/601 Coronation Dr, Toowong QLD 4066 (
Hervey Bay: 1pm, Boat Harbour Drive near the Pialba Motel (

Share our facebook page here to help get the word out.

If you would like to hold an event in your local area, please contact the AUWU at We will be happy to send you materials and help you promote it. Even if you could spare 30 minutes to hand out our leaflet, it would be greatly appreciated.
The government are launching some of the most serious ever launched against the unemployed. These include:
– Significantly expanding the dangerous Work for the Dole forced labour program
– Extend and expand discredited cashless welfare program
– Increase waiting period for Newstart, cutting payments by $540 for new applicants
– Increase financial penalties for unemployed
– Give private job agencies complete power to make compliance decisions, taking away government oversight and the unemployed’s right to review
If passed, unemployed Australians will be forced to do whatever their job agency wants in order to remain on Newstart, no matter how unreasonable their request. It is the privatisation of our social security system. It is kicking the unemployed when they are down.
Its time to fight back!
As part of our National Day of Action, the AUWU is encourage our members to participate in #OperationFebruaryFlood by contacting your local Senator urging them to vote down the Welfare Reform Bill when it is discussed on 5 February. The vote is tight so if we get one Senator to change their mind we can defeat this Bill!


#OperationFebruaryFlood Launched

Next month, the government will introduce two Bills into parliament designed to dismantle our social security system.

To fight this, the AUWU is launching #Operationfebruaryflood. The goal is simple – flood crossbench politicians with letters urging them to vote against this welfare crackdown.

The AUWU’s #OperationFebruaryFlood webpage has two templates letters (one for the welfare reform bill and one for the cashless card legislation), the email addresses of all the politicians we should target and further information about each Bill.

Please share this campaign throughout your networks. Lets flood the bastards.

Click here for the AUWU’s editorial on the welfare reform bill and here for our petition against it.